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Lottery-> Who doesn’t know it is almost impossible to win big money from it?
£1 to buy a chance of being a millionaire, it is not a lot, but it is wiser to save it for food and things, which we basically need.

LOL! The aim of lottery is not for people to practically get rich. It is not an activity for people to burn their money; not a ticket for people to revive (to live another life), a chance for people to fantasise about winning the lottery before the results come out.

What would you do ‘when’ you won the million dollars/ pounds?
Study/ work-free life, partying everyday, living in a castle, travelling around the world (or maybe the space as well), hiring celebrities to appear in your party, and probably never calculating the maximum amount of money you can use in a day……..

Nowadays people fight loads of obstacles just to get a job; working like a bull just to earn enough to make a living. Now you can use a quid, to buy a dream, or fantasy, what a fair deal!

So we should not be pissed that we don’t win. We should be thankful to the National Lottery for allowing us to spend a quid on a never-ending dream. Winning, is just a bonus.


When reading about the elections which are taking place in the US soon, I came across an anecdote about the previous US president, George Washington.

The story goes like this:
When the young Washington was 6, he was given a hatchet as a gift, and he was so enthusiastic that he would chop down whatever he wanted with the hatchet. One day, he chopped down his dad’s cherry tree. When asked by his father, he thought ‘I cannot tell lies’, so he admitted it. His father did not punish him, and instead, praised him for his honesty.

However, I had some queries about this anecdote:
1) Why would he receive a hatchet as a gift when he was 6? Isn’t he too young for having such a dangerous tool?
2) Why would he chop down his father’s favourite cherry tree when he knows it belongs to his dad? ‘Ha Ha! I know this is dad’s favourite cherry tree! So I have to cut it down!’ is that what he thought? He could have easily chopped down any trees when he goes outside.

Do you not think this anecdote is slightly too strange? And it is probably not true? Share your thoughts! 😀

So, a friend of mine (who is a girl) asked me how to flirt with a guy who plays tennis. (Yea, that’s a sign of ultimate friendzone: https://hayeschan.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/ultimate-friend-zone/)

Well, taken into account that table-tennis is similar to tennis, my table-tennis experience can help me tackle her problem. This post is probably useful if you are a girl liking a sporty guy (like me #legend)

So, get a chance to play table-tennis (abbreviated as TT ) with him. Just saying ‘Oh you are so good, it is so hard to hit the ball! Teach me!’ Even if you may be very good, pretend to be not-quite good, at least worse than him. Just hit every shot off the table, and then say ‘Oh why am I not even getting it right?’ and be frustrated. Just make a scene, then he will come and ask you ‘Is everything alright? You are doing well!’. Then, you reply ‘AHHHHH I am playing so badly, no one is gonna play with me anymore because i am rubbish! Saw you having a very good techniques like topspin, can you help me more?’

The biggest weapon of a girl is probably her tears. If he is a knightly guy, he will definitely say ‘YES!’ (If he says NO he is probably the utter rubbish and can be dumped to the trash bin) So he will hold your hand and teach you! (Just as Beatles’ ”I wanna hold your hand”)

Then, as the session (your dream) starts approaching the end, you just say ‘Oh it is getting late, I have to go. Can we practise more? Can I have your number so I can contact you? So we can arrange training?’ 99% he will say OKAY NO PROBLEM! Of course, after getting the number, you are free to whatsapp/ text unlimitedly because he is probably going to reply and the conversation will go on and on as if it is only the two of you existing on the planet.

Caution: The self-confidence of guys is sometimes so weak, so if you are very good at TT, do NOT try to say ‘Let’s play a match!’ and then beat him 11-0 or 11-1 in every set. You have to lose even if you are better than him (As the Quest to fail in Childe Roland)

Tips: Help him to wipe the sweat at the end; stick the plaster to his wound if he gets hurt (He will never take the plaster away even when the wound gets smelly). 100%sure win!

