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I remember trying to have beer while revision on the night before my second-year university exam (I can still remember it was the Phonetics exam)

I revised til late, and it was like complete silence around my room: Eveyone was sleeping, no drunkies shouting outside, no birds singing…… Reading all the unfamiliar phonetic symbols (Or what they would normally refer as IPA Internation Phonetics Alphabets…..  I wish it was IPA beer!), I felt lonely as hell.

Having no idea how I could possibly tackle the exam on the next day, I bravely took a can of Calsberg from the fridge, opened the can, and took the first sip. ‘OOOOH. The bitterness of the beer is parallel to the boredom I have when tackling Phonetics. This Calsberg seems to know my thoughts.’

Studying overseas is not an easy job, I have to tackle many things on my own. Having to get the exams well-done, I gave up some of the entertainments for revision time. Studying hard, is the way to get me a good job in the future, to allow me to stay in Britain. Every sip of the beer, seems to be able to release the stress and pressure in my heart; every burp I had, seemed to allow me to get rid of the tension inside me.

This can of beer warmed my heart, and took me to my bed, thinking about my bright future. What else is better than having a can of beer while revising hard?


Music as the paint of life

If life is a drawing, music would be the paint of life. We live in a world with sound and music, imagine if they don’t exist, how dull would life be? (LOL it is so philosophical)

Not trying to be philosophical here. But I think music can somehow make your day. For me, I divide music to different categories:

1) Dance Music
Nothing is better than beginning a day with some sort of dancefloor music (what I call). For me, the lyrics “It’s going down, I’m yelling Timber! You’d better move, you’d better dance!” can somehow make my day if I listen to it in the morning. Personally, this song gave me inspiration about table-tennis too, as “I’d BETTER MOVE!” is what I need to do when playing a match! Probably this is also the song that I knew the first time I went clubbing, so this song always have connotation to fun time in my mind. ‘Mr Brightside’ is also a good one, I knew ‘The Killers’ from the song ‘When you were young’ (I like that too!), but Mr. Brightside’s beginning instrumental is always a knock-out to my stress.

2) Reflective Music
There are some musics that can reflect your life/ experience. ‘Flying without Wings’ by Westlife is one, especially when I do some good deeds, I feel like flying without wings! In Contrast, “But I’m a Creep, I’m a weirdo….” would keep repeating itself in my mind whenever I do something bad. By bad, I mean REAL BAD! Whenever I lose a close match in table-tennis, I seem to hear Westlife’s ‘FOOL AGAIN’ in my mind…. “I can’t believe that I’m a fool again!”…. Oh dear, what a mess. Of course, one of the nicest songs, but you don’t want the lyrics to happen to you, is probably The Killer’s ‘Somebody Told Me’. Why? ‘Somebody told me, you have a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend….’

3) Music that tells a story
Yes indeed, story can be told through songs, that’s why BALLADS exist. (Holy cow, did I just mention Ballads? I don’t like ballads anymore after doing the essay on Lyrical Ballads!)  ‘Wake Me Up in September Ends’ is always a good one, everytime I listen to this song I would watch the MV too, I treat it like a story. California, for some reasons, seems to be a popular name for song, with ‘Dani California’ and ‘Hotel California’. Well, I don’t mean they are like movies, but they kind of try to give you a visionary experience of the lyrics (Not sure what I’m talking about lol).

4) Music for tea time
I am probably the only one who would categorize musics for Tea Time. Well, it’s nothing special, but similar to what other people would call ‘Love Songs’. Examples include the legendary Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’, Richard Sanderson’s ‘Reality’, ‘Dan Hill’s ‘Sometimes When We Touch’….. Why do I choose those kind of music for tea? Those are love songs, with lyrics mainly about ‘feelings’. WORDS don’t come easy, and need to be tasted like food.

Yea, try to colour your life with more music! I’d better go and get prepared for the match tonight, so I wouldn’t be a ‘FOOL AGAIN’

500 Days of Summer is actually a movie with some depth. It is like tea, the more careful you ‘taste’ it, the better, the more detail you will find.

First of all, I definitely admire the chronological order of the story– no order. Some audience may feel annoyed when the movie begins at the 488th day, and time ‘jumps’ throughout the movie. If you find it annoying, you may as well find your own memories annoying. This is how we think, I don’t think people normally remember the past in a chronological order, they only remember the days which are worth remembering. The protagonist of the movie, Tom, fell in love with Summer, and this is basically a movie about his rememberance of Summer. Just think about it this way, if you have experience in a relationship, when you think about it on your own, you probably would not think from the beginning. Rather, you would think according the the importance of the days. This movie is quite a realistic imitation of how we think.

