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Hello, Goodbye, Hello

Hello, Goodbye, and Hello
I will never forget you.
My time here is now due,
For I shall leave here and glow.

My five years in Aberdeen have been the most wonderful so far, to an extent that it fears me to think about having to leave this place. Reality checks in, and something I had hoped for, but also feared for some time is definitely, but also inevitably, happening: I am moving from a student to another phase of life –> a worker.

Similar to the Aberdeen weather, everything changes everyday, as in a game of chess, where every set is a completely different story. It is exciting, yet scary, all the time. Somehow, I got a job offer from somewhere, which allows me to keep chasing my European dream. It is a new journey for me, exciting, but also gives me a fright, because it means I will need to get used to a whole new environment again. Nevertheless, I have to close the door to the past, open the door to the future, step on through, and start a new chapter of my life. This step is crucial and cannot be done wrong, for my own sake.

Humans can’t live without memories, still, they can’t live with memories alone. You have to wake up from your dreams eventually, dreams that you don’t wake up from will eventually turn into a messy sadness. This is why my step forward is essential. After having the dream-like lovely time in Aberdeen (probably not many people will agree with me), I am eventually moving on to wherever reality takes me to.  I shouldn’t have wished, naively, that my Aberdeen time lasts forever, as if time can stop, and time with friends studying, playing table-tennis, cooking suppers, and hanging out never ends. Now, it is time for me to glow in a new place!

The more beautiful a memory it is, the more painful it can become when you have to get out from it. Deleting my memories in Aberdeen? ERROR! The File is Too Big! Here in the last five years, I have encountered some of the best, the craziest and the most helpful friends. Even if we forget the faces of our friends, we will never forget the craves that were craved into our souls. The people who helped me when I needed help or companies the most; my teammates (from table-tennis club) who fought with me in the ‘battlefield’; some musical talents who can play some fine tunes; some inspiring people…… I will always remember that the most treasurable antiques are the dear old friends.

Yep my dear friends, I am on my way to establish my strong and stable future. Life is like a boat:

We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on coming and we can’t escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves would guide you through another day


All the best to everyone





New Year 2016

Despite the fact that I didn’t understand why people celebrate New Year, I have always treated New Year as a pit stop of my life. Usually, the New Year is a shameful time for me, when I look back at whether I have actually achieved anything in the previous year.

So what have I done this year? Absolutely nothing much apart from being a uni lad, going on trips and… maybe helping some people around me. Nothing much really, apart from trying to plan out what i can do in the next few years. I take myself as a government, and it is nice to plan out 5 years ahead of me. That is what i usually do so I can keep track on what I do without losing my direction. So…

Postgraduate application: kinda sorted, still yet to apply for more

Undergraduate study: still dissertation to be done, cannot believe i can really come this far without reading too much

Job-wise: still at a loss, as I am a uni lad. Applied for some internship but still need reply. I cannot really afford to waste my summer doing nothing as I will be so depressed.

Friends: Made quite some good friends throughout the years, helping me through tough times.

Table-tennis: Striving for ranking, not really having a good season in local league but doing alright in open tournaments. Involving more in coaching as well.

Relationship: Well, just a nightmare as it has always been. Well, one should really be a realist, than a romantic cheeseball. The chance of me getting hooked next year, or even a new year kiss < MU winning the Premier League this season.

Well, that’s my report for my last year. My new year is to hopefully get things for last year sorted, so in 2017, I will not be still doing my goals set in 2016, which originated in 2015, which started in 2014, which I planned in 2013.

Happy new Year guys!

Listen Children to a story that did happen long ago
In a kingdom within city and the uni-lad below

So I knew her in my second year of uni. After knowing her, I immediately applied to join her ‘army’ team, being the soldier around her. I went so far to an extent that, I went to McDonald’s to work because I knew she worked there. Despite the fact that we worked different shifts (She usually finished at 8am, while I started at 9am), I would literally go to work a couple hours early, just to see her. My manager sometimes said ‘Well, you do not get paid for starting early.’ I would just say ‘Well, I do not really care.’

She studied at university as well, and we were in the same course, and the same tutorial. Sometimes we studied till late, and she would come to my place for food before she went home. My fridge ended up being empty all the time but I wouldn’t really care.

This went on till almost Christmas time. One day, she said to me ‘Ahh I am spending my Christmas alone again this year…’ Maybe I thought about it too much, but I genuinely took it as an implication. Also, I thought ‘Well, it is time for me to resign from the army, and see if I can get further with her.’ So, i asked her to go to the beach on the silent night, and she said ‘Yes.’

