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I rarely watch anime films because most of the times, in films, I look for depth. It wasn’t until I knew the renowned anime directors Makoto Shinkai and Hayao Miyazaki, that I found quality-deep anime films. Today, I’ll give a little review of the film Children who Chase Lost Voices.

The question about how we look at life and death, the living and the dead, has been debated over centuries. People have come across many answers, but there are no answers at all. But this is a question related to all of us, who are living. The film itself, is about the separation, and the connection between the living and the dead. Yep, I am not intending to include any spoiler here. But this is a very inspiring, and deep film, with a very strong second-half producing ‘teary gas’.

‘The stars in the sky are like the people we miss, always being there in our heart’ The film produces a few good questions for us to think about. Is it right to accept someone’s death, or does it mean we will forget about that dead person? Or is it only the living people who are the important ones, and the deceased are no longer relevant? Interestingly, the film raises the questions, but do not quite provide answers, and that’s what I think is the most inspiring from the film, as it inspires you to think.

My favourite quote from the film is ‘Living your life and carrying the sadness of the loss, is a curse, but is also a blessing’. Yes, it is only you have lost something/ someone, that you would understand the aspiration, and the happiness of a reunion. ‘Parting is for reunion’, that sounds pretty ridiculous. But it may well be better having this thought when facing every sort of parting in life.

Here, is the very good theme song for the film for you to enjoy (with great lyrics):



A Little Sight

Yesterday, as I walked along the street back to my flat, I saw a mother and a daughter (around 6 years old I guess) running to catch a bus. They were running fast, and were trying their best, and with smiles on their faces. I would describe it as quite an interesting and ‘adorable’ scene. It reminds me of the times where I caught the public transports with my parents when I was younger.

We used to live on an island, and ferry was the main transport for us to go somewhere else. As I remember, everytime we went to the ferry, we were rushing, as we were almost always quite late for many different reasons: it took me too much time to finish my meal; mum forgot to do her make-up; dad needed to go to the toilet before going…… ANY REASONS you can possibly think of. Sometimes of course, we would be late for the ferry; while most of the time we could make it. Yea, everytime we made it we would be so happy, it was like an achievement. And, yea, that is my childhood memory.

Different people have different ways of living, so they all have their own stories. Take ‘catching the bus’ as an example, if you are so posh, that you never even have a chance to get into a public transport in your life, you would miss the fun of catching a bus. If you are so posh or your family is so strict, that you never go into a McDonald’s in your life (don’t be surprised, I have seen those people!), you probably missed out a lot as a child, because McDonald’s is like a MagicLand for kids, it is like the kids’ ‘bar’ or ‘club’, where you can have food or drinks that are tasty, but also unhealthy for you. As a kid, everytime when my parents took me to McDonald’s, I was always happy, especially when I got to have the deep-fried food, that my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a lot, but still gave me the chance to get once a week.

Everyone has different background; different background brings different stories; different stories give different colours to life; different lives, leads to different people. That’s true, but however you are, you can always do what you want, and shouldn’t be restricted too much by the social norms. Just like Warren Buffett, who is extremely rich. The 84-year-old World’s Top Investor, despite being so rich, has simple taste of food, just like a normal child, as he still drinks coca cola, and goes to McDonald’s on a regular basis. What I’m trying to point out is, don’t be bounded by your past so much, just do something that can really make you happy, and it can be something simple! 🙂

Merry Christmas to everyone!

So the Christmas of 2014 has gone, I hope everyone had a happy Christmas, and thanks Santa for running a night shift to make sure everyone is happy.

Talking about Christmas, I remember when I was a kid, my ‘secret Santa’ at home gave me presents every year. It was so cool, that I actually felt the magical atmosphere of Christmas, and as many children might do, I believed in Santa Claus coming to my place giving me the gifts.That’s good childhood memories! I actually want to recollect those experience.

As I grow, Christmas seems to be more about family and friends, rather than the greed of getting presents. It’s more about party, than the magical present that appears in the bedroom after the silent-night. As time goes on, the way we see things changes. Childhood is different from Adulthood. Which one do you prefer? I assume it depends on situation of course. Childhood tends to be more about discovery, or surprises; while Adulthood is more about consistency, or maintaining the personal network.

