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Hello, Goodbye, Hello

Hello, Goodbye, and Hello
I will never forget you.
My time here is now due,
For I shall leave here and glow.

My five years in Aberdeen have been the most wonderful so far, to an extent that it fears me to think about having to leave this place. Reality checks in, and something I had hoped for, but also feared for some time is definitely, but also inevitably, happening: I am moving from a student to another phase of life –> a worker.

Similar to the Aberdeen weather, everything changes everyday, as in a game of chess, where every set is a completely different story. It is exciting, yet scary, all the time. Somehow, I got a job offer from somewhere, which allows me to keep chasing my European dream. It is a new journey for me, exciting, but also gives me a fright, because it means I will need to get used to a whole new environment again. Nevertheless, I have to close the door to the past, open the door to the future, step on through, and start a new chapter of my life. This step is crucial and cannot be done wrong, for my own sake.

Humans can’t live without memories, still, they can’t live with memories alone. You have to wake up from your dreams eventually, dreams that you don’t wake up from will eventually turn into a messy sadness. This is why my step forward is essential. After having the dream-like lovely time in Aberdeen (probably not many people will agree with me), I am eventually moving on to wherever reality takes me to.  I shouldn’t have wished, naively, that my Aberdeen time lasts forever, as if time can stop, and time with friends studying, playing table-tennis, cooking suppers, and hanging out never ends. Now, it is time for me to glow in a new place!

The more beautiful a memory it is, the more painful it can become when you have to get out from it. Deleting my memories in Aberdeen? ERROR! The File is Too Big! Here in the last five years, I have encountered some of the best, the craziest and the most helpful friends. Even if we forget the faces of our friends, we will never forget the craves that were craved into our souls. The people who helped me when I needed help or companies the most; my teammates (from table-tennis club) who fought with me in the ‘battlefield’; some musical talents who can play some fine tunes; some inspiring people…… I will always remember that the most treasurable antiques are the dear old friends.

Yep my dear friends, I am on my way to establish my strong and stable future. Life is like a boat:

We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on coming and we can’t escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves would guide you through another day


All the best to everyone





I thought I would do the review of ‘Fireworks: should we see it from the bottom or the side’ first, but then I would need to watch the film again before I can write it, and because it was only in the UK for one day, I have not had a chance to watch it again. So, SAO II is the one I would write about today.

Having had the experience of SAO, I wouldn’t have had any expectation for SAO II, I would only take it as a light animation to watch while I’m bored. Yes, this is the case for more than half of SAO II (the GGO part). GGO gives me the joy of figuring out who ‘Death Gun’ is, but that part does not quite leave any trace in my heart. It is not too special although most people tend to like this part.

The ‘Mother’s Rosario’ part, at least to me, is unexpectedly impressive. It touches the theme of friendship, family, and death with enough depth. Yuki’s hard-fought life; Asuna’s conversation with her mother; when all the members of the Sleeping Knights knew they were gonna die one by one; when Yuki tried to leave Asuna because she knew about her inevitable decease…. Yes there were onions in the series, and they taught me that family is a place where you should always get support from (yes, that is the case for me, gladly 🙂 ), and that no matter how life treats you, you should always give you best to fight for everything you want, and leave good memories, life is not about death, but about communicating with other people. Therefore, I really like the ideas (or messages) portrayed in the Mother’s Rosario part. It is really good and I would recommend it to everyone.