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Listen Children to a story that did happen long ago
In a kingdom within city and the uni-lad below

So I knew her in my second year of uni. After knowing her, I immediately applied to join her ‘army’ team, being the soldier around her. I went so far to an extent that, I went to McDonald’s to work because I knew she worked there. Despite the fact that we worked different shifts (She usually finished at 8am, while I started at 9am), I would literally go to work a couple hours early, just to see her. My manager sometimes said ‘Well, you do not get paid for starting early.’ I would just say ‘Well, I do not really care.’

She studied at university as well, and we were in the same course, and the same tutorial. Sometimes we studied till late, and she would come to my place for food before she went home. My fridge ended up being empty all the time but I wouldn’t really care.

This went on till almost Christmas time. One day, she said to me ‘Ahh I am spending my Christmas alone again this year…’ Maybe I thought about it too much, but I genuinely took it as an implication. Also, I thought ‘Well, it is time for me to resign from the army, and see if I can get further with her.’ So, i asked her to go to the beach on the silent night, and she said ‘Yes.’

At the beach, we lied down and were staring at the stars. At some point, I asked ‘Do you want to be my girlfriend?’, just that, just straight. She smiled, with ‘ha ha’, without saying anything. Well, what does it mean then? But I thought, if I asked further, it might ruined it. So I was like 50-50 about it, not sure about what she thought.

Then, on the 25th, we hanged out then went for a dinner at hers. I asked her again the same question. Her reply was the same, and somehow we just ate and finished the dinner cheerily. I didn’t ask further, I thought she wasn’t sure about it. THEN what?

She went home on the 31st December and said she would spend the new year with her family. Fair enough! But then what? On the new year day, she posted a picture of her and a guy holding hands, with loads of hearts in it. Well, fair enough, I asked her why she did not reject me right away? She said ‘If I rejected you, then you probably would not spend those time with me then.’ Oh… lol…. Well done, playaaa!

Well, once a soldier, always a soldier, she has always been a player and everytime she breaks up, I help her through, while HOPING (realising I cannot) I have a chance. I know I don’t but well, it’s hard anyway. So, once you’ve joined the Goddess’ Army, it’s hard for you to get out.

So what’s next year? I might have more hope on MU winning the Premier League than myself finding a partner.

What’s your view then?



Mobile Phone


I remember when I was in Stockholm for a trip, my phone died on the first day. Thinking about it, now I realise human has already been invaded by mobile phones as phones have already become part of a human body. I can foresee the future that in 20 years time, when a child is born, there will be a phone attached to the child as part of  the birth certificate.

Right after I realised my phone died, the emptiness in my mind was comparable to the emptiness of my stomach when having starved for a couple of days while still not having food, but seeing a tard having a big mac meal in front of you. Not using a phone, is like completely losing connection to anyone in the world, as it will give you hell (all americans rejects?). If you go out to a restaurant, and pub, you will see most of the people using their phones like every 5 seconds as if they are in love with their phones. No wonder why people don’t speak face-to-face much anymore.

What’s the point of being so eager to look at the pictures of the other’s achievements? Or just the bits of life? While you can have a good time with your friends? And why don’t you spend  the time to create your own achievement? Considering if you sleep 8 hours everyday, meaning you have 16 hours of activity a day. If you check your phone every 15 minutes (each time lasts 5 minutes), you end up spending 5 hours and 30 seconds everyday just checking your phone. In 5 and a half hours, you can do 2 hours of sports, 1 hour of reading/ picking up new hobbies. Then, everyone can be fitter than Lionel Messi, play better music than Hayes Chan (just a joke), and be more multi-talented than Simon Cowell. See how valuable every second of your life is? Even if you don’t have a good job, not a good family, and poor, you are still the winner of your life, as you are really living, if you can use your time wise. So from now on, why don’t we just try to leave our phone untouched, for … maybe an hour or two, and live your life? ”You just have to see that it’s wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life. If you don’t stop for a minute, you might miss it.” (Cashback–2006)

A Little Sight

Yesterday, as I walked along the street back to my flat, I saw a mother and a daughter (around 6 years old I guess) running to catch a bus. They were running fast, and were trying their best, and with smiles on their faces. I would describe it as quite an interesting and ‘adorable’ scene. It reminds me of the times where I caught the public transports with my parents when I was younger.

We used to live on an island, and ferry was the main transport for us to go somewhere else. As I remember, everytime we went to the ferry, we were rushing, as we were almost always quite late for many different reasons: it took me too much time to finish my meal; mum forgot to do her make-up; dad needed to go to the toilet before going…… ANY REASONS you can possibly think of. Sometimes of course, we would be late for the ferry; while most of the time we could make it. Yea, everytime we made it we would be so happy, it was like an achievement. And, yea, that is my childhood memory.