Well, guys, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Although it’s exam time, my revision has continuously been interrupted by “Stacy’s Mom”. Yes, “Stacy’s Mom” is kind of my date, for the exam time. Yes, “Stacy’s Mom” has got it going on, as “I can’t take my eyes off you”. I am determined, to name my future daughter Stacy, because her mom would have got it going on. Then it would be a family of ‘Mr. Brightside’ and “Stacy’s Mom”, the best family ever.

The tune is good, but the MV actually caught my attention, as it can be seen as a film, maybe quite a tragic one. It is about a 13-year old boy having a crush on the mother of his classmate, the 14-year-old Stacy. So, he kept on making excuses to come over to Stacy’s home, to see her mom, while Stacy liked the boy. The boy went to the pool to swim with Stacy, while still looking at Stacy’s Mom while opening trying to open the drink; he offered help to mow a lawn in Stacy’s garden, while kept staring at Stacy’s Mom who was having a massage; he went to Stacy’s home to watch TV (technically the MV of the song), while turned around his head to look at the mom. He then developed the fantasy of the mom. The MV then ended with Stacy catching the boy ‘entertaining himself’. The boy was probably thinking about Stacy’s Mom, as the MV suggested; while Stacy seemed to believe that the boy was thinking of herself.

The MV seems to be quite realistic. As I have believed in ages, girls mature faster than boys, so boys tend to be comfortable with girls who seem a little bit older (This is not my perspective, I don’t mind age). The MV is an extreme case, with the boy having a crush on the mom. And it seems to be a BIG CRUSH. Why? In my humble opinion, Stacy is definitely more beautiful than her mom. But the boy still neglected her existence, and went for the mother. Oh dear, that’s a little boy in love, a scone in his eyes, turned into a swan, and he missed out the true glamour in front of him. The plot of this MV, probably echoes many people’s thoughts and experience. A MV with depth like this is rarely found nowadays, although this is pretty old already, in 2003. But it is still applicable today, still a legend.

Is it a little tragedy? Maybe, the boy likes the mom, who does not seem to like him in that way; while Stacy likes the boy. It is a never-satisfying relationship. Well, imagine there is a sequel of the song, the boy would probably end up with Stacy, as he becomes mature, he would notice his ‘fantasy’ would not be possible, and start discovering the beauty of Stacy again. It seems a little bit tragic, as a boy grows up, he finds out his dream is impossible, and gives it up. But it may not be a bad thing, as we can see, Stacy is better and more suitable.

I hope in the near future, “Stacy’s Mom” would be put into the theatre, it could be a really inspiring movie. If it turns out to be good, there would be a sequel too, possibly called “Stacy’s Lad”?

Here is the wonderful piece of music for ya, enjoy!


Having learned English language for more than a decade, the problem of accent never came across my mind till I watched the British movie recommended by my dad, Melody (1971). Although I was only like 5 years old when I watched it, I found that the English that people spoke in the movie was amazingly harmonic, it was, as I thought, beyond the level of language, I would describe it as a tune. The tone, the syllables, the sound, the rhythm were all perfect. Since then, I developed my passion towards British accent, but I merely did anything to try to adapt to this accent, maybe I was too young. As I grew older, I seemed to forget how good it was, until I watched the movie Serendipity (2001), with the stunning British Actress Kate Beckinsale in it.

Kate Beckinsale, as I have noticed, has a clear London accent, which is practically similar to the BBC accent. Her voice also worked amazingly with this accent, Listening to her speech is like listening to a fine piece of tune, as every syllable is uttered crystal clear, and the tone is so fine-tuned that, it is like an innocent girl speaking. It is indeed nicer than the voice of a Nightingale. Her accent, combining with her nice acts in the movie, made her so perfect to me, and it confused me: does an accent make someone perfect? Not sure, but I think it would indeed affect the impression of the other people. Yes, it makes me think that she is perfect. Although she has already got a daughter Lily, her voice and accent still make her seem like a child. Some people call her a MILF (which I found a bit offensive); some would call her a fit bird. Yes, she is fit, but ‘bird’ does not seem to be good enough, I would describe her as a swan. Stacy’s Mom has got it going on? No, Lily’s mom has got it going on!

