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The traditionally ‘good’ teams all play rubbish this season, they are entirely trash. Except for Leicester City, I’d rather watch Watford, Norwich, Crystal Palace, and Bornemouth, at least they try and play as  a team!

Liverpool: the goalkeeper in last week was ‘awesome’, was he sure he was playing in the Premium League? It might be better having Messi being the goalkeeper LOL

Chelsea: Unprofessional players, day-dreaming, diving and pretend to be injured, pretend to be in a bad form, they might as well go to Hollywood, might suit them better there.

MU: Since Ferguson is gone, this team has been so useless. You know how boring it is to watch MU nowadays? It is worse than working weekends! Van Gaal is just there sitting and doing nothing at all, it’s always Ryan Giggs kinda shouting to the team. Now who’s the boss? Or maybe, as I say, they play football, not for scoring, but for initiating a football innovation!

Manchester City: Very rich in terms of budget, but keep buying rubbish, and not buying the real good ones, like Tiago Silva, De Maria, Suarez the shark….. Now it’s the level of Porto and shit.

Hot Spurs: Everyone in team thinks he is Mr. Football, no teamwork available, just keeping the ball forever and ever. Never appreciate this kind of football, rubbish.

Pretty sure even if a team of Premier League United, they probably won’t be able to beat Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, or Barcelona. And, it’s somehow fun to see the ‘weak’ teams beating the ‘strong’ ones.




Having learned English language for more than a decade, the problem of accent never came across my mind till I watched the British movie recommended by my dad, Melody (1971). Although I was only like 5 years old when I watched it, I found that the English that people spoke in the movie was amazingly harmonic, it was, as I thought, beyond the level of language, I would describe it as a tune. The tone, the syllables, the sound, the rhythm were all perfect. Since then, I developed my passion towards British accent, but I merely did anything to try to adapt to this accent, maybe I was too young. As I grew older, I seemed to forget how good it was, until I watched the movie Serendipity (2001), with the stunning British Actress Kate Beckinsale in it.

Kate Beckinsale, as I have noticed, has a clear London accent, which is practically similar to the BBC accent. Her voice also worked amazingly with this accent, Listening to her speech is like listening to a fine piece of tune, as every syllable is uttered crystal clear, and the tone is so fine-tuned that, it is like an innocent girl speaking. It is indeed nicer than the voice of a Nightingale. Her accent, combining with her nice acts in the movie, made her so perfect to me, and it confused me: does an accent make someone perfect? Not sure, but I think it would indeed affect the impression of the other people. Yes, it makes me think that she is perfect. Although she has already got a daughter Lily, her voice and accent still make her seem like a child. Some people call her a MILF (which I found a bit offensive); some would call her a fit bird. Yes, she is fit, but ‘bird’ does not seem to be good enough, I would describe her as a swan. Stacy’s Mom has got it going on? No, Lily’s mom has got it going on!

On the train from Manchester to Edinburgh after the table-tennis match, my companion Ben, and I met a girl from Nottingham. Having heard Scottish accent while studying in Scotland for so long, this girl reminded me of what the perfect accent (she got BBC Accent just like Kate Beckinsale) of English should be like, thus redeeming my passion about the sound of English. Yes, I will try to get rid of my original accent, and get myself with this BBC accent. What’s the point of studying a language? Practical use, YES, but it is also about your passion about the language. If you like a language, you would try your best to reach the highest level of the language. It is not simply to use, but to enjoy the language. It is similar to the difference between surviving and living. Hopefully, within 3 years, I would speak like some of the greatest British politicians in the UK, with the perfect BBC accent, and it will be part of my identity.