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So, a friend of mine (who is a girl) asked me how to flirt with a guy who plays tennis. (Yea, that’s a sign of ultimate friendzone: https://hayeschan.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/ultimate-friend-zone/)

Well, taken into account that table-tennis is similar to tennis, my table-tennis experience can help me tackle her problem. This post is probably useful if you are a girl liking a sporty guy (like me #legend)

So, get a chance to play table-tennis (abbreviated as TT ) with him. Just saying ‘Oh you are so good, it is so hard to hit the ball! Teach me!’ Even if you may be very good, pretend to be not-quite good, at least worse than him. Just hit every shot off the table, and then say ‘Oh why am I not even getting it right?’ and be frustrated. Just make a scene, then he will come and ask you ‘Is everything alright? You are doing well!’. Then, you reply ‘AHHHHH I am playing so badly, no one is gonna play with me anymore because i am rubbish! Saw you having a very good techniques like topspin, can you help me more?’

The biggest weapon of a girl is probably her tears. If he is a knightly guy, he will definitely say ‘YES!’ (If he says NO he is probably the utter rubbish and can be dumped to the trash bin) So he will hold your hand and teach you! (Just as Beatles’ ”I wanna hold your hand”)

Then, as the session (your dream) starts approaching the end, you just say ‘Oh it is getting late, I have to go. Can we practise more? Can I have your number so I can contact you? So we can arrange training?’ 99% he will say OKAY NO PROBLEM! Of course, after getting the number, you are free to whatsapp/ text unlimitedly because he is probably going to reply and the conversation will go on and on as if it is only the two of you existing on the planet.

Caution: The self-confidence of guys is sometimes so weak, so if you are very good at TT, do NOT try to say ‘Let’s play a match!’ and then beat him 11-0 or 11-1 in every set. You have to lose even if you are better than him (As the Quest to fail in Childe Roland)

Tips: Help him to wipe the sweat at the end; stick the plaster to his wound if he gets hurt (He will never take the plaster away even when the wound gets smelly). 100%sure win!


Haven’t reported about my self-trip in Copenhagen on this blog, so here I go.

Generally, it has been a wonderful trip, probably one of the best I’ve had, in terms of everything, like the environment, the sight, the food, and the people. But there’s a little tips, when Danish people tell you that it is a 10-minute walk, it never is!)

Of all, my favourite place in Copenhagen, is Nyhavn. If you receive a postcard from Copenhagen, 90% of the chance is that you’ll receive a postcard with the picture of Nyhavn. Yes, it’s such an icon of the whole city, because of its gorgeous view. With the aid of being able to drink on the street legally, you can easily get a pint, and walk along Nyhavn, and you take life to another level. Alternatively, get a beer, and go for a boat trip, and enjoy the sunshine. (But be careful, the boat trip lasts about an hour and a half, so, remember to go to pee before getting on the boat or else you’ll have to hold it for the whole trip!)

11406880_10207179653758351_1295753500730975823_n<—————- Mr. Chan enjoying the beer in Nyhavn.

The second most favourite place of mine is probably the Dupong bar, the Ping Pong bar. It’s probably due to the reason that I play table-tennis back in Aberdeen too. So I found the bar so cool, with people playing Round-The-Table. Of course, with some basic skills I’ve got, I won quite a lot of rounds! 😀 Proud of myself, woohoo! What you do there, is to pay a deposit of 25 DKK, and get a bat, and when you return the bat, you get a drink. Good deal, right? 😀

11063754_10207205129155220_9088689442069545768_n <——— Mr. Chan winning the round-the-table, Congratulations Chan!

Yea, I told people that I didn’t play table-tennis much, and I didn’t know the basics, they thought I just came from nowhere. But then I won more and more, and at the end of the night, I mentioned to a girl that I would have to go back to training when I’m back to Aberdeen. She was surprised ‘Oh, so you ARE the table-tennis champion!’ haha It was such a scene!

The Little Mermaid is a famous tourist spot in Copenhagen. Well, yea, it’s quite a nice statue and it’s always crowded with tourists. But, well, near the statue, I found 2 real Danish Little Mermaids! They were way better than the statue, methink!
11008606_10207335193246741_8801911471354020317_n <—— Mr. Chan found the Little Mermaids in Copenhagen!

