Since my parents recommended the movie ‘Love, Rosie’ a few weeks ago, I finally had a chance to give it a go.

First of all, the trailer itself spoils a little bit too much, unfortunately, I had a look on it before watching the film. Therefore, the film to me is predictable. However, it is still very realistic and touching.

Why do I find it realistic? Well, it is about a pair of good friends growing up together, thinking that they don’t like each other (although they do), they probably find it awkward if they have to confess to each other as they know each other too well, and therefore, they miss a lot of chances. Also, they probably avoid the chances of losing their long-lasting friendship as well. We all know how it feels, that’s probably the biggest obstacles of confession of all time, fear of losing. Then, people get into the friend-zone, and just live there forever and ever, believing that he/ she is not the right one. Anyone who has been in a friendzone should watch this, as it feels so real!

It is touching as well, partly because it’s so realistic, also when you think about the whole story, it takes more than 10 years for them to notice that they are the perfect one for each other. Some of the clips in the film are also impressive to make the audience feel that way. When watching this film, you get tears of joy, and tears of sadness, what a ‘meal deal’, or ‘movie deal’. I haven’t read the novel on which the film is based, but I am tempted to read it now.

Definitely, a good film, highly recommended to all those ‘soldiers’ fighting in the friend-zone. Here is the kind of friend-zone fighters I have known by the way:

1: Infantry–> only serves the ‘Goddess’, but cannot do anything to her.
2: Navy –> richer than ‘Infantry’, using money and gifts to maintain relationship with the ‘Goddess’.
3: Horse soldier –> Can have the qualities of ‘infantry’ or ‘navy’, or both, but gets to be the ‘friend with benefits’ with the ‘Goddess’. Is also the highest rank of soldiers.
4: Arrow army –> Long distance relationship with the ‘Goddess’, using text/ Skype/ Facebook to contact, possibly haven’t even seen the ‘Goddess’ in real life.
5: Wizards (Evil): Getting alcohol or drugs to get benefits from the ‘Goddess’

Well, which one are you?