I see the movie in this way: Tom and Summer’s parents were both divorced, under the same situation, they had different belief in love. Tom always thought that it was not love between his parents, that’s why they got divorced. He always believed that one day, if he met ‘the one’, he would be truly happy. Summer, on the other hand, became pessimistic towards love. She thought love would end one day, just like what Gabe in ‘Little Manhattan’ said ‘Love ends!’. The flow of the story changes the two characters almost towards the end: Tom becomes suspicious in love, while Summer, the one who does not believe in love, and believe that she needs no one to keep her happy, actually gets married.

Poor Tom, ‘just because someone likes the same bizzaro crap that you do, does not make her your soul mate.’ Sometimes we think too much, and there can be difference between expectation and the reality (just like the scene that Tom went to Summer’s party when he saw the engagement ring on Summer). What happened to Summer, was probably what we call ‘Chemistry’, and she met the guy just under some random circumstances. Is that a sad ending? Some would think so. I think so, Summer probably still likes Tom, as we can see, after her marriage, she still goes to the place on the little hill (where Tom took her before), I think it means she still tries to grab the memories she had with Tom (Or am I thinking too much?). However, Tom works hard because of the grief from Summer’s Marriage, from what we call Chemistry! He quits the job that he does not like, and goes back to his field, architecture, and meet the new Autumn. Well, perfect end for Tom? Maybe, but we have to admit that he suffers from a ‘painful divorce’. What is ‘Chemistry’? Subject at school? Or the component for what we called ‘love at first sight’? What does that word even mean? ‘Chemistry’ gives you ‘crush’, gives you all the beautiful imagination of your ‘crush’. It hides all the bad things about her, while all the good things become a lot, a lot, a lot more fancination. What do you think?

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resigned
‘             Alexander Pope

This piece of extract from Alexandar Pope’s ‘Eliosa to Abelard’ is probably not strange of most people, especially for those who have watched the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (2005). The poem is not long, but it tells a story (or rather a narration from someone who kind of wish to erase his memory) No spoiler here, but read the poem if you wish, it is not a long one, but quite a touching one.

Erasing memories seems to be a very bad idea, especially if your life is full of joy. Is that painful? It could be. However, probably the more you remember, the more compicated life you may have. and the more negative thoughts you may have as well.

What is it like, to live with a ‘spotless mind’? I am not sure. All I can think of, is that you can never know whether they are angry, happy, or not. Nothing is probably happening in their mind. They don’t know what is gonna come, and they don’t know the past. They probably even have no clue who they were, and heven have no concept that something went wrong that they can remember nothing.Having no plan for the future, having no memory for the past, they always exist in the moment, which they accept because it is everything tangible to them.

Alexander Pope refers it as ‘ETERNAL SUNSHINE’ to have a ‘SPOTLESS MIND’. I kind of agree with it. Living in just a moment, in just a second, means nothing can be too hurtful, or maybe too striking to you, to make you feel super frustrated. The ‘Sun’ in your Mind will always be shining, rather than covered by clouds and rain. So, although a person may have no WISH for the future (which I think is pretty important), but he also has no regret for the past (which is great). The happiness in the instance, would make him a good life. In this way, a ‘Spotless Mind’ is not as bad as it may seem.

Literature comes from daily life, reading literary work can somehow make you feel less worse in bad days, as you may find something similar to your circumstance, thus not feeling left alone being the poorest person in the world. Yes indeed.

Since the ‘yes’ votes lost, I have been thinking about whether my immigration plan would still work. I just can’t be so positive for it. I just don’t think there is a high chance that the plan that my family and I worked out would work. I thank them for their massive support, as I am the first priority for the immigration plan, as they know that I love Europe, and going back to Hong Kong would be like putting a salmon back onto the beach (i.e. it would suffer). We aim at 3 types of visa which would allow me to stay in the UK for 10 years, then I could get into the citizenship:

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur):
This plan requires you to invest £200,000 to run a business, and the business has to work for 3 years before you can extend the visa to more years. This is still the main part of the plan, however, I would quite feel sorry for my parents. It is their money, they earned it with a lot of work and sweat. ALTHOUGH they want to use it to give a chance for all of us to move here, I am not sure if it is a good idea to risk that amount of money. Besides, after the general election next year, there is a chance that they are restricting the rule too, so I am not sure if we can even afford it.

