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How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d
(Alexander Pope)
This Alexander Pope’s quote is an interesting one. In general, it is about the chaste women devoting their lives to serving God, and cutting themselves off from real life. They are happy, because they can be ignorant to the burdens, and negativity in real life. The vestals, and the world don’t think about each other. The ‘eternal sunshine’ in line 3 refers to a mind that does not dwell on tribulations from the past and dissociates itself from anything from reality, thus being able to experience the true bliss, the true happiness. And therefore, they are able to accept every prayer, and they are able to demit themselves from their unrealistic wishes.
I like this poem, because it can serve as a comfort to individuals who are suffering from emotional problems. Well, is detaching from reality the best way of escapism? It may be a short-term remedy, but in the long run, you still need to face the problem, yourself. Running away from the problem never helps, because the ‘eternal sunshine’ in the poem is unrealistic. Everyone has problems that he/ she has to deal with. That differentiates our life stories, as we are all different, and we have different chapters in our lives. A successful life belongs to the ones who can overcome difficulties, and enjoy life while surrounded by obstacles, any time, anywhere.

I remember it hurts, looking at her hurts…

There are two types of people: hopeless romantics and realists. A hopeless romantic is one who gets convinced that it is destiny putting him/ her with a particular someone; while a realist just sees that face, and just packs the other person in every other one he has seen before. (Stuck in Love)

A hopeless romantic can easily get hurt, and well, maybe…. Well, I used to be towards the romantic side but well… yes, reality does check in. It is definitely a lesson learned. Was going to say the more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it is to leave. This is pretty much true, but well, life is only meaningful when you can convince yourself that it is.

Anyway, I mean, life is a journey, and we are all on this ride. Moving on is a compulsory process. No one can be with you forever. The truth is, we come to this world alone, and we leave this world exactly the same way. But all I would say, is that ‘You were that pure, lovely, little apple of my eyes’, and that pureness, and loveliness shalt never fade.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
(Shakespeare, Sonnet 18)

P.S. A good song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPD-a1FjUtU

The saddest thing is to say ‘See you tomorrow’, but you will never see her again.

Today’s review is on the 2016 Japanese Romantic Drama film ‘My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday’ (2016), it is a film based on a novel with the same name.

Brief Plot:
On February 15, 20-year-old Takatoshi Minamiyama, a visual arts undergraduate and satirist in Kyoto, falls in love at first sight with Emi Fukuju while boarding a train for college. After awkwardly introducing each other, the two promise to meet again in the following days. With the help of his friend, Shoichi Ueyama, Takatoshi asks for a date with Emi, at the end of which he confesses his love for her…. and then the story focuses on the relationship between Takatoshi and Emi.

Maybe the plot of the film is similar to many other romantic comedies, but the element of ‘Time and Space’ makes this film outstanding.

The film can roughly be divided into two parts: the part from Takatoshi’s point of view, and the part from Emi’s point of view. The former takes majority of the time, and it does not have much to say but a few mysteries. It concentrates on building our understanding of the relationship between Takatoshi and Emi. However, a few mysteries are portrayed: why is Emi always crying when she should feel the happiest? How does Emi know the secret recipe of Takatoshi’s family? Why is Emi always crying when she has the first time of many things with Takatoshi (such as kissing and holding hands)? Well, the reason is that, the future of Takatoshi, means the past of Emi. So the first time for Takatoshi to hold hands with Emi, is the last time for Emi. The timeline of the two people are completely opposite with each other. And all these are explained in the second part, from Emi’s point of view.

Normally, a Romantic drama specialises in the process in which the man and woman go through together. The element of ‘Time Limit’ makes the film a lot more touching than it is supposed to be. Even Takatoshi and Emi have spent very sweet time together, they can unfortunately make it forever.

In general, it is a good film that I would recommend, even though the timeline can be a little bit confusing. However, I am sure if you really get into the film, you will figure it out anyway!