So, it has been really a good time for me, and I’d like to go there again soon! I love Denmark, and probably man SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES! 😀

Saw the famous film ‘Top Gun’ a few days ago, I quite like it, although I thought it was not better than ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. Thought about my plan of making a parody film ‘Top Spin’.

So, ‘Top Gun’ is about how Tom Cruise get to be the best jet pilot and gain the title of ‘Top Gun’. My version of ‘Top Spin’ will be about how myself, Hayes Chan, get to the be the best table-tennis player, and gain the title of ‘Top Spin’.

I’ve already got some remarkable scenes parodies in mind:

1. (Original)

Maverick: Jesus Christ, and you think I’m reckless? When I fly, I’ll have you know that my crew and my plane come first.

Charlie: Well, I am going to finish my sentence, Lieutenant. My review of your flight performance was right on.

Maverick: Is that right?

Charlie: That is right, but I held something back. I see some real genius in your flying, Maverick, but I can’t say that in there. I was afraid that everyone in the tax trailer would see right through me, and I just don’t want anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you.

1. (Parody)

Hayes: Jesus Christ, and you think I’m mad? When I play, I’ll have you know that my team and my trophies come first!.

Main Actress (To be decided): Well, I am going to finish my sentence, Chan. My review of your match performance was right on.

Me: Is that right?

Main Actress: That is right, but I held something back. I see some real genius in your game, Hayes, but I can’t say that in there. I was afraid that everyone in the main hall would see right through me, and I just don’t want anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you, Hayes!

Sounds cool, right? Thought of a parodic last scene too!

Original version:
Ice Man: You can be my Wingman anytime.
Maverick: Bullshit, you can be mine.

My version:
Chris Wheeler (A Scottish youth table tennis star): You can be my double partner anytime.
Me: Bullshit, you can be mine.

The Theme Song ‘Take My Breath Away’ will also be replaced by ‘Take My Bat Away’, composed probably by me at some point when the film is almost being done.

Oh dear, I’m looking forward to having the film get done!

So the 53th World Table-Tennis Championship in Suzhou is finished. In my opinion, it is one of the best tournaments I have ever seen so far.

On the first few days of the tournaments, it was all about the qualification rounds. I was, of course, supporting Scotland’s Christopher Wheeler! I always thought this kid could shine on the world stage one day. Well, he did not qualify, but I hope it would boost his will to improve, and I believe he will be back!

Men’s Doubles event is definitely an epic. You know what, thanks to ITTF, in the Round of 64, we had Zhang Jike/ Xu Xin vs Ma Long/ Timo Boll. It’s the round of last 64, not the final! It felt like the final already! Of course, it was a great match. Zhang Jike and Xu Xin played well, and the opponent team made some unaffordable mistakes that cost their place in the last 32. Well, Zhang’s team beat Ma Long’s team, they went on to win the whole thing, needless to say.

The most exciting bit is, in my opinion, the Men’s Singles. Fang Bo was definitely a surprise, beating Xu Xin in Quarter Final 4-3, it was so unpredictable. He then went on beating Zhang Jike 4-1 (Definitely an upset!), and went to the final. In the other semi-final, Fan Zhendong did not play as well as I thought against Ma Long. Well, although Ma Long was beyond his top form that Fan Zhendong could never have beaten him, I expected to see a better semi-final.

The Final is so great. It was the first time that Ma Long was in the final of the World Championship. He won almost all the tournaments, just not the World Championship and the Olympics. I could see his determination, the fire in his heart. From his ‘CHO!’ after every point, I was so confident that he would finally win the World Championship against Fang Bo. It wasn’t really an easy game for him as Fang Bo did exceptionally well, but he still managed to win it 4-2!

Ma Long’s determination gave him the victory. IT was definitely one of the best tournaments I have seen, despite the upset of Zhang Jike. Hopefully, Ma Long, the Captain Dragon, will shine in the Rio Olympic 2016!

Aberdeen’s Hayes Chan fought his way to the semi-final in the Band 3 event in Edinburgh Gran Prix table tennis tournament. He, however, started off the day with the band 2 event not quite well. In his first match in Band 2, he faced the 12-year-old Danny Bajwa. Having always been afraid of left-handed player, neglecting the valuable help from the wee coach Ethan Chapman, he still lost 1-3. However, in the second match, he redeemed by beating the Edinburger Babu 3-1, to book a potential spot to the main draw. The third match with his pal Struan Henderson became crucial. Hayes started well, with a comfortable 2-0 lead. However, Struan then won 3 sets straight, and took away the chance to be in the main draw from Hayes.

