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Being taken over by The Fear

Lily Allen’s The Fear can probably be crowned The National Anthem of the 21st Century.

‘I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don’t care about clever I don’t care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them’

These opening lines cannot be more real. People nowadays don’t give a crap about anything other than money. It’s easy to say we shouldn’t be too materialistic, but it’s hard to put this principle into life. At the end of the day, money means power, and it gives you a very comfortable life. It’s difficult, if not impossible, not to be engulfed by the greed inside us. Again, at the end of the day, ‘I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner’.

‘And I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
‘Cause everyone knows that’s how you get famous.’

This is exactly the view of the majority people I believe. We don’t seem to care how we get money, we don’t care about whether it’s ethic to do something in exchange of fame, glory, and eventually money. Is it the correct mindset? I don’t know. Living in a corrupted world, I don’t know what is real, and what I meant to feel anymore.

And here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25QrnxD-NB4 you get to hear the great national anthem of the 21 century.

I do admire Lily Allen’s ability to write lyrics in a very very poetic form (at least to me it is so poetic). But the most important thing, is I think she does write people’s heart. I personally think, she did write a lot that reflects my life. The Fear is one of them, The Littlest Things… ehm… I may probably have encountered something similar.

Well, listening to Lily Allen’s at least gives me some comfort, so I know there are people outside who could still see the truth.

‘Sometimes I find myself sittin’ back and reminiscing,
especially when I have to watch other people kissin
Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if only for one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end?
I was so lost back then
But with a little help from my friends
I found the light in the tunnel at the end’


The Real Artist

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I were talking about music. Speaking about music, we discussed about how music (trend of music) changes from time to time.

The change of music nowadays is likely to be caused by the change of tastes of audiences. Pop music is the kind of music that the producers try to ‘sell’ to the audience to make profits, and that’s what I call ‘commercial music’. From the pop songs in different periods of time, we can more or less get the taste of the audience at that time. In my opinion, there are 2 types of music producers: One takes music production as a pure product or as a money-making tool; while the second one is more artistic, that the music producers bring their own music to the audiences, regardless of what the majority of people may like. I think the term of ‘artist’ should only refer to the second type of music producers, as the first type is more of business people. Well, there are some singers who begin as true artists, but then change to the money-making ‘artists’, as the fame they get drives them to be greedy for money, as they know they can be really rich.

The first example I can come up with, is Taylor Swift. First of all, it’s just my opinion, you can always disagree with me. I think the old Taylor Swift is quite a real artist that she creates her own songs, in which the lyrics seem to be pretty real, as in songs like ‘Mean’ and ‘Love Story’. Art and literature come from human life, so I would really think that her work was really great at that time. However, her album ‘1989’ changed my thoughts about her. I think the songs in ‘1989’ lack the qualities of her previous work, as they seemed to me that they were produced purely to suit the taste of nowadays audiences. As I read the comment ‘I miss the Old Taylor Swift’ on Youtube, I could not agree more, although I can’t deny her success as she’s one of the highest paid singers in the world.

The second example I could think of is Zara Larsson. You may not have heard of her, but she was the winner of Sweden’s Got Talent in 2008. She is not a song writer, but she is a good singer. I thought (when I saw her performance in Sweden’s Got Talent) that she could be another Mariah Carey, I mean, really that good. However, She changed her way of singing to some pop singers. I’m not saying I don’t like pop music, but I think artists should keep going on what they are good at, and not blindly following what the trend is going.

There are, nonetheless, some singers who I admire because they really perform themselves in front of the public.

The first one is Lily Allen. When the first time I heard her song ‘Fuck You’, I thought this lady was either a crazy one, or a very honest one. The more I knew about her and the more of her songs I heard, I started to like her more. Most of her songs are so realistic, and if you look at her personal life as well, you’ll even see the connection between her life and her songs. This is what I like from a singer/ artist, writing songs with her heart. This, I think, is the best way, to produce the best, the most touching, the most meaningful music of the human kind.

Jackie Evancho is, on the other hand, a singer but not a song writer, whom I admire. It is so obvious that, singing opera is her field. I would dare to say that she is a bright star in the opera career if she keeps doing what she’s good at, and not being affected by what most people like. Opera seems to be less popular nowadays than it was before, so it would be hard for her not to be tempted to sing other kind of songs. May be it would work, no one knows, but I think if she’s good at doing opera, why give it up?

Well, the above is just my opinion, you can always disagree.

New Academic Year

Haven’t written for a couple of weeks because my parents came over to see me. It has been a great time. I also saw them growing older and older, and I realise that, it’s my time to take care of my family, and make the immigration plan work (Immigration to Europe). I’m like what Elton John said in his song “My father’s gun”, I shall be taking over my father’s gun

For the new year, I, for sure, have to do well on my degree. Applying for my postgraduate degree is also a must. Apart from that, I’ll also start apply for jobs in Europe (the graduate jobs) so I can also earn some money before going back to study again, while spending my time in Europe (which can probably be useful for my immigration plan).