So today I’d share my piano cover of the song ‘Through the Years and Far Away’, it is from the short film called ‘Voices of a Distant Star’. Hope you guys would enjoy it


Hello, little star
Are you doing fine?
I’m lonely as everything in birth

Sometimes in the dark
When I close my eyes
I dream of you, the planet earth

If I could fly across this night
Faster than the speed of light
I would spread these wings of mine

Through the years and far away
Far beyond the milky way
See the shine that never blinks
The shine that never fades

Thousand years and far away
Far beyond the silky way
You’re the shine that never blinks
The shine that never dies

Hello, tiny star
Can you hear me call?
I’m so blind as everything at birth

If I could flow against these nights
Straiter than the string of light
I would lay these hands on time

Through the years and far away
Far beyond the milky way
See the shine that never blinks
The shine that never fades

Thousand years and far away
Far beyond the silky way
You’re the shine that never blinks
The shine that never dies

Through the years and far away
Far beyond the milky way
You’re the shine that never blinks
The shine that never dies

So a few days ago, I was listening to 90s/ 2000s music while studying (probably not the best idea ever!), and I came across the song ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. This song reminded me of my ‘prime’ time in my second year, partying every night. I dwelt back into the time, and watched the MV. I found that the song is based on the movie ‘Loser’ (2002) (or the other way round, just that the two things are connected!) Anyway, so the song and MV initiated my curiosity for the movie, so I watched it yesterday.

Well, no spoiling for the plot here, but despite all the bad comments about the film, I have to admit that I found it quite sweet. Generally it is a high school, teen romance. There’s nothing very fancy about the film, the plot is simple, the soundtrack is quite good….. but sometimes simplicity is the beauty. I wouldn’t say the plot is very realistic, but for certain parts, you can really link yourself into it: there must be a moment in anyone’s life that he feels he does not fit in his social group, yea? Once again, it is a very simple film, but it did warm my heart a little. So, give it a go!

I also think Mena Suvari stood out from the film, she did a great job in being a pure, cute, cheeky, but struggling girl. I will definitely watch more of her films in the near future.

Lastly, here is the Teenage Dirtbag song for you!

There are many people out there saying ‘Romance films are boring, non-sense, and only lead to your “Final Fantasy”‘ People who think like this are too naïve, and haven’t lived long enough to see the reality of the world.

You have to have enough experience in the world, e.g. being tricked/ friendzoned  by the girl you like, before you truly admire a ‘romance’ work. A romance work, is a world where a man and woman can love each other freely, neglecting the limitation of the reality: If you two like each other, you can be together; if you fancy a couple of birds, you can work on those simultaneously and see which one work out the best; if you two just have physical needs, you can be friends with benefits. Yes it’s unrealistic, but why do you not think about it this way: Can the reality in which we live in, give us the happiness that we can obtain from those romance story? In the world of romance, it is not like ‘there is no negativity like hates, jealousy and the ugliness of human being’, it is just that every character can express themselves honestly, expressing the full love or hate, unlike in the real world, everyone lives within his hoods, hiding his real thoughts, escaping from the social network.

Fantasy exists in everyone’s heart, romance work is not place for you to escape from the real world, but a place to let you feel the happiness that the real world cannot give you. So, romance will teach you something wrong about the real world? Then, detective stories will teach you to commit crime, right? ‘Hunger Games’ teaches you to be selfish? If you don’t have self-control, you will probably learn to abuse animals after watching Pokémon. Listening to people who are against the genre of Romance, I have absolutely No Comment.

I rarely watched old films since I came to university. A few days ago, I heard the song ‘Up Where We Belong’ on Youtube as it came up as a recommended video. Then, I decided to watch ‘An Officer and A Gentleman’ as it was recommended by my mum for ages. Indeed, I think it’s a very good film.

First, in terms of actor/ actress, it was already amazing. Richard Gere, is like George Clooney, as he is what many guys would want to be when they get older. Although his acting is not that great (I would describe his acting as a piece of wood0, he looks great enough for the film. Debra Winger, as the main actress, is what I would describe as proper fit (Of course back at that time). She looked pretty and sweet. She definitely attracted me to the film even more!

Soundtrack-wise, ‘Up where we belong’ (or ‘Love Lifts us Up Where We Belong’) fits  into the theme of the film so well. Why? Because it’s about how the love relation of Richard Gere and Debre Winger kept Richard going with the U.S. Navy training camp. Well, sometimes when you do things for someone rather than yourself, you might do it better as you don’t wanna disappoint the other party.

