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I remember it hurts, looking at her hurts…

There are two types of people: hopeless romantics and realists. A hopeless romantic is one who gets convinced that it is destiny putting him/ her with a particular someone; while a realist just sees that face, and just packs the other person in every other one he has seen before. (Stuck in Love)

A hopeless romantic can easily get hurt, and well, maybe…. Well, I used to be towards the romantic side but well… yes, reality does check in. It is definitely a lesson learned. Was going to say the more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it is to leave. This is pretty much true, but well, life is only meaningful when you can convince yourself that it is.

Anyway, I mean, life is a journey, and we are all on this ride. Moving on is a compulsory process. No one can be with you forever. The truth is, we come to this world alone, and we leave this world exactly the same way. But all I would say, is that ‘You were that pure, lovely, little apple of my eyes’, and that pureness, and loveliness shalt never fade.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
(Shakespeare, Sonnet 18)

P.S. A good song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPD-a1FjUtU


‘Left! Right! Left Right Left!’Soldier protects his Goddess from hands of falsehood, and wants the Goddess to share her life story with him. Soldier continuously runs around Goddess, staying alert 24/7. Everytime Goddess needs Soldier, Soldier sprints faster than Usain Bolt to Goddess without thinking about anything. Sometimes Soldier knows it is a trap, but he is fearless to death. Death, compared with the disappointment from the Goddess, is nothing, thinks Soldier. His greatest fear is the incomplete mission/ quest.

Goddess does not anymore use Soldier, whose name gets deleted on the Goddess’ name list. This is worse than death, thinks Soldier. He thinks back the unlimited honour he gets when talking to Goddess when she has a tough time, and starts sobbing.

Everytime he got text from Goddess, he got nervous because every word, every sentence is crucial in terms of the relationship he had with Goddess, and he aimed at spending the least time, texting the longest and the most meaningful message to Goddess as soon as possible. As time went by, he finally got the chance to go out with Goddess. Being able to go shopping with Goddess buying things she liked, Soldier felt like he was the happiest man in the whole wide world. Of course, Soldier’s budget got ruined in one day, and he relied only on porridge until he got paid next. Thinking about the smile on Goddess’ face, he saw the porridge not as a normal porridge, but a sweet porridge as a gift given by Goddess.

There was one night Solider went out with Goddess. That night, Goddess seemed abnormal. She looked like she had something to say, but did not really know how to start. Soldier saw this, and became sad. Then he took Goddess to the beach, and they sat on a bench. Goddess’ eyes became teary, while forcing herself not to cry. ‘Can I lean on your shoulder?’ Goddess asked. Soldier did not reply, but patted his shoulder, implying yes. This day, was the day when Goddess broke up. Soldier kept company with Goddess for the whole long night, as The Fray sings ‘I would have stayed up with you all night.’ Everyday since then, Soldier kept spreading positive messages to Goddess, trying to cheer her up. As months went by, the wound in Goddess’ heart finally recovered, and the sweet smile returned to her face again.

One evening, they went back to the bench at the beach. ‘You have been treating me so well and careful. Without you, I think I might have killed myself already.’ Goddess said. Soldier replied in a nervous tone ‘It is fine as long as you are happy! I always support you, no matter what you do! I hope you will share everything with me too!’ Goddess smiled politely, then said ‘Okay, I will then, as you wish. Lately, I have been going out with a guy in my class, and I am giving him a Christmas gift, but I do not know what to give him. As a guy, what would you like to receive for Christmas?’ This question gave Soldier a heart attack, and he nearly fainted. However, he recovered his consciousness within a few seconds, and talked about what he would like for Christmas. A few days later, Soldier received a photo from Goddess, and it was a picture of Goddess kissing her guy, and Goddess sent Soldier a text, saying ‘thank you’. Soldier replied ‘No Problem Mate!’

A few days later, Goddess asked to meet the already-depressed Soldier. Having looked at Soldier, Goddess touched his cheek with her warm hand, asking ‘Why are you so depressed? Did you not say that as long as I am happy, you are happy?’ Soldier had no choice, but to say YES. In the remaining days, Soldier kept on his quest to solve Goddess’ problems, thus repeating the previous parts of the story. As time went by, he got confused of what happiness meant. And he thought back the scene where Goddess said to him ‘As long as I am happy, you are happy,’ and this became the principle of his remaining, short, life in Goddess’ memories. So, is Soldier the most important person of Goddess’? Or is he just the most soldier person of Goddess?

p.s. This is just a fiction composed all out of nothing, pure imagination.