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Drink up baby, look at the stars
I’ll kiss you again, between the bars (Elliot Smith)

Elliot Smith’s ‘Between the bars’ is a song that focuses on ‘drink up’ and ‘drink up’. It is probably a love song written from the perspective of a bottle to an alcoholic. In other words, every line seems to suggest that the alcohol is mentally controlling the alcoholic. Lines such as ‘Drink up one more time, and I will make you mine‘, and ‘The people you have been before, that you don’t want around anymore‘ suggest that the alcohol has absolute control over the alcoholic, and the alcohol promise to ‘keep them still’, and ‘them’ refers to the people who ‘push and shove and bend to your will‘.

That is how people get addicted to alcohol, because alcohol can give you the false imagery of the reality by affecting your senses. It can also draw you into drinking more. To some extent, this is somehow equivalent to the addictiveness of emotional pain. Sometimes, when you undergo personal problems, especially when it comes to relationship, it is extremely hard to get over the problems, unless you have 0 hope in it, an absolute 0. Or else, the lingering hope would be similar how Elliott Smith would describe alcohol, ‘drink up one more time, and I will make you mine‘, making you to dwell on your pain, and by dwelling on your pain, you feel like you are still in your comfort zone.  People who ask you to move on, might eventually turn to the ‘The people you have been before, that you don’t want around anymore‘ because they ‘push and shove and bend to your will‘. By dwelling on the problem, nothing is fixed or improved. If one dwells on the problem for too long, the promise that ‘tomorrow will be better’ is merely void.

What a brilliant song with beautiful lyrics, and a song, that can help one reflect.



10 Downing Street in Hayesland

‘Alcohol makes me sober,
for it makes me super-super!’
says King Hayes with his Budweiser treat,
at the biggest pub of Hayesland, 10 Downing Street.

‘Down it! Down it! Down it!’
says the drunk who never quits.
He thus named the pub, with the liquor wheat,
Down it, Down it, 10 Downing Street!

’24 hours in a day,
24 beers in a case’
Roses are red, violets are blue,
Keep me well-fed, stock up the brew!

Hayesland is the ‘La La Land’,
with the most premier liquor in hand.
A glass of nice wine a day,
Keeps your discomfort away!

Beer vs Cider

Every time, when I finish a pint of beer, I ignore most girls in class who ask me out for a drink, as I realize that, they don’t understand me anymore.

I ask them ‘what do you fancy drinking?’.
‘Ehm…. Beer is too bitter, maybe I will have cider?’ they usually say.
Cider? Because you think it is sweet and nice?
Ha, NAIVE! Can I still bear to see my friends putting cider into their mouths?

Ever single drop of beer is a metaphor of life. The cloudiness of beer describes the uncertainty in life; the bitterness of beer equals to the unhappiness in life; while the slight sweetness at the end, is the wee delight after you have worked so hard to achieve something. What has cider got? Just like the childish, naive people, knowing nothing because they have never experienced what life is, fooling people that life is nothing but a plain sweetness. Let’s put it this way, beer is for writers who express their thoughts truthfully with words; while cider is for performers/ actors who try to put the best side of life in front of people.

Sometimes, when I am alone in a bar, I feel lonely, I feel that there is no one in the world who understands me.

I order a pint of Stella Artois. Staring at the yellowish beer in the glass, I can’t see through, I can’t see clearly about how much I still understand about the world. I am confused.

I am leaving the restaurant. When I pay, I see a young lady having a pint of Guiness. I stare at her, she stares back at me, we nod to each other. I am so touched: In the world, there are people who have the same opinion with me, admiring the little inspiration beer gives us! I hold my tears, and leave the restaurant, and walk home without taking a glance back at the restaurant again.

Maybe that lady would ask: Why do you give up such a probable friendship?
I don’t know, at that moment, I feel like a loafer.



So, whether alcohol is good for health, has been a controversial topic since years ago.

Someone has done an experiment, with a glass of water, and a glass of alcohol. Then, he put worms into the two glasses. He found that, the worms in the water glass kept swimming; while the worms in the alcohol glass struggled for a bit, then died.

Therefore, alcohol is good. Because if you drink more, you will not have worms in your belly.

I remember trying to have beer while revision on the night before my second-year university exam (I can still remember it was the Phonetics exam)

I revised til late, and it was like complete silence around my room: Eveyone was sleeping, no drunkies shouting outside, no birds singing…… Reading all the unfamiliar phonetic symbols (Or what they would normally refer as IPA Internation Phonetics Alphabets…..  I wish it was IPA beer!), I felt lonely as hell.

Having no idea how I could possibly tackle the exam on the next day, I bravely took a can of Calsberg from the fridge, opened the can, and took the first sip. ‘OOOOH. The bitterness of the beer is parallel to the boredom I have when tackling Phonetics. This Calsberg seems to know my thoughts.’

Studying overseas is not an easy job, I have to tackle many things on my own. Having to get the exams well-done, I gave up some of the entertainments for revision time. Studying hard, is the way to get me a good job in the future, to allow me to stay in Britain. Every sip of the beer, seems to be able to release the stress and pressure in my heart; every burp I had, seemed to allow me to get rid of the tension inside me.

This can of beer warmed my heart, and took me to my bed, thinking about my bright future. What else is better than having a can of beer while revising hard?

Today I went to SPAR to buy some beer, and...

‘In beer, there is freedom; in wine, there is wisdom; in water, there is bacteria’ has always been my attitude. So, today, I went to SPAR (a little shop near my place) to get some ‘Freedom’.

There are many different kinds of beer in SPAR, like Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Guiness, and Carling. Among those, I still chose Tennents. Why Tennents? I always believe that a brand of beer always reflects the cultures and what the local people like. I like Scottish people, they are simple, honest, and true, never pretend or anything. Tennents is a Scottish beer, and it does reflect the characteristics of Scottish people:
1) pale gold colour, just like the hair colour
2) clear, just like Scottish people, simple, honest, and not complicated.
3) the malt flavour is not covered by the other flavour, always be true, and honest

Those are the reasons why I chose Tennents, and it was on sales too.

Just when I picked up the pack, an old Scottish man (another customer) saw me, and nodded at me. Then, he said ‘Woo, little Asian kid liking Scottish beer?’
‘Yes, I do, ‘ I replied, then I told him the reasons why I like Tennents.
‘Oh wow, I appreciate your ideas about beer, I have never thought about it that way! Every day is a learning day!’ He seemed to be happy with my wee speech.
He then put the Carlsberg pack in his basket back, and put a few packs of Tennents into the basket. ‘New kid, you changed my mind about Tennents, we Scots should support our own beer!’

What an interesting day buying beer. Guys, do try Tennents, it is actually a high-quality beer!