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Lottery-> Who doesn’t know it is almost impossible to win big money from it?
£1 to buy a chance of being a millionaire, it is not a lot, but it is wiser to save it for food and things, which we basically need.

LOL! The aim of lottery is not for people to practically get rich. It is not an activity for people to burn their money; not a ticket for people to revive (to live another life), a chance for people to fantasise about winning the lottery before the results come out.

What would you do ‘when’ you won the million dollars/ pounds?
Study/ work-free life, partying everyday, living in a castle, travelling around the world (or maybe the space as well), hiring celebrities to appear in your party, and probably never calculating the maximum amount of money you can use in a day……..

Nowadays people fight loads of obstacles just to get a job; working like a bull just to earn enough to make a living. Now you can use a quid, to buy a dream, or fantasy, what a fair deal!

So we should not be pissed that we don’t win. We should be thankful to the National Lottery for allowing us to spend a quid on a never-ending dream. Winning, is just a bonus.

The story of a robbery

So a group of robbers decided to rob a bank one day. As they approached to the bank, the leader shouted ‘Freeze! Do not move! Money belongs to the country while the life belongs to you!’ So the people inside did not dare to move and just lied down. One of the robbers is a university graduate. He asked the leader ‘We should count the cash we have got now so we know how much we have robbed and can divide them easily!’

The leader argued back right away, saying ‘Are you serious? It takes forever if you count it now! If you want to know how much we have robbed, just watch the news tonight you retard!’ (This is called experience, sometimes working experience is important)

After a day, the news report said there were £10 millions being robbed in the robbery, while the robbers could only count £2 millions from their loot. After a while, the leader finally understood what happened, as he sighed and said ‘Ahh we gambled our life just to get £2 millions, while the bankers earned £8 millions from doing nothing like us. Nowadays being tricky and clever is the way to get rich.’

Well, that’s the end of story. All I want to say is that, nowadays, earning money that gives you a good life is a lot harder than it used to be. Nowadays there are 4 main ways to get rich:
1) Born rich —> I lost at the starting line
2) Working at least at the managerial position —> Could still work but this way will be eliminated soon.
3) Investment —> The ongoing way to get rich, it is wise to at least learn about the stock market, and do it in a sensible way.
4) Start up a business —> Has always been a way to give you some wealth, but takes some efforts and risks as it can either be so successful or extremely terrible.

Working hard is crucial, but unlike in the previous years, hard-work does not really help much for people to create wealth. Considering people actually get rich from selling air, it is all about the brain nowadays. Intelligence and creativity have always been important, but now they weigh even more than hard-work. Even if you work more than 50 hours a week in a shop, you probably still struggle to pay your mortgage. While if there is a ‘click’ in your mind, and you start up something that the society adores, even like selling-air, you can really end up having a huge amount of money that you cannot even finish spending.

Well, that’s a chance for anybody, considering even selling air can really give you some money. I hope it will be me, who can have a click in my mind, and become the ‘modern day Gladiator’.

My family is a poor one, where cash is the only thing left. Dad is always busy counting cash, while mum is always busy collecting the cash. We don’t even have bedding sheets, so we cover ourselves with bank notes.

We don’t even have toilet rolls, so we use bank notes to wipe my butt. In order to see from the dark, we burn the bank notes to get the light for reading and stuff like that, therefore my eyes are poor.

The location of my house is no good as well. Every of my friend lives somewhere near supermarket, while the nearest Tesco to my house is like 3 hours of driving away, you get to go with Ferrari as well, if you go with Benz, it takes you 4 hours probably.

Since my house is too big, I sometimes pee myself at the night time because it is too far from my bedroom to the toilet. So I got a motor bike so I could get to the loo on time.

Everytime I think about my horrible past, I feel bad about it.