In the Band 3 event, Hayes was in the group with Mr. Khalid, and the Edinburgh University Knight Gary McIntyre, due to the fact that the Westhill Demon Ethan Chapman being unable to do the Band 3 event. He faced Khalid in the first match with pressure because every Khalid he knows plays table-tennis well. However, his desire to win covered his fear. He won the game in straight sets. He then had a game with the Knight McIntyre. He started of well, by building a lead of 2-0. The knight then played so well in the third set, and raced to 2-1. Having lost a game with a 2-0 lead in Band 2 before, Hayes was determined that it would not happen again. He played 110% in the 4th set, and sealed the game, which brought him a bruise in the forehead due to a  forehand shot (as he hit the forehead with the bat while finishing the shot, good effort!)

Having won the group, Hayes entered to the quarter final. However, as the other competitor had to leave early, he entered the semi-final directly. In semi-final, he faced the guy Alan Whitton, who plays for Scotland Veterans team. It was a tough game, and Hayes lost by 0-3.

Nonetheless, the Captain was happy about how he did. ‘I am glad as this is the first time I won a group. Next year I’ll definitely be here again to win the title! Having seen players like Chris Wheeler, Callum Main, Keir Morton, the wee Danny, James, and many other good players, I have more motivation to improve, and beat them one day!’ So Hayes went back to Aberdeen happily, and get prepared for the third round of BUCS league on the Valentine’s Day in Dundee. Table-tennis on the Valentine’s Day, how romantic!

My first table-tennis league match took place on Tuesday (07/10/2014)

We were facing quite a tough team, with 2 of my opponents who have beaten me before. I still remember, my opponent Rob beat me 3-0 in North of Scotland 2012 (I played him against in April in the local league, and I beat him 3-2), and Andy gave me a hard time, beating me 3-0 in the Aberdeen Christmas tournament.

Since I knew they would be my opponents of the night, all I thought was ‘Oh my goodness, am I going to win a game tonight?’ Aye, my confidence fell to the ground, or possible the nuclear of the Earth…. Andy, of course, was my main threat. Rob was still a challenge for me. All I did was shivering. However, I saw my old teammate Joe playing against his opponents with his determination and spirits, and my new friend Ben, also battling with sweat and tears. Ya, isn’t sport a thing about spirits? Skills of course are crucial. I was unsure about my skill, but I did try hard to improve throughout the summer. Seeing Joe and Ben playing gave me the spirit of trying.

‘Ya, I am here already, I am here to win, and not to forfeit!’ I thought. The first match against an old coach Doug went alright. I kind of saw him play before, so I thought it would be fine. The second match against Rob made me nervous, I would say my first set was kind of lucky, with him making quite many mistakes, and my flicks going pretty well, I got 11-2. I gained a bit of confidence after that, but my doubt about my ability still existed, but in fact it might be one of the elements which helped me stay calm. I won 3-0 straight. Then here came Andy. I still could not play against him well in the first set because of his style, I struggled, and lost 5-11. I was going to give up. However, Joe and Neil’s games lit the fire of my heart again. ‘I am NOT giving up yet, as long as the game is not finished yet, I still have a chance!’ I thought, then I remembered what the Youth Star Christopher Wheeler told me, ‘Take every single point as the last point of a match!’. It did help me concentrate a lot. I fought back, and eventually won the match 3-1 in sets.

Sports are always about techniques, so practice is always important. But there are also other crucial elements. I learnt from this match, that the spirits, and confidence, would boost your performance in matches, sometimes it may allows you to exceed your limits, like 110%! That’s a lesson learned. Sometimes, playing matches is the best way to improve, that’s the reason why. Also, it is a great feeling beating someone whom you have never beaten before!

Playing my old team (got kicked out) next week, strange feeling!

My Dream Life

People have different attitudes towards their dream life. Some of them wanna be extremely rich; some wanna be famous; some wanna be powerful or something…. For me, despite the fact that I shared many ‘practical’ methods to get rich, my dream life is pretty simple.

