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Dreams for Immortality

With nowadays fast-paced technology, human is probably quite closed to reach immortality. Scientists have already done a lot to help human reach immortality, and they expect within the next 30 years, they will have accomplished their goal.

From an extremely long time ago, immortality has already been one of the biggest dreams of human, and it seems pretty awesome as well. We can also see immortality as a part of the evolution process of human: we grow to our best form, and the process of aging slows down (or even stops) so we can be at our top form for a long time, and it qualifies ‘the fittest survives’ theory. With eternal life, it’s likely that we are guaranteed the best life as we get to do everything we want.

Although it’s good for an individual, when all people on Earth reached immortality, it could be problematic. Overcrowding has already been a problem on Earth at the moment. Some people will probably have to evolve with fins and gills as they will have to live in the water before human can migrate to another planet (Maybe they’d even need to apply for visas for other planet?) In terms of work, with immortality, the retirement age will probably have to rise to thousands years old. Well, it may be fine if you have a relaxing job; but some might have to flip burgers in McDonald’s literally for centuries. With the 50% of global wealth belonging to 1% of people, the rich will still get richer, and the poor poorer. The whole society will also be unsafe, because even 30-year sentence will not be useful against criminals anymore, and they will literally do anything they want!

Well, immortality is probably a good thing to develop, but I think it’s nothing much better than having a meaningful and successful life. It’s probably better to have someone admiring your work, than living a life without anyone noticing. In this world, wealth is like the symbol of the value of a person. Not saying money is everything, but without money we cannot have anything. And in nowadays world, there are only three proper ways to get rich: 1) Inherit money from a posh family (Not for me) 2) Investment (in a sensible way) 3) Start a business/ work at the manager level at least. Options 2 and 3 are still applicable to me, so, apart from having to do well at university and designing my future path, I’d start learning about investment. You never know, maybe this crazy little blogger here can become the next Buffett!


Table-Tennis Match Report

‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in’
AU Harriers (Members of AU Falcons) 3-7 Collie Gashers

Originally, AU Harriers should have Sir Magician Joe Cranna, Fighter Pete Crichton, and Prince Matt Robinson for the match. But the Prince stepped in for the cup match, so Admiral Hayes Chan stepped in for the match as the third player. These three lads were also registered players for the Falcons team, so it was basically a Division 3 team clashing a Division 1 team.

First round: 1-2
Admiral Chan got Paul Barlow for the first match. ‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in.’ he thought as he played Paul before and got beaten 0-3. He started alright, as he took the first set 12-10. But then, Paul got advice from his teammate, and won 3 close sets straight. ‘It was a tough match.’ Hayes said after the match. Sir Magician Joe won the first game against Derek 3-1 comfortably too, and continued his winning record. Fighter Pete, on the other hand, faced the challenge from Derek, who got tricky serves, and Pete got beaten 0-3.

Second round: 1-5
Admiral Chan got Derek for the second game. Because of Derek’s tricky serves, the Admiral lost 13-15, 5-11 and 6-11. The key player Sir Magician Joe had a very hard time in the second round. He was playing Paul Barlow, he got 2-0 up in sets, Paul then made a comeback with 2 sets. A five setter was on! ‘Come on Joe!’ Hayes was cheering up for him. However, it didn’t help, he lost the final set, and he lost the first league game in the whole season. Magician was very sad, but we should all cheer up for him! He did a very good job in the whole season! The Fighter Pete got Dave, and he was unlucky as he lost by close sets.

Third round: 2-7
‘It is hard to see our honoured Magician having a hard time, I am going to take revenge on the team!’ Admiral got determined and glowed the fire in his heart again! He had Dave in his final single game of the day. He won the first two sets, and in the third set, Dave was 10-7 up. ‘I am NOT losing this! Joe is having a hard time, I must win the game!’ Hayes thought. He MADE IT by winning the final set 12-10! Sir Magician did not manage to calm himself down in the third round, he did not even play half as good as he could be, so he lost the game too. Pete got the strongest player of the opponent team, Paul. He got beaten too.

After the Double Match: 3-7
The Harriers got the Admiral and Magician for the double, playing against Dave and Paul. ‘We are continuing our winning record, Joe!’ Hayes said to Joe. These two Falconers did very well, and won 3-0 straight, and Hayes closed the game with a ‘CHO!’

Although they lost, they did well, remember they were not even supposed to be in Division 2! Even the Dark Knight Gavin Elliot said ‘These three lads did so well today!’ As we know now, Joe and Hayes will be playing in North of Scotland Open, hopefully they will have good results in it! ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, by Colin Dalgleish. So I am having a 3-hour training with Murray Paterson tomorrow!’ The Admiral got the fire in his heart for the tournament again! Hopefully he would do well in it