Happy new year to everyone! My new year resolution is… ehm… ya, is to accomplish the goals of 2014, which I should have done in 2013, because I promised them in 2012, and planned them in 2011. Anyway, thanks for everyone who came to this blog for visit, I hope you enjoyed reading my posts. As the first entry of the year, I am gonna try to write a wee story using certain song titles, or lyrics, or band names, and see how far I can go. It might be strange, but here it goes:

Mr. Brightside has had a crush on Stacey’s Mom, who is the wife of the Simple Man. On a Green Day, he decided to take her to the Hotel California, to eat the American Pie with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and show how he is In Too Deep for her. ‘It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever!’ He became so determined after taking Cocaine.

‘Hi A Woman In Love, I am here tonight to show you My Love!’ Mr. Brightside said, with his eager eyes.
‘You such a Teenage Dirtbag, an American Idiot as well. I am not going with you no matter How Deep Is Your Love, you should Go Your Own WayStacey’s Mom replied.

‘I know, Somebody Told Me, you have a boyfriend. But Can You Feel My Love Tonight?
‘No thank you, just Let It Go, and Shake it off. I cannot go even for a Saturday Night Fever with you. You can go back to Massachusetts.’
‘Well, at least we can go try Bowling For Soup, and see how it goes? Although I am a New Kid in Town, I like it here because of you! I can imagine we Counting Stars together! ‘
‘Oh dear, I know you were trouble when you walk in. I Don’t Look Back In Anger, I still have my family so…. you are never My Chemical Romance.’
I Need your love though, I like you, even When You Were Young, when we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun! If You Leave Me Now, I would be in the state of Desperado. Come on, my Sweet Caroline, my Cherry Pie!’
‘I never like the Simple Man, but he is Always On My Mind. I know The First Cut Is The Deepest, but I have to say no to you.’
‘Oh Beat it! I know You Needed Me! You’re My Everything! Words Don’t Come Easy, but My Heart Will Go On, until it is All Out Of Love! I don’t even know How Long Will I Love You! Just Carry Me! I am your Hero, and You Raise Me Up! I could even stay awake, just to hear your breathing I shall Make You Feel My Love, it is The Greatest Love Of All! Don’t Give Up On Us! We should be Flying Without Wings together and go Up Where We Belong!
‘Well, I am flattered, and this makes a Wonderful Tonight. However, it should be nicer If I Let You Go.’
‘Oh… with you saying this, I can feel my Tears In Heaven. It is not a Thriller. It feels like having November Rain in my heart, the cruelty and bitter-sweetness of the image of Guns & Roses.’
‘Oh Sweet Child O’ MineThis Never Happened Before, but what if we go for a meal on the First of May, and then see if I Lay My Love On You? You might be a Fool Again, but I’m a big big girl in a big big world, so things might change.’
‘Okie dokie, that is a date! I will wear my Billie Jean! I can’t wait till May, it is still September! Wake Me Up When September Ends please!’ Mr. Brightside finally had a bit of hope.
What about now? What about today? I assume we can still enjoy the meal, then go clubbing, then Roar and yell Timber, if you still like going out since Last Christmas,;
‘Yes, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing! I shall say, it is probably one of the best page of the Story Of My Life!’

That’s where these two young lads are up to. Hopefully Mr. Brightside will enjoy the best One Moment In Time, and be The Luckiest.

That’s pretty much of the short story, hope you enjoyed it! Happy New Year =]



The World Cup comes, I believe it’s the time for most people to bet on football matches. But in order to get rich, I wouldn’t bet, I’d just need a phone with texting function to get rich. How do I do it?

Before the first match, I’d send texts to 300,000 people, telling 1/3 of them that the home team would win, 1/3 of them that it wouldd be a draw, and 1/3 of them that the away team would win.1/3 of them must win some money in this way because of my tips. 

Before the second match, I’d send 33,333 text messages to those who won money from the first match, saying the home team would win, 33,333 saying it would be a draw, and 33,333 saying the away team would win. 