I kinda like this film. I found it both realistic, and idealistic. It tells the truth that, some women at that time only wanted to marry navy pilot for the sake of the title. They would even set a trap (get themselves pregnant with the pilot) so the pilot have to marry them. It might happen in this modern world somehow, as in women seducing rich people for the sake of the wealth. They might set the same ‘trap’ too. Why is it idealistic? Debra Winger in the film is the idealistic character. From the first half of the film, we can see she loves Richard Gere so much, that it is nothing much related whether he is a navy pilot. She supports him through the tough time, and finally till Richard succeeds. Is this unrealistic? I don’t know, finding a girl who would support you through the tough time like she did, seems to be difficult in nowadays world, as there are too many choices for them that they don’t really have to stick to you. Well, this film got me, made me wanna go back and live in an earlier time. Well, if I were born earlier, it would mean, easier immigration, more romantic, and probably better, and simpler life, where freedom and warmth are everywhere.

‘Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong’, yea, that’s how people get good.

‘The Littlest Things’

Probably Spring is the season of many friendzones happening, as I saw from the examples from my friends. Lily Allen’s ‘The Littlest Things’ popped up to my mind after being involved in the SAD STORIES. Yea, this is a break-up song, but can also be seen as a friendzone song.

‘The littlest things that take me there
I know it sounds lame but its so true
I know its not right, but it seems unfair
The things are reminding me of you’

The Littlest things? Aye, they could be little, but somehow powerful, that can drive you crazy, and it is unfair, that those memories remind me of the special ‘you’.

‘Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if only for one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end?’

This is a very realistic bit, as you can call it the END, when you think ‘Oh I wish we could just pretend’, because you know it will never ever happen.

This is a song, that reminds us to be realists. There are two types of people in the world, romantic cheeseballs, and realists. Well, it is so idealistic to think that a relationship will last forever. It is not the case: this song reminds us that, no matter how close you can be with your one, there is still a chance for one person to change her (or his) mind, and dump you into the sea. No matter how flirtatious she was, no matter what she says, most ‘promises’ are never kept. Even if a couple really stays till they are so old, there must be one that ‘goes’ first, and the other will can only be ‘sitting back and reminiscing’. How dreadful is that? We come to the world alone, and probably leave it the same way. Keep this idea in mind, and in this way, you’ll feel less pain, when you get noticed that ‘your one’ (as you call) finds her one (who is not you) and keeps mentioning about ‘her one’ in front of you with the most cheerful face.


Having been to the world for more than 20 years, I have never been to McDonald’s once, as the chef in my mansion feeds me with steak, caviar, lobsters… and shite like that every day. I have heard that many people like going to McDonald’s, so I decided to give it a go, with my first date.

So I took my girl to McDonald’s yesterday. It was so crowded, and yea, I understand that, it should be busy everywhere during lunch time. So I took my girl to wait at the door for the waiter/ waitress to take us in when we can be seated. LOL someone behind us asked us to leave and not to block the door! WTF?! My anger came RIGHT AWAY! I just kicked him out. Not long after, I saw the empty chairs and empty table. So I spoke to a staff ‘Table for two please.’ She replied ‘oooh okay’ then she left. What kind of restaurant is that!? So I took my girl to the table and get seated.

I waved at the same staff who ‘served’ me.
Me: So what is the meal of the day, or most popular dish here?’
Her: Huh?!
Me: Do you want me to repeat? What is the most popular dish here?
Her: I quite like Salsa Legend.
Me: (What a dumb name, no idea what it is!) Okay, can I have 2 of it please then, with the fries in American style, and Romantic Chocolate Sundae please.
She laughed, and said ‘You go buy it yourself.’