First of all, of course I need to be good enough to support myself and my family (my future family). So for this, I will need a relatively good job with some not-too-bad income. My wife and my children would live in a house, while I will get my parents another house, and we all live in Scotland. Although I mentioned that I wanted a big house like the ones in Rubislaw Den South, I know it might be tough to achieve. I don’t put high hope in it, because the more hopeful I am, the more disappointed I may be, and what’s the point of putting myself into disappointment? I just need decent houses, warm and nice, maybe not so posh.

I will be good enough to support the living of my whole family. My wife (not sure who yet, but I am more into sweeties than hotties haha) will be a housewife taking care of my children, my parents would visit many different places as they have free time. My kids… um… they would definitely be encouraged to play some Ping Pong, I am sure they would be good players!

What else? ah my job. I actually don’t really mind the job I do, as long as I don’t hate it and it gives me enough to support my family. Probably I would like to do something related to writing, because I think writing is interesting; or maybe teaching? I think teaching is alright. But of course, I am not a workaholic, so I want my future job to give me enough time to relax as well. I would, of course, carry on to play Table-tennis! Hopefully by the time I turn 35, I could get some individual medals. I would keep on playing the piano too, because I like it, and I would sometimes like to share the harmony I play! 😀

Well hope it all goes well, and no one knows the future, maybe I’ll be so famous in the future, and the world would change a bit because of me! 🙂

Frustration again

Well, I find it pretty unfair for how some people do things. Ya, I’m kinda expressing my feelings again. And it’s again about the table-tennis thing.

Well, today, I didn’t want to coach the beginners, as I want a real training session, so I booked a table with my friend (he wants to play too). Then we played. Everything went so well, we did the exercises we chose, and i am sure both of us did get some benefits from the session. We were playing just next to the kids’ session side.

At the end of the session, I was told by someone that ‘I hope this does not happen again.’ Well, WTH? Why? What’s wrong with playing table-tennis with my friend? I told you I did want to improve my game! And I didn’t promise that I would do every session! I just don’t understand… Lol I find it pretty unfair…. I basically just played, and I helped with the beginners yesterday already! I said I didn’t really want to coach beginners yet while I still have the qualities and potential to improve! Maybe I can’t be as good as the best one in the Academy, but I do want to do the best I can! Come On!

Yesterday (3/6) the Westhill Gala Table Tennis Tournament took place in the Westhill Academy in the evening.

Legendary Alex Crowe, who entered as the first seed, successfully went all the way through to the Final comfortably. He came first in his group, then beat Kenny in the quarter final, In semi-final, he faced Struan, who defeated the Dark Knight Gavin Eliott in the group stage. However, Alex still beat Struan in 3 straight sets comfortably with his dragon-like serves, wall-like blocking, and explosive forehand shots.

Dark Knight Gavin Eliott went to the final with a lot more efforts. He came second in his group, defeating the Admiral Hayes Chan (who did not have a good day). In quarter final,, he survived from the five-setter against the other dark horse Matthew. In semi-final, he faced his old friend, Westhill Captain Ethan Chapman. They played each other in North  of Scotland Open before, and Gavin won 3-2 in that match. The same thing happened again in the Westhill tournament, Gavin survived from the 5-setter again.

The final match will take place on this Saturday (7/6) in the evening in Westhill Academy. It would be the Legendary facing the Dark Knight. Who would win? Let’s find out!



Well, this is simply to express my frustration towards table-tennis.

Now I know, although I do want to improve, I don’t get many chances to. Why? Because I have a coaching certificate! Then, I am allocated to beginners group! It’s NOT that I don’t wanna coach beginners, it’s just that I still want to improve WHILE I CAN! I can always help when I don’t want to, or have no ability, to improve anymore! But now, it’s like my heart is full of fire and someone is pouring the water to put out the fire!

I don’t know, maybe you’ll say I am selfish. I just found it frustrating when he told me ‘You should help me with the beginners’ Just WHY? Why is it me to do it? And I am sure there are enough coaches dealing with beginners! Do you think I don’t want to improve anymore? I think it’s just unfair. I did say ‘I want to improve my game!’ but definitely my request got ignored. Holy Moly, I’d definitely find some way to get rid of this, and the best method is to get someone else to play with on the same days (I don’t mind skipping the session but playing some better players so I can improve)

I know this post is pretty unclear about what I want to say, but I definitely got annoyed…. 😦