On the train from Manchester to Edinburgh after the table-tennis match, my companion Ben, and I met a girl from Nottingham. Having heard Scottish accent while studying in Scotland for so long, this girl reminded me of what the perfect accent (she got BBC Accent just like Kate Beckinsale) of English should be like, thus redeeming my passion about the sound of English. Yes, I will try to get rid of my original accent, and get myself with this BBC accent. What’s the point of studying a language? Practical use, YES, but it is also about your passion about the language. If you like a language, you would try your best to reach the highest level of the language. It is not simply to use, but to enjoy the language. It is similar to the difference between surviving and living. Hopefully, within 3 years, I would speak like some of the greatest British politicians in the UK, with the perfect BBC accent, and it will be part of my identity.

I remember trying to have beer while revision on the night before my second-year university exam (I can still remember it was the Phonetics exam)

I revised til late, and it was like complete silence around my room: Eveyone was sleeping, no drunkies shouting outside, no birds singing…… Reading all the unfamiliar phonetic symbols (Or what they would normally refer as IPA Internation Phonetics Alphabets…..  I wish it was IPA beer!), I felt lonely as hell.

Having no idea how I could possibly tackle the exam on the next day, I bravely took a can of Calsberg from the fridge, opened the can, and took the first sip. ‘OOOOH. The bitterness of the beer is parallel to the boredom I have when tackling Phonetics. This Calsberg seems to know my thoughts.’

Studying overseas is not an easy job, I have to tackle many things on my own. Having to get the exams well-done, I gave up some of the entertainments for revision time. Studying hard, is the way to get me a good job in the future, to allow me to stay in Britain. Every sip of the beer, seems to be able to release the stress and pressure in my heart; every burp I had, seemed to allow me to get rid of the tension inside me.

This can of beer warmed my heart, and took me to my bed, thinking about my bright future. What else is better than having a can of beer while revising hard?

Music as the paint of life

If life is a drawing, music would be the paint of life. We live in a world with sound and music, imagine if they don’t exist, how dull would life be? (LOL it is so philosophical)

Not trying to be philosophical here. But I think music can somehow make your day. For me, I divide music to different categories:

1) Dance Music
Nothing is better than beginning a day with some sort of dancefloor music (what I call). For me, the lyrics “It’s going down, I’m yelling Timber! You’d better move, you’d better dance!” can somehow make my day if I listen to it in the morning. Personally, this song gave me inspiration about table-tennis too, as “I’d BETTER MOVE!” is what I need to do when playing a match! Probably this is also the song that I knew the first time I went clubbing, so this song always have connotation to fun time in my mind. ‘Mr Brightside’ is also a good one, I knew ‘The Killers’ from the song ‘When you were young’ (I like that too!), but Mr. Brightside’s beginning instrumental is always a knock-out to my stress.

2) Reflective Music
There are some musics that can reflect your life/ experience. ‘Flying without Wings’ by Westlife is one, especially when I do some good deeds, I feel like flying without wings! In Contrast, “But I’m a Creep, I’m a weirdo….” would keep repeating itself in my mind whenever I do something bad. By bad, I mean REAL BAD! Whenever I lose a close match in table-tennis, I seem to hear Westlife’s ‘FOOL AGAIN’ in my mind…. “I can’t believe that I’m a fool again!”…. Oh dear, what a mess. Of course, one of the nicest songs, but you don’t want the lyrics to happen to you, is probably The Killer’s ‘Somebody Told Me’. Why? ‘Somebody told me, you have a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend….’

3) Music that tells a story
Yes indeed, story can be told through songs, that’s why BALLADS exist. (Holy cow, did I just mention Ballads? I don’t like ballads anymore after doing the essay on Lyrical Ballads!)  ‘Wake Me Up in September Ends’ is always a good one, everytime I listen to this song I would watch the MV too, I treat it like a story. California, for some reasons, seems to be a popular name for song, with ‘Dani California’ and ‘Hotel California’. Well, I don’t mean they are like movies, but they kind of try to give you a visionary experience of the lyrics (Not sure what I’m talking about lol).

