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Lottery-> Who doesn’t know it is almost impossible to win big money from it?
£1 to buy a chance of being a millionaire, it is not a lot, but it is wiser to save it for food and things, which we basically need.

LOL! The aim of lottery is not for people to practically get rich. It is not an activity for people to burn their money; not a ticket for people to revive (to live another life), a chance for people to fantasise about winning the lottery before the results come out.

What would you do ‘when’ you won the million dollars/ pounds?
Study/ work-free life, partying everyday, living in a castle, travelling around the world (or maybe the space as well), hiring celebrities to appear in your party, and probably never calculating the maximum amount of money you can use in a day……..

Nowadays people fight loads of obstacles just to get a job; working like a bull just to earn enough to make a living. Now you can use a quid, to buy a dream, or fantasy, what a fair deal!

So we should not be pissed that we don’t win. We should be thankful to the National Lottery for allowing us to spend a quid on a never-ending dream. Winning, is just a bonus.


I’ve heard people saying ‘If you have a little bit of Mathematics background, you’ll know that it is basically impossible to win the National Lottery, so you will not spend money on the Lottery.’ This, is entirely, BULLCRAP! National Lottery, to me, is NOT a bet, but a ticket for me to revive! If you ask me what are the best way for a person to move from working class to middle/ top class, I’d say the opportunities have always been hiding in the National Lottery. £1,000,000 is not a small number, and what can you do with it? It allows you to keep thousands of dogs, get approximately 1142857 cans of beer, 20,000,000 plastic bags when you go shopping……

10, 12, 35, 46, 48, 57, 14, these seven reviving numbers have been stored in my mind, while I am checking my revival tickets whether it has got those 7 numbers. The excitement is comparable to  parents looking at their children being born! Seeing I have got 10, feeling like a new born life is coming out; I got 12, I start to plan I will quit my job tomorrow; 35 on my ticket, I arrange a house viewing for the Downton Abbey; 46 appears too, so I have a least 4 numbers on my reviving ticket! I start to consider the pros and cons of Lamborghini and Ferrari. Then I have a look, I even get 48. I phone my friend asking what it costs to get Bryan Adams, and George Clooney to advertise for my birthday party. And wait…. Bingo, I get 57 as well! Bingo!

Somehow, I manage to get all the six numbers right. How-bloody-ever, life is never that simple. These six numbers, are printed on six separate tickets. The situation is like…. When you get on a bus, you never have Amanda Seyfried sitting next to you, but some stinky old guys; When you get to a University course with loads of fit birds, but they are all taken. My attempts to revive have always failed, never really get the luck.

Yep, it’s just investing the right thing on the wrong places. Having known this and calmed myself, I walk out of the shop, and phone my friend Jon.
Me: Dear Jon, I believe it will be better tomorrow!
Jon: Oh you won the lottery? Or else why would it be better tomorrow?
Me: LOL It will be better because we still fking have to work tomorrow! YAY!


Just a thought about lottery, never really bet on it in real life! 🙂