Tier 2 (General)
This is the plan that I aimed at, but I am super UNCONFIDENT about it. I need to get a job with annual salary more that £24,000, and the company who hired me has to show that there is NO other EU candidates who can fill in this role (I think the immigration rule is a bit of a racist) I just don’t see how I can get it….

Tier 4 (Student)
Being a student for 10 years? Aye, the ideal case, IF the 8-year-cap (limit that you can’t stay in university for mroe than 8 years on student visa) This is not gonna work in my opinion…

My mum joked about marrying a British girl would allow me to stay here. Aye, it is true, but it is hard. If any of the reader of this post is inetested, give me a shout and we will see if we have chemistry. (Lol!)

As I have mentioned in one of my previos posts, I love Scotland. I can’t imagine what it woudl be like if I am forced to leave: remember every previous memory here: the scene that I first came here, the friends I got here, the silly jokes I share with my friends here, and how I started table-tennis here, going nightouts…………… I think I would burst into tears if I am forced to leave those memories.

If I cannot get to stay here, I would go to Sweden (probably one of the easies EU countries to immigrate, with many people speaking English too), get a EU passport, then (if UKIP does not succeed), then I would still be able to come back to this amazing land as a EU Citizen and stay for long.

Scotland, is my first love (in terms of countries). I am sure there are other good countries I would like out there, like Belgium, and Germany. But my first love, is always gonna be Scotland, and so, it will need to be my home.

My Dream Life

People have different attitudes towards their dream life. Some of them wanna be extremely rich; some wanna be famous; some wanna be powerful or something…. For me, despite the fact that I shared many ‘practical’ methods to get rich, my dream life is pretty simple.

First of all, of course I need to be good enough to support myself and my family (my future family). So for this, I will need a relatively good job with some not-too-bad income. My wife and my children would live in a house, while I will get my parents another house, and we all live in Scotland. Although I mentioned that I wanted a big house like the ones in Rubislaw Den South, I know it might be tough to achieve. I don’t put high hope in it, because the more hopeful I am, the more disappointed I may be, and what’s the point of putting myself into disappointment? I just need decent houses, warm and nice, maybe not so posh.

I will be good enough to support the living of my whole family. My wife (not sure who yet, but I am more into sweeties than hotties haha) will be a housewife taking care of my children, my parents would visit many different places as they have free time. My kids… um… they would definitely be encouraged to play some Ping Pong, I am sure they would be good players!

What else? ah my job. I actually don’t really mind the job I do, as long as I don’t hate it and it gives me enough to support my family. Probably I would like to do something related to writing, because I think writing is interesting; or maybe teaching? I think teaching is alright. But of course, I am not a workaholic, so I want my future job to give me enough time to relax as well. I would, of course, carry on to play Table-tennis! Hopefully by the time I turn 35, I could get some individual medals. I would keep on playing the piano too, because I like it, and I would sometimes like to share the harmony I play! 😀

Well hope it all goes well, and no one knows the future, maybe I’ll be so famous in the future, and the world would change a bit because of me! 🙂

Dream and Reality

Dream and Reality

Time flies, now my second year in uni is almost done.
Some of my friends already think about their future career.
I do as well, and I did a lot of research about what I will be able to do in the future, and it should be what people at my age do.

Well, having come to do world for about 20 years, have I done anything that I really enjoy doing?
I still remember the first day when I went to the kindergarten, I cried a lot. As I knew, school is a terrible place, and from that day onward, I needed to begin my more-than-10-year study.
When I was in primary school (a bit older), I always wanted the time in school to ‘fly’. Why? Because I wanted to go back home straight away to play games.
In Secondary school, I always questioned ‘Why do I have to study many subjects when a teacher cannot possibly teach all of them on his own? Why do I need to study Mathematics? When would I apply the Math I learn to life?’ And why did we need to take many exams? Would anyone possibly say ‘I like taking exams!’? Those could hardly be what a person likes to do in my opinion.

Well, what about those fresh graduates from universities?
Most of them, just want to find a normal officer job, with steady salary, working 9-5 everyday. But is it actually what they want? I believe, everyone had some kind of dreams when they were young. I still remember when I was young, I told my teacher ‘I would like to be a famous writer, I will have my own fiction, and I will live in a castle!’ I believe most people would have a certain period of ‘innocence’, having a dream about what they wanna do when they grow up. Who would say that their dream is to be a normal officer with a normal steady pay?

