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Drink up baby, stay up all night
With the things you could do, you won’t but you might.  (Elliott Smith)

Having beautiful memories doesn’t always bring salvation. The more beautiful memory it is, the more painful it can become. It can even become terrifying. It’s very hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember. The feelings are still fresh, as if it just happened yesterday. Well, perhaps, it takes some sort of sadness for a person to grow, or even to know what happiness is… and it doesn’t matter who hurt you or broke you down, what matters is who makes you smile again….

Well, positive thinking: disappointment should be finite; and hope should be infinite. Maybe, just maybe the light can reach even the bottom of the dark ocean. Maybe there’s just one dark road ahead. But, I still need to believe and keep going. I have to believe that the stars will light up the path, even just a little bit.

Winter, the season I met you, is coming.
A winter without you, is coming…

Cry  for the Moon Cover: https://www.facebook.com/JuvenilesCorner/videos/217531245801301/


The resonance and meaning you get from a film, is the real reason why you would like a film so much: it could be from a very astonishingly beautiful scene, a very poetic plot, or a very cheesy character.

I have heard that Your Lie in April is a touching anime about piano. As a wee pianist, I decided to give it a go. I was utterly shocked with my eyes moist after watching it. It’s a very, very beautiful series.

As long as you are a person, there must be a time when you lie, no matter whether it is a lie of good intention, an evil lie, or a lie to cover the other lie. There are many different lies in the world, and there must be a story behind every lie. Your Lie in April, is a story, about a beautiful, but sad lie.

This series is not a simple story, not a simple love story at least. It is a story about growing up. The series uses music as a mean to portray the plot, and the soundtrack of the series is just amazing. Yes, music is for people to hear, and is a way to respond to the hope, fear, or any emotions of people around you.

‘Sadness makes one grows’. Kaori’s death makes Kōsei grows up, and it takes Kōsei out of his shadow. The theme of ‘keep going no matter what comes next’ just comes out of the screen and get injected to my heart. The young Kōsei sets Kaori a goal of her life; and the wee grown-up Kaori rescues Kōsei from his shadow, taking him back to the right track of his life. The two people help each other at different times, with different things, is this not what growth mean? People get together, helping each other to grow: in your life, there must be some people around you, while no one can stay with you eternally. This is the colour of life, making life interesting, making every moment treasurable. At the end of the series, Kaori, who rescues Kōsei from his shadow, has already passed away. Kōsei, however, cannot dwell in the loss anymore, because in his heart, he knows that living and blooming his life in a world without Kaori is the best way to respond to her love and help.

For this story, it is suitable to have a tragic ending. The tragic ending elevates the series to a higher level, giving an after-taste of the story. The plot itself is not that innovative, and it is easy to spot the tragic ending from around half-way through the series. Whether a series/ film with a predictable plot depends on how it is portrayed. For this series, I’d say that it was done perfectly. Songs, sound effects, drawing…. everything is significantly above average, and it succeeds on giving me teary gas and keeps me in the plot a day after watching it.

After reading the last letter of Kaori, Kōsei wipes his tear away, and continues to go back to his life.  ‘Spring will be here soon. Spring, the season I met you, is coming. A spring without you…is coming.’

Girls and guys

Girls and guys

There is a new shop selling husbands in New York, girls can get in there directly to choose her perfect spouse. This is how the shop works:
A girl can only enter the shop once, and there are six floors in the shop, and as she goes up, she finds men with higher qualities. At each floor, she can either choose a husband, or go up to another floor. However, unless she leaves the shop, she can never go down back to the floor that she has been.

One day, a girl entered the shop to find a husband. There was a notice on the door of the first floor: the men here have a good job. She did not even see the first-floor men, and went up to the second floor.

Again, there was a notice on the door: The men here have a good job, and they like children. And again, she did not even look at the men on the second floor, and went to the third floor.

The third floor: The men here have a good job, they like children, and they have good-looking. ‘Wow!’ she exclaimed. But still, she went up again.

The forth floor: The men here have a good job, they like children, they have good-looking and they do housework. ‘Oh my good lord!’ she said. ‘I like this, but I want something more!’ So she went up again!

The fifth floor: The men here have a good job, they like children, they have a perfect outlook, they do housework, and they are so romantic! That girl wanted to stay, but she was too greedy and had too much hope in finding a perfect man. So she went up.

On the sixth floor, there was a big electric notice board. When the girl went up, it showed ‘Welcome, you are the 3620561th guest to this floor. There is no men here, the existence of this floor, is just to prove how hard it is to satisfy many girls in this world. Thank you for coming!’

There is a wife-selling-shop at the opposite of the husband-selling-shop, and it works the same as the husband-selling-shop.

The women on the first floor are good in bed.

The women on the second floor are good in bed, beautiful, and have the perfect body shapes.

All men who come to this shop have never reached the third floor or above.

This story shows that:
Girls think a lot, and they have a lot of fantasies and hope, but sometimes they are not that realistic.
Guys are realistic, and are able to face the reality, but they don’t think using their mind.