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Wishing time can go backward,
Going back to the the sweet time we flirt.
‘You are the one I prefer.’
This line, in my mind, would never blur.

Wishing those time would never end,
I adore your smile, your humour, and your scent.
Everything about you is just a godsend.
Nonetheless, time doesn’t go back, we can’t amend.

Every night when I am alone, I whisper thy name,
This would somehow lighten my mood, my flame.
Even just those memories with you, I claim
To be some of the most glorious of my fame.

The cold, cold wind, blew my dream away,
Feeling sorrow, as my love budded in the wrong place


Those Days

‘Those Days’ (Hayes)

Looking back,
The night that belonged to me and you.
Nothing seems to lack,
Just an enticing night of me and you.

In an instant,
I have too much to say.
We will soon be separated by distance,
I’d only enjoy before the sun fades.

Even tomorrow might be filled with starlight,
It is nowhere near as beautiful,
As tonight’s alluring sight,
Seeing your smile, I feel blissful.

My lonesome, sealed heart was shaken by thy appearance.
Although we parted, thou made my life an elegance.



I remember it hurts, looking at her hurts…

There are two types of people: hopeless romantics and realists. A hopeless romantic is one who gets convinced that it is destiny putting him/ her with a particular someone; while a realist just sees that face, and just packs the other person in every other one he has seen before. (Stuck in Love)

A hopeless romantic can easily get hurt, and well, maybe…. Well, I used to be towards the romantic side but well… yes, reality does check in. It is definitely a lesson learned. Was going to say the more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it is to leave. This is pretty much true, but well, life is only meaningful when you can convince yourself that it is.

Anyway, I mean, life is a journey, and we are all on this ride. Moving on is a compulsory process. No one can be with you forever. The truth is, we come to this world alone, and we leave this world exactly the same way. But all I would say, is that ‘You were that pure, lovely, little apple of my eyes’, and that pureness, and loveliness shalt never fade.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
(Shakespeare, Sonnet 18)

P.S. A good song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPD-a1FjUtU

I rarely watch anime films because most of the times, in films, I look for depth. It wasn’t until I knew the renowned anime directors Makoto Shinkai and Hayao Miyazaki, that I found quality-deep anime films. Today, I’ll give a little review of the film Children who Chase Lost Voices.

The question about how we look at life and death, the living and the dead, has been debated over centuries. People have come across many answers, but there are no answers at all. But this is a question related to all of us, who are living. The film itself, is about the separation, and the connection between the living and the dead. Yep, I am not intending to include any spoiler here. But this is a very inspiring, and deep film, with a very strong second-half producing ‘teary gas’.

‘The stars in the sky are like the people we miss, always being there in our heart’ The film produces a few good questions for us to think about. Is it right to accept someone’s death, or does it mean we will forget about that dead person? Or is it only the living people who are the important ones, and the deceased are no longer relevant? Interestingly, the film raises the questions, but do not quite provide answers, and that’s what I think is the most inspiring from the film, as it inspires you to think.

My favourite quote from the film is ‘Living your life and carrying the sadness of the loss, is a curse, but is also a blessing’. Yes, it is only you have lost something/ someone, that you would understand the aspiration, and the happiness of a reunion. ‘Parting is for reunion’, that sounds pretty ridiculous. But it may well be better having this thought when facing every sort of parting in life.

Here, is the very good theme song for the film for you to enjoy (with great lyrics):


Listen Children to a story that did happen long ago
In a kingdom within city and the uni-lad below

So I knew her in my second year of uni. After knowing her, I immediately applied to join her ‘army’ team, being the soldier around her. I went so far to an extent that, I went to McDonald’s to work because I knew she worked there. Despite the fact that we worked different shifts (She usually finished at 8am, while I started at 9am), I would literally go to work a couple hours early, just to see her. My manager sometimes said ‘Well, you do not get paid for starting early.’ I would just say ‘Well, I do not really care.’

She studied at university as well, and we were in the same course, and the same tutorial. Sometimes we studied till late, and she would come to my place for food before she went home. My fridge ended up being empty all the time but I wouldn’t really care.

This went on till almost Christmas time. One day, she said to me ‘Ahh I am spending my Christmas alone again this year…’ Maybe I thought about it too much, but I genuinely took it as an implication. Also, I thought ‘Well, it is time for me to resign from the army, and see if I can get further with her.’ So, i asked her to go to the beach on the silent night, and she said ‘Yes.’

At the beach, we lied down and were staring at the stars. At some point, I asked ‘Do you want to be my girlfriend?’, just that, just straight. She smiled, with ‘ha ha’, without saying anything.¬†Well, what does it mean then? But I thought, if I asked further, it might ruined it. So I was like 50-50 about it, not sure about what she thought.

Then, on the 25th, we hanged out then went for a dinner at hers. I asked her again the same question. Her reply was the same, and somehow we just ate and finished the dinner cheerily. I didn’t ask further, I thought she wasn’t sure about it. THEN what?

She went home on the 31st December and said she would spend the new year with her family. Fair enough! But then what? On the new year day, she posted a picture of her and a guy holding hands, with loads of hearts in it. Well, fair enough, I asked her why she did not reject me right away? She said ‘If I rejected you, then you probably would not spend those time with me then.’ Oh… lol…. Well done, playaaa!

Well, once a soldier, always a soldier, she has always been a player and everytime she breaks up, I help her¬†through, while HOPING (realising I cannot) I have a chance. I know I don’t but well, it’s hard anyway. So, once you’ve joined the Goddess’ Army, it’s hard for you to get out.

So what’s next year? I might have more hope on MU winning the Premier League than myself finding a partner.

What’s your view then?


Merry Christmas to everyone!

So the Christmas of 2014 has gone, I hope everyone had a happy Christmas, and thanks Santa for running a night shift to make sure everyone is happy.

Talking about Christmas, I remember when I was a kid, my ‘secret Santa’ at home gave me presents every year. It was so cool, that I actually felt the magical atmosphere of Christmas, and as many children might do, I believed in Santa Claus coming to my place giving me the gifts.That’s good childhood memories! I actually want to recollect those experience.

As I grow, Christmas seems to be more about family and friends, rather than the greed of getting presents. It’s more about party, than the magical present that appears in the bedroom after the silent-night. As time goes on, the way we see things changes. Childhood is different from Adulthood. Which one do you prefer? I assume it depends on situation of course. Childhood tends to be more about discovery, or surprises; while Adulthood is more about consistency, or maintaining the personal network.

Well, guys, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!