For table-tennis, I am hoping to be playing in Division 1, as it can test my limit for now. I don’t mind losing some games, as long as I play well. I’m also going to do the UKCC Level 2 course, as it may help if I want to immigrate via work visa.

Holy Moly, the summer holiday has been alright so far, many things happened, but nothing’s gonna change my mind for Europe immigration!

The more I listen to ‘Somebody Told Me’, the more I believe that The Killers have been friend-zoned before. Or else, how can they write about songs which are that realistic to the guys being friendzoned? Arts comes from experiences in life, how can they write lines like ‘Somebody told me, you have a boyfriend, who looks like a girlfriend, that I had in February…’ ? Those lines can pound the heart of people who get friendzoned as they are just so so real!

Although ‘Mr Brightside’ should have no relations to ‘Somebody Told Me’, I see it as a sequel of ‘Somebody Told Me’. After the jealousy you get when ‘Somebody Told Me, you have a boyfriend….’, then you have ‘Jealousy, turning saints into the sea’ as ‘She is touching his chest’ and ‘he takes of her dress now’….

‘It’s not fair, and I think you’re mean, I think you’re really mean, I think you’re really mean.
It’s not fair, and it’s really not okay, it’s really not okay, it’s really not okay.’ —> Guess whose song is this?

Here are the two friendzone-pounders:

Enjoy! Bon appetite!

Prologue: Stockholm Trip

Sweden, in my mind, has always been a beautiful place, since I saw the Youtube Video of the 2008 Sweden’s Got Talent winner, Zara Larsson, singing the best version of ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Her singing, for some bizarre reasons, gave me the idea that Sweden is like a paradise.

Finally, after several years of waiting, I finally got the chance to visit Sweden. Why Sweden? First, I found that it is a more immigration-friendly country, so I think it could be quite a nice place to stay if I want to stay in Europe. The UK immigration is probably too difficult although it is still my plan A. Anyway, therefore, I started learning Swedish (Although I am still super limited in terms of the Swedish Knowledge). This trip will allow me to see whether I like Sweden or not. I am looking forward to it anyway.

Thinking about trip to Shetland, seeing the nature (Pony) is one of the biggest aims for me and my pal. It was kind of disappointing. Because we tried to search for ponies for a few days (provided that we stayed there only for 4 days), and we saw 2! T-W-O! We indeed saw SO MANY SHETLAND PONIES! Where are they all? Did they get their visa to stay somewhere else? Nightlife was the other reason why we visited Shetland. It was one of the biggest mistake as the whole Shetland was so quiet for nightlife and there were only like 4 or 5 pubs. Do they have Garage and stuff? Yes if you take Garage literally but not if you mean a nightclub. I don’t mean I don’t like Shetland, I still probably want to move there when I get older, it is just that we went there for the wrong reasons.

I am kind of eager to see the nightlife in Sweden. I hope it will be nice, as I saw from the pictures and videos online. Expensive drinks in bar can not be avoided but we can just do pre-drinks to reduce the cost of getting high. I shall wear suit too, as I probably look like George Clooney when I do and it will be AWESOME!

What happens in Sweden, Stays in Sweden. Well, or not?

Happy new year to everyone! My new year resolution is… ehm… ya, is to accomplish the goals of 2014, which I should have done in 2013, because I promised them in 2012, and planned them in 2011. Anyway, thanks for everyone who came to this blog for visit, I hope you enjoyed reading my posts. As the first entry of the year, I am gonna try to write a wee story using certain song titles, or lyrics, or band names, and see how far I can go. It might be strange, but here it goes:

Mr. Brightside has had a crush on Stacey’s Mom, who is the wife of the Simple Man. On a Green Day, he decided to take her to the Hotel California, to eat the American Pie with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and show how he is In Too Deep for her. ‘It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever!’ He became so determined after taking Cocaine.

‘Hi A Woman In Love, I am here tonight to show you My Love!’ Mr. Brightside said, with his eager eyes.
‘You such a Teenage Dirtbag, an American Idiot as well. I am not going with you no matter How Deep Is Your Love, you should Go Your Own WayStacey’s Mom replied.

