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Drink up baby, look at the stars
I’ll kiss you again, between the bars (Elliot Smith)

Elliot Smith’s ‘Between the bars’ is a song that focuses on ‘drink up’ and ‘drink up’. It is probably a love song written from the perspective of a bottle to an alcoholic. In other words, every line seems to suggest that the alcohol is mentally controlling the alcoholic. Lines such as ‘Drink up one more time, and I will make you mine‘, and ‘The people you have been before, that you don’t want around anymore‘ suggest that the alcohol has absolute control over the alcoholic, and the alcohol promise to ‘keep them still’, and ‘them’ refers to the people who ‘push and shove and bend to your will‘.

That is how people get addicted to alcohol, because alcohol can give you the false imagery of the reality by affecting your senses. It can also draw you into drinking more. To some extent, this is somehow equivalent to the addictiveness of emotional pain. Sometimes, when you undergo personal problems, especially when it comes to relationship, it is extremely hard to get over the problems, unless you have 0 hope in it, an absolute 0. Or else, the lingering hope would be similar how Elliott Smith would describe alcohol, ‘drink up one more time, and I will make you mine‘, making you to dwell on your pain, and by dwelling on your pain, you feel like you are still in your comfort zone.  People who ask you to move on, might eventually turn to the ‘The people you have been before, that you don’t want around anymore‘ because they ‘push and shove and bend to your will‘. By dwelling on the problem, nothing is fixed or improved. If one dwells on the problem for too long, the promise that ‘tomorrow will be better’ is merely void.

What a brilliant song with beautiful lyrics, and a song, that can help one reflect.



Fireworks are beautiful, not only because they twinkle in the sky, but also because they carry the hopes and dreams of ours.

The review today is on an anime film, ‘Fireworks, Should We Watch It From The Bottom Or The Side’ (2017). Because the name is so long, it will just be referred as ‘Fireworks’ in this review.

Briefly, the story is about the girl Nazuna wanting to leave her home as she felt unhappy in the family. She then gets two boys in her school to have a swimming race: whoever wins, who gets the chance to leave with her. (What a weird start!) Our protagonist Norimichi, due to some accident, loses the race. On the way home, he keeps saying to himself ‘IF I had won the race, what could have happened?’… After that, (and of course something happens), the film goes to a series of the ‘IF’- worlds according to what Norimichi thinks.

Before I comment on this film, I must say ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Your Name’ (Kimi No Na Wa) have absolutely no relations to each other! Some marketing/ advertisement teams used ‘Your Name’ to promote ‘Fireworks’ to try to boost its popularity, it is just like using McDonald’s to promote some sort of sushi bar. That is just wrong! So I must say, you should not go watch ‘Fireworks’ JUST because you like ‘Your Name’, the two films have nothing much in common! I saw some comments online saying “After watching ‘Your Name’, I think ‘Fireworks’ is a down-grade”… To this, I must say, you don’t expect to find Big Mac in a Sushi Bar, right? The two films, are DIFFERENT, made by DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Don’t get fooled by the marketing team!

‘IF’ is a magic word, making us regret about what we could have done. I am sure everyone has experiences of saying ‘If I have done this….. then things would have turned out right…’ This is exactly the main idea of the film. Norimichi, the protagonist of the film, at one point, tries to get into the ‘IF’ worlds to ‘make everything right’ for him and Nazuna. Also, from this bit of the film, we could see that Nazuna doesn’t actually want to leave home. She just wants to have the last day of her childhood before her life get affected by her new family. That is why she sings her mum’s favourite song in the train, and tells Norimichi that she wants to be a singer. She hopes for freedom so much! At the end of the film, Norimichi apparently knows that he cannot always ‘hides’ in the ‘IF’ worlds, he has to go back to the reality one day. But before that, he at least spends some good time with Nazuna in his ‘IF’ world, or what we call imaginary world.

Well, the film actually has quite a confusing plot, with a lot of different ‘IF’ worlds, confusing the audience. When Norimichi enters a ‘IF’ world, it is easy to get confused that he gets back to the past, but the shapes of fireworks should tell you that it is just an imaginary world of his. But you really have to pay attention to the film to know what is happening as it is kinda an artistic piece of work.

