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Mobile Phone


I remember when I was in Stockholm for a trip, my phone died on the first day. Thinking about it, now I realise human has already been invaded by mobile phones as phones have already become part of a human body. I can foresee the future that in 20 years time, when a child is born, there will be a phone attached to the child as part of  the birth certificate.

Right after I realised my phone died, the emptiness in my mind was comparable to the emptiness of my stomach when having starved for a couple of days while still not having food, but seeing a tard having a big mac meal in front of you. Not using a phone, is like completely losing connection to anyone in the world, as it will give you hell (all americans rejects?). If you go out to a restaurant, and pub, you will see most of the people using their phones like every 5 seconds as if they are in love with their phones. No wonder why people don’t speak face-to-face much anymore.

What’s the point of being so eager to look at the pictures of the other’s achievements? Or just the bits of life? While you can have a good time with your friends? And why don’t you spend  the time to create your own achievement? Considering if you sleep 8 hours everyday, meaning you have 16 hours of activity a day. If you check your phone every 15 minutes (each time lasts 5 minutes), you end up spending 5 hours and 30 seconds everyday just checking your phone. In 5 and a half hours, you can do 2 hours of sports, 1 hour of reading/ picking up new hobbies. Then, everyone can be fitter than Lionel Messi, play better music than Hayes Chan (just a joke), and be more multi-talented than Simon Cowell. See how valuable every second of your life is? Even if you don’t have a good job, not a good family, and poor, you are still the winner of your life, as you are really living, if you can use your time wise. So from now on, why don’t we just try to leave our phone untouched, for … maybe an hour or two, and live your life? ”You just have to see that it’s wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life. If you don’t stop for a minute, you might miss it.” (Cashback–2006)


Dreams for Immortality

With nowadays fast-paced technology, human is probably quite closed to reach immortality. Scientists have already done a lot to help human reach immortality, and they expect within the next 30 years, they will have accomplished their goal.

From an extremely long time ago, immortality has already been one of the biggest dreams of human, and it seems pretty awesome as well. We can also see immortality as a part of the evolution process of human: we grow to our best form, and the process of aging slows down (or even stops) so we can be at our top form for a long time, and it qualifies ‘the fittest survives’ theory. With eternal life, it’s likely that we are guaranteed the best life as we get to do everything we want.

Although it’s good for an individual, when all people on Earth reached immortality, it could be problematic. Overcrowding has already been a problem on Earth at the moment. Some people will probably have to evolve with fins and gills as they will have to live in the water before human can migrate to another planet (Maybe they’d even need to apply for visas for other planet?) In terms of work, with immortality, the retirement age will probably have to rise to thousands years old. Well, it may be fine if you have a relaxing job; but some might have to flip burgers in McDonald’s literally for centuries. With the 50% of global wealth belonging to 1% of people, the rich will still get richer, and the poor poorer. The whole society will also be unsafe, because even 30-year sentence will not be useful against criminals anymore, and they will literally do anything they want!

Well, immortality is probably a good thing to develop, but I think it’s nothing much better than having a meaningful and successful life. It’s probably better to have someone admiring your work, than living a life without anyone noticing. In this world, wealth is like the symbol of the value of a person. Not saying money is everything, but without money we cannot have anything. And in nowadays world, there are only three proper ways to get rich: 1) Inherit money from a posh family (Not for me) 2) Investment (in a sensible way) 3) Start a business/ work at the manager level at least. Options 2 and 3 are still applicable to me, so, apart from having to do well at university and designing my future path, I’d start learning about investment. You never know, maybe this crazy little blogger here can become the next Buffett!

My friend invited me to watch one of the most popular movies, Interstellar. I rarely watch movies beyond Romantic Comedies, and of course, the poster of this movie would not attract me at the first place, I would probably have categorized it as ‘An Alternative Star War’ if I did not watch it.

This movie was a surprise. I saw IMDB rating it 9/10, I thought it would be purely because of its technological effect. But it is not purely that.

I am not doing a spoiler here to piss of people who are going to watch it. But this movie is filled with love and philosophy. The love between the protagonist Cooper and his children is so real, that I believe many audience would cry in some particular scenes: like when his daughter Murph tried to make him stay; when he watched the videos that his children (son and daughter already) sent him, realizing he missed too much of his life already; and of course, when Murph asked him not to see her die at the end. All those scenes were done perfectly, to touch the audience’s hearts.As Brand said ‘Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.’ Yes indeed, all of Cooper’s sacrifice, was for his loved ones, his family, Moreover, the effects and soundtrack of the movie also contributed to this.

Cooper’s sacrifice, is supposed to be great, as he sacrificed the time with his family, for the sake of human future. If I were Cooper, I would definitely not go for the task, but to stay. Aerosmith’s ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’ would be why I would choose to stay. But what would you choose, between staying with your family, or going to try ‘overcoming’ the impossible and save the world? I found this movie quite philosophical. Over years, human has had a lot of great developments, especially in the scientific field. We were meant to be born on Earth, but now we have ways to leave it and explore the universe. It is probably out of topic, if the life here is alright, why do we still spend our resources on scientific developments? On searching for another planet that we can move to? Scientists always claim that they think outside of their life span for great developments. What if, we all stop our scientific, or technological developments, and have no improvment at all? Life would still remain the same, we still live happily according to what makes us happy. This would also rule out the possibility of having more destructive weapons being invented in the world, thus making the world more safe. I do not really have a stand point here, but this movie reminded me that, probably if we all live like what people did in the ancient world, we would have more natural resources, less pollution due to what technology brought us, thus having a safer, and a more stable world……. Yes our life would be less entertaining, but at least we would not be like Cooper in the movie, having to sacrifice a lot just to find another place for human to live. Remember, technology and science are some of the culprits of getting the Earth to an end.

Anyway, Interstellar is a touching, and a quite philosophical movie (Definitely better than the movie ‘The Philosopher’). Watch it, and tell me what you think if you wish to.