‘I know, Somebody Told Me, you have a boyfriend. But Can You Feel My Love Tonight?
‘No thank you, just Let It Go, and Shake it off. I cannot go even for a Saturday Night Fever with you. You can go back to Massachusetts.’
‘Well, at least we can go try Bowling For Soup, and see how it goes? Although I am a New Kid in Town, I like it here because of you! I can imagine we Counting Stars together! ‘
‘Oh dear, I know you were trouble when you walk in. I Don’t Look Back In Anger, I still have my family so…. you are never My Chemical Romance.’
I Need your love though, I like you, even When You Were Young, when we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun! If You Leave Me Now, I would be in the state of Desperado. Come on, my Sweet Caroline, my Cherry Pie!’
‘I never like the Simple Man, but he is Always On My Mind. I know The First Cut Is The Deepest, but I have to say no to you.’
‘Oh Beat it! I know You Needed Me! You’re My Everything! Words Don’t Come Easy, but My Heart Will Go On, until it is All Out Of Love! I don’t even know How Long Will I Love You! Just Carry Me! I am your Hero, and You Raise Me Up! I could even stay awake, just to hear your breathing I shall Make You Feel My Love, it is The Greatest Love Of All! Don’t Give Up On Us! We should be Flying Without Wings together and go Up Where We Belong!
‘Well, I am flattered, and this makes a Wonderful Tonight. However, it should be nicer If I Let You Go.’
‘Oh… with you saying this, I can feel my Tears In Heaven. It is not a Thriller. It feels like having November Rain in my heart, the cruelty and bitter-sweetness of the image of Guns & Roses.’
‘Oh Sweet Child O’ MineThis Never Happened Before, but what if we go for a meal on the First of May, and then see if I Lay My Love On You? You might be a Fool Again, but I’m a big big girl in a big big world, so things might change.’
‘Okie dokie, that is a date! I will wear my Billie Jean! I can’t wait till May, it is still September! Wake Me Up When September Ends please!’ Mr. Brightside finally had a bit of hope.
What about now? What about today? I assume we can still enjoy the meal, then go clubbing, then Roar and yell Timber, if you still like going out since Last Christmas,;
‘Yes, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing! I shall say, it is probably one of the best page of the Story Of My Life!’

That’s where these two young lads are up to. Hopefully Mr. Brightside will enjoy the best One Moment In Time, and be The Luckiest.

That’s pretty much of the short story, hope you enjoyed it! Happy New Year =]


Although it’s exam time, my revision has continuously been interrupted by “Stacy’s Mom”. Yes, “Stacy’s Mom” is kind of my date, for the exam time. Yes, “Stacy’s Mom” has got it going on, as “I can’t take my eyes off you”. I am determined, to name my future daughter Stacy, because her mom would have got it going on. Then it would be a family of ‘Mr. Brightside’ and “Stacy’s Mom”, the best family ever.

The tune is good, but the MV actually caught my attention, as it can be seen as a film, maybe quite a tragic one. It is about a 13-year old boy having a crush on the mother of his classmate, the 14-year-old Stacy. So, he kept on making excuses to come over to Stacy’s home, to see her mom, while Stacy liked the boy. The boy went to the pool to swim with Stacy, while still looking at Stacy’s Mom while opening trying to open the drink; he offered help to mow a lawn in Stacy’s garden, while kept staring at Stacy’s Mom who was having a massage; he went to Stacy’s home to watch TV (technically the MV of the song), while turned around his head to look at the mom. He then developed the fantasy of the mom. The MV then ended with Stacy catching the boy ‘entertaining himself’. The boy was probably thinking about Stacy’s Mom, as the MV suggested; while Stacy seemed to believe that the boy was thinking of herself.

The MV seems to be quite realistic. As I have believed in ages, girls mature faster than boys, so boys tend to be comfortable with girls who seem a little bit older (This is not my perspective, I don’t mind age). The MV is an extreme case, with the boy having a crush on the mom. And it seems to be a BIG CRUSH. Why? In my humble opinion, Stacy is definitely more beautiful than her mom. But the boy still neglected her existence, and went for the mother. Oh dear, that’s a little boy in love, a scone in his eyes, turned into a swan, and he missed out the true glamour in front of him. The plot of this MV, probably echoes many people’s thoughts and experience. A MV with depth like this is rarely found nowadays, although this is pretty old already, in 2003. But it is still applicable today, still a legend.

Is it a little tragedy? Maybe, the boy likes the mom, who does not seem to like him in that way; while Stacy likes the boy. It is a never-satisfying relationship. Well, imagine there is a sequel of the song, the boy would probably end up with Stacy, as he becomes mature, he would notice his ‘fantasy’ would not be possible, and start discovering the beauty of Stacy again. It seems a little bit tragic, as a boy grows up, he finds out his dream is impossible, and gives it up. But it may not be a bad thing, as we can see, Stacy is better and more suitable.

I hope in the near future, “Stacy’s Mom” would be put into the theatre, it could be a really inspiring movie. If it turns out to be good, there would be a sequel too, possibly called “Stacy’s Lad”?

Here is the wonderful piece of music for ya, enjoy!


Classic Love Songs


Believe it or not, although I am only 19 years old, this is the CD that I grew up with, and this has always been one of my favourite. Yes, I am a fan of old musics, especially the old love songs! 

This CD contains mostly 80s love songs, and I think the songs inside are far better that the songs nowadays. In general, I think the old songs tend to have better melodies, and lyrics.

Most importantly, it gives you IMAGINATION as it can takes you to the story in the songs! Since I was young, I have always been wondering how romantic it might be  if man bringing a rose to his girlfriend, and singing “You’re my everything, nothing matters but the love you bring.”, or “When you’re lost your eyes show you how, I should like to know I’m a part”…. Ya, I would try to do that one day, because I am romantic haha 🙂