At the beach, we lied down and were staring at the stars. At some point, I asked ‘Do you want to be my girlfriend?’, just that, just straight. She smiled, with ‘ha ha’, without saying anything. Well, what does it mean then? But I thought, if I asked further, it might ruined it. So I was like 50-50 about it, not sure about what she thought.

Then, on the 25th, we hanged out then went for a dinner at hers. I asked her again the same question. Her reply was the same, and somehow we just ate and finished the dinner cheerily. I didn’t ask further, I thought she wasn’t sure about it. THEN what?

She went home on the 31st December and said she would spend the new year with her family. Fair enough! But then what? On the new year day, she posted a picture of her and a guy holding hands, with loads of hearts in it. Well, fair enough, I asked her why she did not reject me right away? She said ‘If I rejected you, then you probably would not spend those time with me then.’ Oh… lol…. Well done, playaaa!

Well, once a soldier, always a soldier, she has always been a player and everytime she breaks up, I help her through, while HOPING (realising I cannot) I have a chance. I know I don’t but well, it’s hard anyway. So, once you’ve joined the Goddess’ Army, it’s hard for you to get out.

So what’s next year? I might have more hope on MU winning the Premier League than myself finding a partner.

What’s your view then?


Beer vs Cider

Every time, when I finish a pint of beer, I ignore most girls in class who ask me out for a drink, as I realize that, they don’t understand me anymore.

I ask them ‘what do you fancy drinking?’.
‘Ehm…. Beer is too bitter, maybe I will have cider?’ they usually say.
Cider? Because you think it is sweet and nice?
Ha, NAIVE! Can I still bear to see my friends putting cider into their mouths?

Ever single drop of beer is a metaphor of life. The cloudiness of beer describes the uncertainty in life; the bitterness of beer equals to the unhappiness in life; while the slight sweetness at the end, is the wee delight after you have worked so hard to achieve something. What has cider got? Just like the childish, naive people, knowing nothing because they have never experienced what life is, fooling people that life is nothing but a plain sweetness. Let’s put it this way, beer is for writers who express their thoughts truthfully with words; while cider is for performers/ actors who try to put the best side of life in front of people.

Sometimes, when I am alone in a bar, I feel lonely, I feel that there is no one in the world who understands me.

I order a pint of Stella Artois. Staring at the yellowish beer in the glass, I can’t see through, I can’t see clearly about how much I still understand about the world. I am confused.

I am leaving the restaurant. When I pay, I see a young lady having a pint of Guiness. I stare at her, she stares back at me, we nod to each other. I am so touched: In the world, there are people who have the same opinion with me, admiring the little inspiration beer gives us! I hold my tears, and leave the restaurant, and walk home without taking a glance back at the restaurant again.

Maybe that lady would ask: Why do you give up such a probable friendship?
I don’t know, at that moment, I feel like a loafer.

If you know whether a person like football (as in soccer) or basketball, you sort of know what kind of person he (or she) is.

A person telling you that she likes basketball = telling you that she is a kind of person who would like excitement, and obeys the idea of heroism/ individualism. This kind of people cannot do much other than being invaded by the thoughts of one-man-band all the time, without consideration of the importance of teamwork. A short basketball match, people score every minute, even if you don’t know basketball, you will still be excited about it. This is a racist-sport to short people, so… well, girls who like basketball probably likes tall, big guys for the thought of heroism, without thinking whether they are worth the squeeze.

However, when a person tells you that she likes football…. things are different. In a long 90-minute football match, it can obviously be a 0:0. It might seem boring, but it contains the art of attack, the art of defense, thus creating a wonderful match by an actual team, not like a one-man-band (Perhaps Man Utd is  an exception here) Everyone in a match, is just waiting for one precious moment, to put the ball in the goal, to score. The feeling of it, you will understand only after you have played in a football match. On the pitch, you have got different kind of people: tall/ short/ fat/ thin, and unlike basketball, you do not have to be tall to even get into the court. So, if a person tells you that she likes football, you can realise that she is a person who would not mind having a normal, rural life, while still enjoy the bit of excitement between every second of life. That’s why, she picks football, which is another type of romance.

What do you think?


‘Left! Right! Left Right Left!’Soldier protects his Goddess from hands of falsehood, and wants the Goddess to share her life story with him. Soldier continuously runs around Goddess, staying alert 24/7. Everytime Goddess needs Soldier, Soldier sprints faster than Usain Bolt to Goddess without thinking about anything. Sometimes Soldier knows it is a trap, but he is fearless to death. Death, compared with the disappointment from the Goddess, is nothing, thinks Soldier. His greatest fear is the incomplete mission/ quest.

