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A Little Sight

Yesterday, as I walked along the street back to my flat, I saw a mother and a daughter (around 6 years old I guess) running to catch a bus. They were running fast, and were trying their best, and with smiles on their faces. I would describe it as quite an interesting and ‘adorable’ scene. It reminds me of the times where I caught the public transports with my parents when I was younger.

We used to live on an island, and ferry was the main transport for us to go somewhere else. As I remember, everytime we went to the ferry, we were rushing, as we were almost always quite late for many different reasons: it took me too much time to finish my meal; mum forgot to do her make-up; dad needed to go to the toilet before going…… ANY REASONS you can possibly think of. Sometimes of course, we would be late for the ferry; while most of the time we could make it. Yea, everytime we made it we would be so happy, it was like an achievement. And, yea, that is my childhood memory.

Different people have different ways of living, so they all have their own stories. Take ‘catching the bus’ as an example, if you are so posh, that you never even have a chance to get into a public transport in your life, you would miss the fun of catching a bus. If you are so posh or your family is so strict, that you never go into a McDonald’s in your life (don’t be surprised, I have seen those people!), you probably missed out a lot as a child, because McDonald’s is like a MagicLand for kids, it is like the kids’ ‘bar’ or ‘club’, where you can have food or drinks that are tasty, but also unhealthy for you. As a kid, everytime when my parents took me to McDonald’s, I was always happy, especially when I got to have the deep-fried food, that my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a lot, but still gave me the chance to get once a week.

Everyone has different background; different background brings different stories; different stories give different colours to life; different lives, leads to different people. That’s true, but however you are, you can always do what you want, and shouldn’t be restricted too much by the social norms. Just like Warren Buffett, who is extremely rich. The 84-year-old World’s Top Investor, despite being so rich, has simple taste of food, just like a normal child, as he still drinks coca cola, and goes to McDonald’s on a regular basis. What I’m trying to point out is, don’t be bounded by your past so much, just do something that can really make you happy, and it can be something simple! 🙂


The reflection of waiting for the bus

I take the bus to work. Yesterday, when I was waiting for the bus to get back home, I understood something: waiting for the bus, is the same as waiting for a girl. The one that you have been waiting, may not come. You should not be stubborn, so you should see whether there are other ‘buses’ that you can take.

I could have got into the other buses which would take me to the same place, but I still waited for the one that I had been waiting for.

When you spend so much time waiting for a bus, you will question ‘Is it worth to spend much time waiting for a bus? Should I give up and take the other?’ Then, you would normally think ‘If the bus I waited for just arrive after I get into the other one, then…….’ Just like when guys think about girls! People think they must get something after spending time, same for buses and girls.

Well, even at last, you get into the ‘bus’ you have been waiting for, are you sure you have enough MONEY for the bus? 😛 That’s probably the worst scenario ever! And of course, if you are rich enough, you can always get a ‘taxi’ (metaphor for girls who only care about money)