4) Music for tea time
I am probably the only one who would categorize musics for Tea Time. Well, it’s nothing special, but similar to what other people would call ‘Love Songs’. Examples include the legendary Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’, Richard Sanderson’s ‘Reality’, ‘Dan Hill’s ‘Sometimes When We Touch’….. Why do I choose those kind of music for tea? Those are love songs, with lyrics mainly about ‘feelings’. WORDS don’t come easy, and need to be tasted like food.

Yea, try to colour your life with more music! I’d better go and get prepared for the match tonight, so I wouldn’t be a ‘FOOL AGAIN’

My Dream Life

People have different attitudes towards their dream life. Some of them wanna be extremely rich; some wanna be famous; some wanna be powerful or something…. For me, despite the fact that I shared many ‘practical’ methods to get rich, my dream life is pretty simple.

First of all, of course I need to be good enough to support myself and my family (my future family). So for this, I will need a relatively good job with some not-too-bad income. My wife and my children would live in a house, while I will get my parents another house, and we all live in Scotland. Although I mentioned that I wanted a big house like the ones in Rubislaw Den South, I know it might be tough to achieve. I don’t put high hope in it, because the more hopeful I am, the more disappointed I may be, and what’s the point of putting myself into disappointment? I just need decent houses, warm and nice, maybe not so posh.

I will be good enough to support the living of my whole family. My wife (not sure who yet, but I am more into sweeties than hotties haha) will be a housewife taking care of my children, my parents would visit many different places as they have free time. My kids… um… they would definitely be encouraged to play some Ping Pong, I am sure they would be good players!

What else? ah my job. I actually don’t really mind the job I do, as long as I don’t hate it and it gives me enough to support my family. Probably I would like to do something related to writing, because I think writing is interesting; or maybe teaching? I think teaching is alright. But of course, I am not a workaholic, so I want my future job to give me enough time to relax as well. I would, of course, carry on to play Table-tennis! Hopefully by the time I turn 35, I could get some individual medals. I would keep on playing the piano too, because I like it, and I would sometimes like to share the harmony I play! 😀

Well hope it all goes well, and no one knows the future, maybe I’ll be so famous in the future, and the world would change a bit because of me! 🙂

Girls and guys

Girls and guys

There is a new shop selling husbands in New York, girls can get in there directly to choose her perfect spouse. This is how the shop works:
A girl can only enter the shop once, and there are six floors in the shop, and as she goes up, she finds men with higher qualities. At each floor, she can either choose a husband, or go up to another floor. However, unless she leaves the shop, she can never go down back to the floor that she has been.

One day, a girl entered the shop to find a husband. There was a notice on the door of the first floor: the men here have a good job. She did not even see the first-floor men, and went up to the second floor.

Again, there was a notice on the door: The men here have a good job, and they like children. And again, she did not even look at the men on the second floor, and went to the third floor.

The third floor: The men here have a good job, they like children, and they have good-looking. ‘Wow!’ she exclaimed. But still, she went up again.

The forth floor: The men here have a good job, they like children, they have good-looking and they do housework. ‘Oh my good lord!’ she said. ‘I like this, but I want something more!’ So she went up again!

The fifth floor: The men here have a good job, they like children, they have a perfect outlook, they do housework, and they are so romantic! That girl wanted to stay, but she was too greedy and had too much hope in finding a perfect man. So she went up.

On the sixth floor, there was a big electric notice board. When the girl went up, it showed ‘Welcome, you are the 3620561th guest to this floor. There is no men here, the existence of this floor, is just to prove how hard it is to satisfy many girls in this world. Thank you for coming!’

There is a wife-selling-shop at the opposite of the husband-selling-shop, and it works the same as the husband-selling-shop.

The women on the first floor are good in bed.

The women on the second floor are good in bed, beautiful, and have the perfect body shapes.

All men who come to this shop have never reached the third floor or above.

This story shows that:
Girls think a lot, and they have a lot of fantasies and hope, but sometimes they are not that realistic.
Guys are realistic, and are able to face the reality, but they don’t think using their mind.