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I have a dream

To a pal of mine who kept saying to me ‘At the end, you will go back to Hong Kong to live and work, as you will never get a good job here in Europe even if you can stay here. Then you will definitely have to, willing or not, go back.’ I just want to tell this ‘pal’ of mine (who came to Aberdeen with me from Hong Kong), that I am sorry for his pessimistic view of the world. Living in Europe has been my dream for long. I know a fact that, staying in UK to work and to get a citizenship is never easy and I HAVE ALREADY KNOWN THAT, I do NOT need him to keep mentioning it to me that I got almost NO chance. I know this, so I started learning Swedish, because I found that it will be way easier to get a citizenship through Sweden. I will probably keep up my French again soon, because I could also do it through Belgium. Why do I do all that? Because I have a dream, that I would like to fulfil. To that friend of mine, I just want to tell you that, although in your eyes, every place is the same and it is just money that matters, I wholly, truthfully, sincerely, disagree with you. Yes, money matters. Money equals time, time can heal all wounds, so money may be able to cure all wounds. But, have you every thought about dreams, and happiness? A very rich person, can be so poor, that all his got is money. I am not saying that I don’t care about earning money, what I mean is, fulfilling my dreams would give me a sense of achievement, which ultimately gives me a life that I want.

Dreams are very crucial in one’s life, because without dreams, life is miserable. One can be both realistic and have dreams right? If you are an extreme realist who have no dreams, you can probably go ‘fund’ (as a substitute of a rude word) yourself on the day that you were born, as you know everyone is gonna die at the end and nothing last. I probably shouldn’t play table-tennis then because I’ll never be better than some people.

Practically, since the UK Border tends to hate International Students (as they even tried to limited their chance to work here right after graduating), my immigration plan has been changed and is no longer only limited to UK (sensible change as I like Sweden too, was just illuded since I came here long enough). After doing my Undergraduate degree, I’ll do a post-graduate degree here, and I aim at ‘International Law’ or ‘Real Estate’ to increase my competitiveness. To be fair, I thought I would like English and Linguistics, so I didn’t count my choice of subjects to be a mistake. Also, in the forth year, I’ll properly learn Swedish from University. After graduating, I’ll apply for jobs in Sweden that can give me work visa and work for 5 years. Job Done. Another route, if I am not satisfied with the job, I can ALWAYS do a course in Belgium (European Studies in KU Leuven) as it does not cost much, and keep going. As long as I stay in ANY EU countries (apart from UK) for 5 or more years I am entitled a EU passport. Am I not realistic? I checked everything I can do for my dream! And I will go fund myself for those plans!

So, my friend, do NOT think it is impossible for me. When there is a will, there is a way. The path may be tough, but I will get through it and be so happy that you will never be.



After the disappointment from the Scotland Independence Referendum, there has been something going on in my hometown Hong Kong, there is a big ‘peaceful protest’ for democracy going on. Well, I don’t know much about the context so I think it would be irresponsible for me to comment on the protest. However, what comes into my mind is that, this is not really a good way for gaining democracy.The ACT of protest, in my opinion, is alright. The PEACEFUL protest (not hurting anyone) is even a cute idea, although I doubt its effectiveness. People just accumulate in the busiest areas (mainly Central, Admiralty, and Mong Kok) 24 hours 7 days sitting there protesting. I know why they proposed the idea of a PEACEFUL protest, the reason is that the government would not have any excuse to clear them up using military force, but does it really mean they would achieve their goals eventually? I doubt it. Also, this is pretty harmful to the economy in Hong Kong, with quite a lot of people not to work for a couple of days in the most economically-important areas, so I would say it could end up in a lose-lose consequence. Also, many university students do not go to university to support the protest, and they claim that they would not go schools but they would still be doing self-study. So it’s like, people not going to work, but still doing freelance? I mean, if you are really into the protest, you should put 100% effort in it, without worrying the things that you need to do to compensate for it.

I believe this is not the best way to gain democracy, as it could lead to a lose-lose consequence. I agree that Hong Kong should gain more democracy, but I just don’t think this is the best way to do it.

In my opinion, no matter what the outcome of the protest would be, Hong Kong would be quite chaotic in the next few years, there must be a big change (no matter whether it is good or bad). This strengthen my will of not going back to Hong Kong for a living, right, it is a NO THANKS. For this, I must do my degree well, to prolong my stay in the UK (hopefully more than 10 years legally), then I can get a British Passport. Ireland, Switzerland Sweden, France, Germany, and Austria are all my other choices, because the immigration policies to those countries are relatively easy,. New Zealand and Canada are the next ones. If NONE of them work, probably it means I have no choice, then I will go back to Hong Kong to work, while I would keep on applying jobs in the UK which would give me the Working Visa. All roads lead to Rome, I believe that UK would eventually vote YES to Hayes Chan!

Too much revolution is going on lately, first came the Scotland Independence Referendum, then it was the Romanticism course which is very much related to the French Revolution, and here came the Hong Kong Revolution…. I may, as well, go to the Revolution Bar to get a few drinks, to get myself a revolution, anyone joining?