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Having studied English literature for two and a half semesters, I genuinely think that the creative pick-up lines nowadays can really be categorized as ‘literature’.

Literature comes from human life, just as Wordsworth claimed, poetry should come from rural life. John Keats had a humble life, and became a great writer. What does it tell us? Literature originates from human life, as writers get inspired from what they see in human life.

Pick up lines, or chat up lines, are as Wordsworth mentioned, human language, as they are actually uttered by normal people. One of my favourite writer, John Keats, also included a pick-up-line-like line in his letter to Fanny Browne, saying ‘I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.’ He, as a Romantic writer, is, in my opinion, the beginner of the pink-up culture, a good, healthy, and sensible culture. I would imagine that, Wordsworth, who also agreed that literature comes from normal life, would love the pick-up-line culture, and expand the lines into rhymes, rhymes into poems, poems to a poetry collection. Yes, pick-up poems, pick-up books, pick-up passages that would help you through the ice-breaking process, and kill the dead air.

Do not underestimate the structure and techniques in pick-up lines, as far as I know, a successful pick up line is usually a highly metaphorical one, hopefully rhyme a bit. For example, ‘If you can build any kind of ship in the world, what would you build? I would build a relationship!’ This one is quite a metaphorical one, it may take the hearer a few seconds to realize what happened, its construction is detailed too, putting the ‘ship’ into the word ‘relation’ to make it work, clever. If you have read the poetry of Keats’, you would also find his work is as this line, highly metaphorical. So how can you not call good pick-up lines literature? The line ‘I have got XX kg of muscle of steel, and sex appeal.’ shows that pick up lines can rhyme. No matter how Wordsworth put forward the idea for blank verse, lines that rhyme are always better and more memorable.

Pick up lines are usually successful in making the hearer laugh, and it is usually the first step in building the possible ship, what ship? Relationship. But if you are going for one, don’t quote from Shakespeare for a pick-up line, because it is highly risky. Remember a quote from A Mid Summer Night’s Dream? ‘Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.‘ It can be seen as offensive. And for Much Ado About Nothing, ‘For which of my bad parts didst thou fall in love with me?’ Do not try it either, you might get a reply with the title of the play, ‘Just that one, but then I knew it was Much Ado About Nothing.’

Pick-up lines are generally inspired by creativity and the texts you read, the more you read, the more things you can make reference to. For instance, if you do not know anything about the Science, you can never come across the line ‘Hi, I need to accuse you of causing Global Warming because you are too hot.’ Wordsworh’s companion Coleridge is correct, poetry, or perhaps literature, is as logical as Science, but just deeper as it includes Science. There should be a course in English Literature degree called ‘Pick-up course’, because it is an integral part of ANY LITERATURE in the world, and is potentially a new favourite genre of literature. Yes, I am sure if a person can create a pick-up poetry, pick-up story, pick-up biography, or maybe a pick-up novel, he can probably be crowned as the next Keats!




Innocence vs the Cruel Reality

Today, I want to share a little story that I have heard. I don’t know whether it’s just a fiction, but it’s worth hearing.

Here it goes:
Once upon a time, there were two young lads loving the same girl, among them, one was rich, and one was poor. They both told the girl that they liked her at the same time. The girl then said ‘You two can tell me that you like me after you have travelled around the world, it shows your loyalty if you don’t change your mind after seeing the girls in the world’

Then, the rich lad immediately booked the flight ticket and got on the trip; the poor lad, on the other hand, ran around the girl once, then told the girl ‘I have finished my trip around the world, because you are my world, and I love you!’ The girl smiled, and asked him to wait as she needed time to decide.

The rich lad finally came back from the trip. The girl, eventually, chose to go out with the rich lad, and left the poor lad alone.

This is the end of the story. I think the story is quite realistic too, because SAFETY is what people should look for, and money provides the feeling of being protected in some sense, probably this is why the girl would choose the rich lad at the end. The world is cruel, no matter how sweet, how caring the poor lad is, he still lost. I think nowadays, some girls are being too realistic, and somehow miss some of the caring ideas or sweet things that the men (who like them) do for them. If people are full of innocence, the world would definitely be a better place, with people attempting to do anything, creating new things and expressing their thoughts without any concern. Love, would also be a more magical relationship rather than a deal.