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Aberdeen’s Hayes Chan fought his way to the semi-final in the Band 3 event in Edinburgh Gran Prix table tennis tournament. He, however, started off the day with the band 2 event not quite well. In his first match in Band 2, he faced the 12-year-old Danny Bajwa. Having always been afraid of left-handed player, neglecting the valuable help from the wee coach Ethan Chapman, he still lost 1-3. However, in the second match, he redeemed by beating the Edinburger Babu 3-1, to book a potential spot to the main draw. The third match with his pal Struan Henderson became crucial. Hayes started well, with a comfortable 2-0 lead. However, Struan then won 3 sets straight, and took away the chance to be in the main draw from Hayes.

In the Band 3 event, Hayes was in the group with Mr. Khalid, and the Edinburgh University Knight Gary McIntyre, due to the fact that the Westhill Demon Ethan Chapman being unable to do the Band 3 event. He faced Khalid in the first match with pressure because every Khalid he knows plays table-tennis well. However, his desire to win covered his fear. He won the game in straight sets. He then had a game with the Knight McIntyre. He started of well, by building a lead of 2-0. The knight then played so well in the third set, and raced to 2-1. Having lost a game with a 2-0 lead in Band 2 before, Hayes was determined that it would not happen again. He played 110% in the 4th set, and sealed the game, which brought him a bruise in the forehead due to a  forehand shot (as he hit the forehead with the bat while finishing the shot, good effort!)

Having won the group, Hayes entered to the quarter final. However, as the other competitor had to leave early, he entered the semi-final directly. In semi-final, he faced the guy Alan Whitton, who plays for Scotland Veterans team. It was a tough game, and Hayes lost by 0-3.

Nonetheless, the Captain was happy about how he did. ‘I am glad as this is the first time I won a group. Next year I’ll definitely be here again to win the title! Having seen players like Chris Wheeler, Callum Main, Keir Morton, the wee Danny, James, and many other good players, I have more motivation to improve, and beat them one day!’ So Hayes went back to Aberdeen happily, and get prepared for the third round of BUCS league on the Valentine’s Day in Dundee. Table-tennis on the Valentine’s Day, how romantic!


Having learned English language for more than a decade, the problem of accent never came across my mind till I watched the British movie recommended by my dad, Melody (1971). Although I was only like 5 years old when I watched it, I found that the English that people spoke in the movie was amazingly harmonic, it was, as I thought, beyond the level of language, I would describe it as a tune. The tone, the syllables, the sound, the rhythm were all perfect. Since then, I developed my passion towards British accent, but I merely did anything to try to adapt to this accent, maybe I was too young. As I grew older, I seemed to forget how good it was, until I watched the movie Serendipity (2001), with the stunning British Actress Kate Beckinsale in it.

Kate Beckinsale, as I have noticed, has a clear London accent, which is practically similar to the BBC accent. Her voice also worked amazingly with this accent, Listening to her speech is like listening to a fine piece of tune, as every syllable is uttered crystal clear, and the tone is so fine-tuned that, it is like an innocent girl speaking. It is indeed nicer than the voice of a Nightingale. Her accent, combining with her nice acts in the movie, made her so perfect to me, and it confused me: does an accent make someone perfect? Not sure, but I think it would indeed affect the impression of the other people. Yes, it makes me think that she is perfect. Although she has already got a daughter Lily, her voice and accent still make her seem like a child. Some people call her a MILF (which I found a bit offensive); some would call her a fit bird. Yes, she is fit, but ‘bird’ does not seem to be good enough, I would describe her as a swan. Stacy’s Mom has got it going on? No, Lily’s mom has got it going on!

On the train from Manchester to Edinburgh after the table-tennis match, my companion Ben, and I met a girl from Nottingham. Having heard Scottish accent while studying in Scotland for so long, this girl reminded me of what the perfect accent (she got BBC Accent just like Kate Beckinsale) of English should be like, thus redeeming my passion about the sound of English. Yes, I will try to get rid of my original accent, and get myself with this BBC accent. What’s the point of studying a language? Practical use, YES, but it is also about your passion about the language. If you like a language, you would try your best to reach the highest level of the language. It is not simply to use, but to enjoy the language. It is similar to the difference between surviving and living. Hopefully, within 3 years, I would speak like some of the greatest British politicians in the UK, with the perfect BBC accent, and it will be part of my identity.

So yesterday was a crucial date for Scotland, it determined whether it would become an independent country.

For myself, I don’t have the right to vote (as I haven’t been here long enough), I may not have the right to support any side either (I have only be here for 2 years). I would say, it is destiny that made me come to Scotland, I chose Aberdeen University only because it’s the first university that appeared on the UCAS list (due to its alphabetical order), with no practical reason. Having been here for a few months, I found this place lovely, and unique. Scottish people are friendly, they have great landscape, Aberdeen has its own marvellous granite as it is called the granite city, Loch Ness has its own mystery for the Loch Ness Monster, Shetland has its own Shetland ponies, Highland has its own Scottish Whiskey….. Scotland is just a land with a lot of unique features, and I love it profoundly!

I am in favor of YES Campaign for Scotland Independence Referendum firstly because I guess it would be easier for me to immigrate to this amazing land if Scotland becomes independent. Yes, I was selfish and I only thought about myself. That’s why I joined the YES Campaign on their FB Group. Having been there for a while, I very much appreciate the efforts that they have put in, in order to achieve their goal. They may have different background, but they only have one aim: Scotland Independence. From what I saw, they genuinely have their reasonable arguments FOR Scotland Independence, and they indeed tried 110% of what they could have done to get as many YES votes as possible. I am actually touched by their efforts, and their passion about Scotland, and so I started persuading my friends to vote YES. I don’t have the right to vote, however, I successfully got 2 of my friends changing from NO to YES, and 3 friends from not voting to voting YES, so hopefully they kind of voted on my behalf.

We lost. However, I would think it as a glorious defeat, as I believe most of the YES voters have got their logical reasons in mind, and they truly believe in Independence; while some of the NO voters were probably just ignorant, refusing to here what the YES was about. I respect the finaly results, I respect the NO voters who actually have their reasons. I don’t know, but I found that YES voters, regardless of their defeat, are more respectable for their attempt for innovation, and revolution, while the NO votes would probably refer to being defensive and safe. I think the world somehow needs some innovation and revolution to improve, so if I could vote, it would definitely have been the biggest YES. I am disappointed, for sure, I thought Scottish people are the ones who sing the songs of Freedom, Scotland the Brave, but when they got the chance of having their freedom, they just chose not to have it.

Thinking about my future, with Scotland being back to UK again, the immigration policy would be pretty hard. I can still do it, as long as I can get a decent job, or open a business here. However, I shall find another way as well, as I don’t want to go back to HK or China anymore. I love Europe. So I may immigrate to Ireland, or France I assume (if I cannot immigrate to Scotland/ UK), so it may be time for me to pick up French again. Once I have got the EU passport, then I can always easily come back to Scotland to live, it may just take a longer time!