By the time of the third match, approximately 11,111 people would have received the 100%-winning tips. Then, all I would need to do is to send all of them a text saying ‘If you want to carry on with your 100%winning record, send me £100, and I’ll tell you’. I assume not everyone would send me the money, so take it half, then I’d have earned approximately £500,000. But then, among those 11,111 people, 1/3 of them would win again (with repeated procedures as before), so approximately 37,00 people can keep up their 100% winning record. Among those, they must want to know about the results of the coming matches. At that time, you send them a text again, saying ‘if you wanna know the results, send me £200’. Then, I’d probably earn around £370,000 in this round. Keep on repeating this routine, and I’ll be able to live in Rubislaw Den South area soon!

A low-cost plan to get rich

Nowadays people don’t really care about pennies, sometimes when they drop the pennies, they don’t even bother to pick them up.

I should collect all the pennies from the whole town. If the citizens are nice, I believe I can collect at least £5k for a month. Then, the money would roll bigger and bigger, and I’ll be able to hire people to open my Penny Ltd.! Here’s the detail of the plan:

1) Spend around £20 as the budget to get a few medium-size containers
2) Put the containers at different busy areas (like the city centre), and get a banner of ‘Please be eco-friendly, and recycle your coins!’
3) After a week, you should be able to collect about £10k, and at this point, you can hire a van to collect the containers.

Repeat the procedures for a few years, and the pennies in the city will be rarely seen because of you. The rare it is, the higher value they have, at that time, a penny would probably worth more than a few quids, and you can sell them all at once. EVENTUALLY, you’ll get hold of most of the money in the society, yay!

Innocence vs the Cruel Reality

Today, I want to share a little story that I have heard. I don’t know whether it’s just a fiction, but it’s worth hearing.

Here it goes:
Once upon a time, there were two young lads loving the same girl, among them, one was rich, and one was poor. They both told the girl that they liked her at the same time. The girl then said ‘You two can tell me that you like me after you have travelled around the world, it shows your loyalty if you don’t change your mind after seeing the girls in the world’

Then, the rich lad immediately booked the flight ticket and got on the trip; the poor lad, on the other hand, ran around the girl once, then told the girl ‘I have finished my trip around the world, because you are my world, and I love you!’ The girl smiled, and asked him to wait as she needed time to decide.

The rich lad finally came back from the trip. The girl, eventually, chose to go out with the rich lad, and left the poor lad alone.

This is the end of the story. I think the story is quite realistic too, because SAFETY is what people should look for, and money provides the feeling of being protected in some sense, probably this is why the girl would choose the rich lad at the end. The world is cruel, no matter how sweet, how caring the poor lad is, he still lost. I think nowadays, some girls are being too realistic, and somehow miss some of the caring ideas or sweet things that the men (who like them) do for them. If people are full of innocence, the world would definitely be a better place, with people attempting to do anything, creating new things and expressing their thoughts without any concern. Love, would also be a more magical relationship rather than a deal.

Girls should fancy guys who study English Literature

Girls should definitely fancy guys who study English Literature.

I remember my cousin ask me how she should choose a boyfriend.
I said ‘Girls should definitely find someone who study English Literature!’

Many people may have a mistaken concept: People who study English Literature are generally boring, and not as careful as the people who study Scientific subjects.
Guys who study English Literature are careful people, they can remember everything, like the publishing year, author, and every single outstanding work from every writer they like: So they must be able to remember all the important dates, like the girlfriends’ birthday, or the date for anniversary.

They have patience to take time for reading: when his girlfriend asks him to go shopping with her for a whole day, I am sure they can still deal with it comfortably.

Guys who study English literature are hard-working. When they are reading, facing lots and lots of words, most of the people are just sleeping. In summer, they read; in winter, they read. They are the toughest people in the planet, and it leads them to become successful in their career!

They definitely know the concept of ‘Words don’t come easy’, and they know it is the same for money. They are used to spending less on their own stuff, so they would end up spending more on their girlfriends. Where else can you find this kind of men?

A man studying Arts should already beat most guys in the world, but a man who studies English Literature can be called ‘the man of man’. Guys who study English Literature SHOULD LOGICALLY be the most attractive to girls!!!