Since when, a person starts to leave their innocence stage, not thinking about what he actually wants? When everyone becomes that realistic, then what’s the point of life? Life would be so boring without dream. I know, some people may say ‘You cannot take your dream as your food, dream does not give you anything!’ I don’t know how to answer that, but that’s just my opinion, what would you prefer?

A dream with Shakespeare

A dream with Shakespeare

Happy new year to all!

While preparing for the exams lately, I started to have some very weird dreams. Yesterday, I met one of our well-known playwright, William Shakespeare. It was great fun, and amazingly I remember quite much of the dream, so I decide to share it here. Probably, the reason for having such a dream is that I have prepared for the exam the course ‘Encounter with Shakespeare’ for quite a while. Here it goes….

I was in the town centre doing the countdown for new year (Hogmanay as I live in Scotland). It was 12, ‘Happy New Year!!!’ I heard, as people were shouting. While a nice-looking woman was coming towards me, and trying to give me a hug for the celebration, every one suddenly disappeared….

‘What happened?! Where is every one?! Is 2014 a year of…’
‘Doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I write!’ Someone said to me from my behind.

I turned round, and got shocked…. as I saw a familiar face which appears on the cover of my Shakespeare course book.

Yes, it was Shakespeare, William Shakespeare.

‘Did…. did time-travel work? and why are you here?’ I asked.
‘Dost thou not know, thou art in my world?’ he said calmly.
‘Really? How did you come though?’ I started feeling like being in the world of the film Midnight in Paris.
‘Thou shalt not know, thou do not need to know. Come gentleman, I hope we shall drink down all the unkindness of 2013, and welcome the new year!’ he suggested.

He then drew something in air with his pen, and there came a table, with good wine, and food.
‘Fantastic! How did you do that!?’ I was surprised seeing that.
‘Thou fool, I am a writer! So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee! If this be error, and upon me prov’d, I never writ…’
‘Oh okay, I do not quite understand what you mean, but so nice to meet you! Why did you come to visit me?’
‘Thou art one of the characters I have ever created. I enjoy writing so much, and I just thought about celebrating New Year with one of my characters! Thou shalt feel lucky!’ he answered while giving me the glass of wine.
‘Oh really, so you made all people disappeared? And why did you choose me?’
‘I did, and why I chose thee? Not quite a reason, I thought about Hamlet and Leontes, but they are still mourning; Oberon and Titania but I am afraid of their magical liquid; and Viola and Olivia, but they are busy discussing about love. And, thou seem to be a choice.’
‘Oh I am glad!.’ I said with surprise, but still not quite believing what happened.

‘Come, come, good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well-used. So I just use, or drink, it with thee! Happy new year, and cheers!’ He said while delivering the glass of wine to me.
We drank, I sang ‘A moment like this, some people wait a life-time, for a moment like this….’.
‘If love be music, play on.’ he seemed to appreciate my singing.

After the singing, he asked me about what I want to do in my future.
‘I am not sure yet, but probably something about writing?’ I answered, as writing is fun.
‘Be a writer then?’
‘To be, or not to be, that is the question. I do not know whether I am good enough in writing.’
‘That is not the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves! A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. Thou would be alright I am sure!’ he gave me confidence, as we just finished our wine and food.

Ya, I do the Shakespeare course, and I should definitely ask him on his plays so that I could understand the plays for the exam!

‘Sir, I am doing a course about you in university, and I will be having an exam soon…’
‘Thou shalt not ask me anything. I am a writer, I write, not analyze for anyone. Thou would not ask Viola about her speech to Olivia, she speaks, she does not analyze for anyone. Same principle. Just do it, lad, no pressure!’
‘Oh yea, I should, and I have to do it properly!’ I answered with a bit disappointment, but it seems logic.

‘What time is it?’ he asked.
‘um… it is 3 in the morning, or you may say at night.’ I answered after checking my watch.
‘My friend, I have to go now, to go for Perdita’s wedding, it will begin soon! It is better 3 hours too soon than 1 minute late! Good night, good night! Parting is such a sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow!’ he said, while using his pen to draw himself a carriage.
‘Yes, good night, thank you for the good time!’ I waved at him.

Then I woke up. Yes, genuinely it was the mid-winter night’s dream! What a start for a new year!