Hayes Chan TT Tribute

Copenhagen trip

Never thought a solo-trip could be so fun. It was the first time travelling alone for me, but it allowed me to make a lot of new friends in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is indeed a lovely place, in everything. Nice weather (except for the day I travelled back to Aberdeen). People are nice and friendly too, you could literally get to where you want without even reading a map, because people are so nice that they can take you to the place.Out of all the places, my favourite one is Nyhavn (the most likely place you will see when you receive a postcard from Denmark). Get a beer, walk along Nyhavn, you can’t find anything better.

Of course, there are more than Nyhavn. Tivoli Garden is what I love too. As an amusement park, it is suitable for people at any age because the entertainments of any aspects are being taken care of. Carlsberg Brewery is good, although it’s not my favourite brand of beer.

The bar DUPONG is definitely what I’ll recommend. A bar with table-tennis being a main theme, with people playing table-tennis at a very warm atmosphere. Although I went there alone, I didn’t feel being left out. I felt being part of the group. And of course, I got friends and good memories there!

Copenhagen is probably one of my favourite places now. I like it so much, that I think living there would be a very good idea. Well, maybe one day, I can have my own place in Nyhavn, so I can enjoy the good seaview everyday?

Maybe, I’d like Denmark more than UK?

Saw the famous film ‘Top Gun’ a few days ago, I quite like it, although I thought it was not better than ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. Thought about my plan of making a parody film ‘Top Spin’.

So, ‘Top Gun’ is about how Tom Cruise get to be the best jet pilot and gain the title of ‘Top Gun’. My version of ‘Top Spin’ will be about how myself, Hayes Chan, get to the be the best table-tennis player, and gain the title of ‘Top Spin’.

I’ve already got some remarkable scenes parodies in mind:

1. (Original)

Maverick: Jesus Christ, and you think I’m reckless? When I fly, I’ll have you know that my crew and my plane come first.

Charlie: Well, I am going to finish my sentence, Lieutenant. My review of your flight performance was right on.

Maverick: Is that right?

Charlie: That is right, but I held something back. I see some real genius in your flying, Maverick, but I can’t say that in there. I was afraid that everyone in the tax trailer would see right through me, and I just don’t want anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you.

1. (Parody)

Hayes: Jesus Christ, and you think I’m mad? When I play, I’ll have you know that my team and my trophies come first!.

Main Actress (To be decided): Well, I am going to finish my sentence, Chan. My review of your match performance was right on.

Me: Is that right?

Main Actress: That is right, but I held something back. I see some real genius in your game, Hayes, but I can’t say that in there. I was afraid that everyone in the main hall would see right through me, and I just don’t want anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you, Hayes!

Sounds cool, right? Thought of a parodic last scene too!

Original version:
Ice Man: You can be my Wingman anytime.
Maverick: Bullshit, you can be mine.

My version:
Chris Wheeler (A Scottish youth table tennis star): You can be my double partner anytime.
Me: Bullshit, you can be mine.

The Theme Song ‘Take My Breath Away’ will also be replaced by ‘Take My Bat Away’, composed probably by me at some point when the film is almost being done.

Oh dear, I’m looking forward to having the film get done!

Music as the paint of life

If life is a drawing, music would be the paint of life. We live in a world with sound and music, imagine if they don’t exist, how dull would life be? (LOL it is so philosophical)

Not trying to be philosophical here. But I think music can somehow make your day. For me, I divide music to different categories:

1) Dance Music
Nothing is better than beginning a day with some sort of dancefloor music (what I call). For me, the lyrics “It’s going down, I’m yelling Timber! You’d better move, you’d better dance!” can somehow make my day if I listen to it in the morning. Personally, this song gave me inspiration about table-tennis too, as “I’d BETTER MOVE!” is what I need to do when playing a match! Probably this is also the song that I knew the first time I went clubbing, so this song always have connotation to fun time in my mind. ‘Mr Brightside’ is also a good one, I knew ‘The Killers’ from the song ‘When you were young’ (I like that too!), but Mr. Brightside’s beginning instrumental is always a knock-out to my stress.