Goddess does not anymore use Soldier, whose name gets deleted on the Goddess’ name list. This is worse than death, thinks Soldier. He thinks back the unlimited honour he gets when talking to Goddess when she has a tough time, and starts sobbing.

Everytime he got text from Goddess, he got nervous because every word, every sentence is crucial in terms of the relationship he had with Goddess, and he aimed at spending the least time, texting the longest and the most meaningful message to Goddess as soon as possible. As time went by, he finally got the chance to go out with Goddess. Being able to go shopping with Goddess buying things she liked, Soldier felt like he was the happiest man in the whole wide world. Of course, Soldier’s budget got ruined in one day, and he relied only on porridge until he got paid next. Thinking about the smile on Goddess’ face, he saw the porridge not as a normal porridge, but a sweet porridge as a gift given by Goddess.

There was one night Solider went out with Goddess. That night, Goddess seemed abnormal. She looked like she had something to say, but did not really know how to start. Soldier saw this, and became sad. Then he took Goddess to the beach, and they sat on a bench. Goddess’ eyes became teary, while forcing herself not to cry. ‘Can I lean on your shoulder?’ Goddess asked. Soldier did not reply, but patted his shoulder, implying yes. This day, was the day when Goddess broke up. Soldier kept company with Goddess for the whole long night, as The Fray sings ‘I would have stayed up with you all night.’ Everyday since then, Soldier kept spreading positive messages to Goddess, trying to cheer her up. As months went by, the wound in Goddess’ heart finally recovered, and the sweet smile returned to her face again.

One evening, they went back to the bench at the beach. ‘You have been treating me so well and careful. Without you, I think I might have killed myself already.’ Goddess said. Soldier replied in a nervous tone ‘It is fine as long as you are happy! I always support you, no matter what you do! I hope you will share everything with me too!’ Goddess smiled politely, then said ‘Okay, I will then, as you wish. Lately, I have been going out with a guy in my class, and I am giving him a Christmas gift, but I do not know what to give him. As a guy, what would you like to receive for Christmas?’ This question gave Soldier a heart attack, and he nearly fainted. However, he recovered his consciousness within a few seconds, and talked about what he would like for Christmas. A few days later, Soldier received a photo from Goddess, and it was a picture of Goddess kissing her guy, and Goddess sent Soldier a text, saying ‘thank you’. Soldier replied ‘No Problem Mate!’

A few days later, Goddess asked to meet the already-depressed Soldier. Having looked at Soldier, Goddess touched his cheek with her warm hand, asking ‘Why are you so depressed? Did you not say that as long as I am happy, you are happy?’ Soldier had no choice, but to say YES. In the remaining days, Soldier kept on his quest to solve Goddess’ problems, thus repeating the previous parts of the story. As time went by, he got confused of what happiness meant. And he thought back the scene where Goddess said to him ‘As long as I am happy, you are happy,’ and this became the principle of his remaining, short, life in Goddess’ memories. So, is Soldier the most important person of Goddess’? Or is he just the most soldier person of Goddess?

p.s. This is just a fiction composed all out of nothing, pure imagination.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

So the Christmas of 2014 has gone, I hope everyone had a happy Christmas, and thanks Santa for running a night shift to make sure everyone is happy.

Talking about Christmas, I remember when I was a kid, my ‘secret Santa’ at home gave me presents every year. It was so cool, that I actually felt the magical atmosphere of Christmas, and as many children might do, I believed in Santa Claus coming to my place giving me the gifts.That’s good childhood memories! I actually want to recollect those experience.

As I grow, Christmas seems to be more about family and friends, rather than the greed of getting presents. It’s more about party, than the magical present that appears in the bedroom after the silent-night. As time goes on, the way we see things changes. Childhood is different from Adulthood. Which one do you prefer? I assume it depends on situation of course. Childhood tends to be more about discovery, or surprises; while Adulthood is more about consistency, or maintaining the personal network.

Well, guys, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The video that I’ve put in this entry is my cover of Yiruma’s River Flows in You.

After the Christmas Break, and the New Year, every one is getting busy again: People go back to work, students are preparing for the exam…….
Busy life busy life, sometimes, we gotta slow down a little bit, just relax a bit, and, do something you like! Life, is supposed to be enjoyable!