I went to the counter, then I saw the promotion of Big Mac.
‘Well I fancy beef more today, I go with Big Mac then.’ I thought.
So I made the order…
Me: The set lunch of Big Mac please. For the beef, I want medium rare. I don’t want the Fries in American style with the meal, I just want spaghetti. Any recommended wine today? And what can I choose for dessert?
The staff laughed a bit, then said ‘As for the drink, you can have the McD sparkling black water. For dessert, I get you the super crunchy luxury apple pie, and soft ice-cream with strawberry sweetie dressing sauce then.’
I thought about my date, then I said ‘Can I have a 5 Chicken Select meal, with the same drink and desserts. For the chicken, I want wings, thighs, and legs please.’
Staff: I will get you the best chicken as I will Select it for you, that’s how it’s called Chicken Select.’
Me: Okay, fine, I am eating here and not taking away. (Although I thought ‘what restaurant is it? You can get chicken select but you cannot select your chicken?!’ I thought maybe they only do regular customers.)

When the food came, my anger grew again! I told him I am NOT taking away, and he did not even give me the utensils?! At least give me a plate, come on!

Okay, fine, I took the food back to my table. Oh, did I not order spaghetti? Why is it American fries again? Poor service, got the wrong order probably. I got two sets of plastic utensils on the till then my girl and I started to dine in….. then I asked for the manager to complain.

‘Oh dear, the beef in the big mac is NOT medium Rare, it’s well-done, WHY??!! Damn, fine.
Oh dear, soft ice-cream with strawberry sweetie dressing sauce… LOL, half-frozen milk with strawberry… ridiculous
Oh dear, Super Crunchy Luxury Apple Pie? Looks like a cockroach, with some lava in it to burn my tongue…. Evil.
Oh dear, McD Sparkling Black Water? It’s simply coca cola with water….’ I shouted to the manager as a complaint after the meal.

Him: Sir, if you keep on disturbing our customers, I require you to leave.

I did not answer him. I looked at him, the food, the customers, and the logo of the restaurant. My girl rejected me right away at this first date for taking her to this bad restaurant. I looked at all of them, gave them a wee smile, then left the restaurant. At that moment, I felt like a loafer.

So, never ever, take your first date to McDonald’s!

Watched the movie ‘What If’ a few days ago. Yes, it is the movie with the magical Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe. So Harry Potter escaped from Hogwarts, and went to Toronto to be a girl-magnet.

Lol, no, that is not the movie. To be fair, this is quite a cute, but realistic movie about crush. The main theme of the movie can somehow be concluded in one phrase, ‘Meet the right one at the wrong time’. This is pretty common in real life, at least you would believe so. Sometimes, when you have a crush towards someone, and then it turns out that she is already occupied, just like The Killers’ ‘Somebody Told Me’, Somebody told me, that you had a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend, that I had in February…. ‘ Then, you probably end up having a thought that you meet the right one at the wrong time, as you believe that you have so-called ‘Chemistry’ with your crush, but she has already been occupied. In the end, you are ‘friendzoned’, which may be unsatisfying result. The movie captured this idea well, with Harry (called Wallace in this movie) meeting the girl Chantry in a party randomly. Although Wallace found the chemistry between Chantry and him, he was friendzoned because Chantry had already got a boyfriend. The plot then dealt with the relationship, which seemed to be unsatisfying to Harry Potter, between Chantry and Wallace.  As Wallace said, ‘In fairy tales, love inspires you to be noble and courageous, but in real life, love is just an all-purpose excuse for selfish behavior. You can lie and cheat and hurt people, and it’s all okay because you’re in love’, his secret feeling towards Chantry cost him some obstacles in this friendship, which later became a relationship.

The other theme of the movie is about how fast things can fall part, and it makes you want to try your best to save the good things. Well, this is realistic. You never know the future: one day, you can be a billionaire, and the next day, you can be underprivileged. Things can fall apart very easily. Take a table-tennis match as an example, in a set, you play up to 11 points. You might find yourself leading 8-0 or 9-0 comfortably in a set, but this kind of things happened to me, I ended up losing the set after a comfortable lead. It just took a minute, or two, for you to lose the lead, and to lose the set, and probably eventually, to lose the game. So, every detail in life, should be taken into account, so even if things still fall apart, you have nothing to blame on yourself.

I recommend this movie, to people who like something a little bit light, but still worth watching. But, don’t go for the trailer on youtube, as it pretty much revealed the whole story, it is the worst spoiler ever!