2) Reflective Music
There are some musics that can reflect your life/ experience. ‘Flying without Wings’ by Westlife is one, especially when I do some good deeds, I feel like flying without wings! In Contrast, “But I’m a Creep, I’m a weirdo….” would keep repeating itself in my mind whenever I do something bad. By bad, I mean REAL BAD! Whenever I lose a close match in table-tennis, I seem to hear Westlife’s ‘FOOL AGAIN’ in my mind…. “I can’t believe that I’m a fool again!”…. Oh dear, what a mess. Of course, one of the nicest songs, but you don’t want the lyrics to happen to you, is probably The Killer’s ‘Somebody Told Me’. Why? ‘Somebody told me, you have a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend….’

3) Music that tells a story
Yes indeed, story can be told through songs, that’s why BALLADS exist. (Holy cow, did I just mention Ballads? I don’t like ballads anymore after doing the essay on Lyrical Ballads!)  ‘Wake Me Up in September Ends’ is always a good one, everytime I listen to this song I would watch the MV too, I treat it like a story. California, for some reasons, seems to be a popular name for song, with ‘Dani California’ and ‘Hotel California’. Well, I don’t mean they are like movies, but they kind of try to give you a visionary experience of the lyrics (Not sure what I’m talking about lol).

4) Music for tea time
I am probably the only one who would categorize musics for Tea Time. Well, it’s nothing special, but similar to what other people would call ‘Love Songs’. Examples include the legendary Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’, Richard Sanderson’s ‘Reality’, ‘Dan Hill’s ‘Sometimes When We Touch’….. Why do I choose those kind of music for tea? Those are love songs, with lyrics mainly about ‘feelings’. WORDS don’t come easy, and need to be tasted like food.

Yea, try to colour your life with more music! I’d better go and get prepared for the match tonight, so I wouldn’t be a ‘FOOL AGAIN’

There are always girls who claim that they are fat (including my mum), although they aren’t. Sometimes they are really skinny, but they still say ‘AHHH I am SO FAT! I have decided to go on a diet, and I’ll start jogging…….. ‘  stuff like that.

What would you answer when a girl asks ‘Do you think I gained weight lately?’ Answers vary among different repliers. Why would this question be so popular nowadays? I believe, they just want compliments. IF you want to make them happy, then you would say ‘No, you are fine, I think you lost weight lately.’ Then, they would still complain about themselves, and wait for more compliments. What you need to do, is just to keep denying every statement they say. Eventually, they would be happy. They just try to get compliments, by complaining about themselves, metaphorically, it is a step forward by going a step backward.

If you want to try whether it is just a strategy of getting compliments, just try to AGREE with every complaint they make on themselves in front of you. ‘YES, you are right, you changed lately…..’ Then, they would notice their strategy does not work on you. Just like how I answer the same question when my mum asks, haha.

500 Days of Summer is actually a movie with some depth. It is like tea, the more careful you ‘taste’ it, the better, the more detail you will find.

First of all, I definitely admire the chronological order of the story– no order. Some audience may feel annoyed when the movie begins at the 488th day, and time ‘jumps’ throughout the movie. If you find it annoying, you may as well find your own memories annoying. This is how we think, I don’t think people normally remember the past in a chronological order, they only remember the days which are worth remembering. The protagonist of the movie, Tom, fell in love with Summer, and this is basically a movie about his rememberance of Summer. Just think about it this way, if you have experience in a relationship, when you think about it on your own, you probably would not think from the beginning. Rather, you would think according the the importance of the days. This movie is quite a realistic imitation of how we think.