Different people have different ways of living, so they all have their own stories. Take ‘catching the bus’ as an example, if you are so posh, that you never even have a chance to get into a public transport in your life, you would miss the fun of catching a bus. If you are so posh or your family is so strict, that you never go into a McDonald’s in your life (don’t be surprised, I have seen those people!), you probably missed out a lot as a child, because McDonald’s is like a MagicLand for kids, it is like the kids’ ‘bar’ or ‘club’, where you can have food or drinks that are tasty, but also unhealthy for you. As a kid, everytime when my parents took me to McDonald’s, I was always happy, especially when I got to have the deep-fried food, that my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a lot, but still gave me the chance to get once a week.

Everyone has different background; different background brings different stories; different stories give different colours to life; different lives, leads to different people. That’s true, but however you are, you can always do what you want, and shouldn’t be restricted too much by the social norms. Just like Warren Buffett, who is extremely rich. The 84-year-old World’s Top Investor, despite being so rich, has simple taste of food, just like a normal child, as he still drinks coca cola, and goes to McDonald’s on a regular basis. What I’m trying to point out is, don’t be bounded by your past so much, just do something that can really make you happy, and it can be something simple! 🙂

Having been to the world for more than 20 years, I have never been to McDonald’s once, as the chef in my mansion feeds me with steak, caviar, lobsters… and shite like that every day. I have heard that many people like going to McDonald’s, so I decided to give it a go, with my first date.

So I took my girl to McDonald’s yesterday. It was so crowded, and yea, I understand that, it should be busy everywhere during lunch time. So I took my girl to wait at the door for the waiter/ waitress to take us in when we can be seated. LOL someone behind us asked us to leave and not to block the door! WTF?! My anger came RIGHT AWAY! I just kicked him out. Not long after, I saw the empty chairs and empty table. So I spoke to a staff ‘Table for two please.’ She replied ‘oooh okay’ then she left. What kind of restaurant is that!? So I took my girl to the table and get seated.

I waved at the same staff who ‘served’ me.
Me: So what is the meal of the day, or most popular dish here?’
Her: Huh?!
Me: Do you want me to repeat? What is the most popular dish here?
Her: I quite like Salsa Legend.
Me: (What a dumb name, no idea what it is!) Okay, can I have 2 of it please then, with the fries in American style, and Romantic Chocolate Sundae please.
She laughed, and said ‘You go buy it yourself.’

I went to the counter, then I saw the promotion of Big Mac.
‘Well I fancy beef more today, I go with Big Mac then.’ I thought.
So I made the order…
Me: The set lunch of Big Mac please. For the beef, I want medium rare. I don’t want the Fries in American style with the meal, I just want spaghetti. Any recommended wine today? And what can I choose for dessert?
The staff laughed a bit, then said ‘As for the drink, you can have the McD sparkling black water. For dessert, I get you the super crunchy luxury apple pie, and soft ice-cream with strawberry sweetie dressing sauce then.’
I thought about my date, then I said ‘Can I have a 5 Chicken Select meal, with the same drink and desserts. For the chicken, I want wings, thighs, and legs please.’
Staff: I will get you the best chicken as I will Select it for you, that’s how it’s called Chicken Select.’
Me: Okay, fine, I am eating here and not taking away. (Although I thought ‘what restaurant is it? You can get chicken select but you cannot select your chicken?!’ I thought maybe they only do regular customers.)

When the food came, my anger grew again! I told him I am NOT taking away, and he did not even give me the utensils?! At least give me a plate, come on!

Okay, fine, I took the food back to my table. Oh, did I not order spaghetti? Why is it American fries again? Poor service, got the wrong order probably. I got two sets of plastic utensils on the till then my girl and I started to dine in….. then I asked for the manager to complain.

‘Oh dear, the beef in the big mac is NOT medium Rare, it’s well-done, WHY??!! Damn, fine.
Oh dear, soft ice-cream with strawberry sweetie dressing sauce… LOL, half-frozen milk with strawberry… ridiculous
Oh dear, Super Crunchy Luxury Apple Pie? Looks like a cockroach, with some lava in it to burn my tongue…. Evil.
Oh dear, McD Sparkling Black Water? It’s simply coca cola with water….’ I shouted to the manager as a complaint after the meal.

Him: Sir, if you keep on disturbing our customers, I require you to leave.

I did not answer him. I looked at him, the food, the customers, and the logo of the restaurant. My girl rejected me right away at this first date for taking her to this bad restaurant. I looked at all of them, gave them a wee smile, then left the restaurant. At that moment, I felt like a loafer.

So, never ever, take your first date to McDonald’s!