I see the movie in this way: Tom and Summer’s parents were both divorced, under the same situation, they had different belief in love. Tom always thought that it was not love between his parents, that’s why they got divorced. He always believed that one day, if he met ‘the one’, he would be truly happy. Summer, on the other hand, became pessimistic towards love. She thought love would end one day, just like what Gabe in ‘Little Manhattan’ said ‘Love ends!’. The flow of the story changes the two characters almost towards the end: Tom becomes suspicious in love, while Summer, the one who does not believe in love, and believe that she needs no one to keep her happy, actually gets married.

Poor Tom, ‘just because someone likes the same bizzaro crap that you do, does not make her your soul mate.’ Sometimes we think too much, and there can be difference between expectation and the reality (just like the scene that Tom went to Summer’s party when he saw the engagement ring on Summer). What happened to Summer, was probably what we call ‘Chemistry’, and she met the guy just under some random circumstances. Is that a sad ending? Some would think so. I think so, Summer probably still likes Tom, as we can see, after her marriage, she still goes to the place on the little hill (where Tom took her before), I think it means she still tries to grab the memories she had with Tom (Or am I thinking too much?). However, Tom works hard because of the grief from Summer’s Marriage, from what we call Chemistry! He quits the job that he does not like, and goes back to his field, architecture, and meet the new Autumn. Well, perfect end for Tom? Maybe, but we have to admit that he suffers from a ‘painful divorce’. What is ‘Chemistry’? Subject at school? Or the component for what we called ‘love at first sight’? What does that word even mean? ‘Chemistry’ gives you ‘crush’, gives you all the beautiful imagination of your ‘crush’. It hides all the bad things about her, while all the good things become a lot, a lot, a lot more fancination. What do you think?

My first table-tennis league match took place on Tuesday (07/10/2014)

We were facing quite a tough team, with 2 of my opponents who have beaten me before. I still remember, my opponent Rob beat me 3-0 in North of Scotland 2012 (I played him against in April in the local league, and I beat him 3-2), and Andy gave me a hard time, beating me 3-0 in the Aberdeen Christmas tournament.

Since I knew they would be my opponents of the night, all I thought was ‘Oh my goodness, am I going to win a game tonight?’ Aye, my confidence fell to the ground, or possible the nuclear of the Earth…. Andy, of course, was my main threat. Rob was still a challenge for me. All I did was shivering. However, I saw my old teammate Joe playing against his opponents with his determination and spirits, and my new friend Ben, also battling with sweat and tears. Ya, isn’t sport a thing about spirits? Skills of course are crucial. I was unsure about my skill, but I did try hard to improve throughout the summer. Seeing Joe and Ben playing gave me the spirit of trying.

‘Ya, I am here already, I am here to win, and not to forfeit!’ I thought. The first match against an old coach Doug went alright. I kind of saw him play before, so I thought it would be fine. The second match against Rob made me nervous, I would say my first set was kind of lucky, with him making quite many mistakes, and my flicks going pretty well, I got 11-2. I gained a bit of confidence after that, but my doubt about my ability still existed, but in fact it might be one of the elements which helped me stay calm. I won 3-0 straight. Then here came Andy. I still could not play against him well in the first set because of his style, I struggled, and lost 5-11. I was going to give up. However, Joe and Neil’s games lit the fire of my heart again. ‘I am NOT giving up yet, as long as the game is not finished yet, I still have a chance!’ I thought, then I remembered what the Youth Star Christopher Wheeler told me, ‘Take every single point as the last point of a match!’. It did help me concentrate a lot. I fought back, and eventually won the match 3-1 in sets.

Sports are always about techniques, so practice is always important. But there are also other crucial elements. I learnt from this match, that the spirits, and confidence, would boost your performance in matches, sometimes it may allows you to exceed your limits, like 110%! That’s a lesson learned. Sometimes, playing matches is the best way to improve, that’s the reason why. Also, it is a great feeling beating someone whom you have never beaten before!

Playing my old team (got kicked out) next week, strange feeling!