Not much spoiler, but the ending is another controversy itself. The open ending allows people to have different thoughts. Some people think Norimichi drowns the death after Nazuna in his ‘imaginary’ world disappears (because she is just imaginary); some claim that Norimichi has always just been in Nazuna’s imaginary world (well this is getting more confusing), this is possible because some people in school claim that fireworks are flat (which is not true, thus being in an imaginary world), and Nazuna asks Norimichi ‘When we meet next time, which world would we be in?’, which kinda suggests that she has been to many imaginary worlds too. But I think that Norimichi learns that it is useless to hide in the ‘IF’ worlds, and that it is way more useful to actually go for what he wants. So, he goes to chase his dream!

This might be a very confusing review, but the film itself is pretty confusing itself. You probably have to watch it to understand it! I would especially recommend it to those who like to think about the plots or to read novels because this film requires some interpretations.

Having been a horse racing fan for a long time now, the last thing I would want to see in a horse race, is when horses get injuries. There have been many, many those saddening moments as I can still recall, for great horses such as Babaro, Absolute Champion, Red Cardeaux and Can Do, who all unfortunately passed away in their last races. Yesterday, there came a new upsetting moment in this respect: the death of Rapper Dragon.

Rapper Dragon is, despite his decease, is still the first and only triple crown horse in Hong Kong. Yesterday (7/5), he was racing in the Champion Mile, which was deemed to be the confirmation of his eminence and promise. Never did we know, that the race turned into an absolute tragedy when the legendary, and my well-respected Rapper Dragon pulled up with a pelvic fracture and later passed away from his injury.

There have been many blames against either the jockey Joao Moreira, the horse trainer George Moore, or the owner. His decease has been a fact now, and I do not think there is any point blaming anyone, as it will not lighten the tragic mood. I do believe the fatal injury comes from the over-frequent schedule of the horse. There are observable signs showing the fatigue of Rapper Dragon in his workout. But this is an accident, and absolutely no one wanted it to happen. What I do not like, is the horse trainers who push the horses too hard (especially when they are young). They do need time to grow, just as human!

As an experienced horse-racing fan, it was very crushing to watch the race. Rapper Dragon did try his best in every race. He is not a horse which can walk-over the others, he does need to strive his utmost to win (This can be seen from his winning distance and the way he won). He is certainly loyal. If you look at his second last race (The Chairman’s Trophy), you can see he was acting a little bit weird towards the end with his right leg (which I believe is the sign of the accident). Yet, he still retained his lead till the end. I believe his old opponent (Pakistan Star), who lost to him 3 times out of 3 him, would also be saddened by the news, because he would now no longer be able to beat Rapper Dragon, due to the passing of the to-be Horse of the Year.

You flew in the field without wings,
You always give your everything.
Never shall your glory be blackened,
My dearest, Rapper Dragon.

Rest in peace


‘The Fault in Our Stars’, in my opinion, is an average film. Probably because of the fact that I’ve seen ‘Love Story ‘ (1970), then the it will be too predictable to me. Trust me, they have the same formula, just that not many people know ‘Love Story’ so they get so touched by ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ But to be honest, the book is better than the movie, and there is a scene which I particularly like.

If you know the plot, you know the two main characters do not really treat their relationship too seriously (because they are afraid that the death of one of them would hurt the other too much) until the dinner of a trip they go together. After the dinner, the boy declares his love for the girl for the first time.

‘I am in love with you’ (p.153)

As a male, when you declare to someone you love, you cannot be like a moron. If you are not ready, don’t do it just yet; if she is not ready, don’t start it just yet. Once you’ve decided to do, go do it. You have nothing much to lose. His simple but direct statement goes through to give the girl a shock, before he continues to say ‘I am’, meaning ‘I do NOT care how much time we have left but I have to say it!’

‘I  am in love with you, and I am not in
business of denying myself the simple
pleasure of saying true things.’

He refers the reason for his declaration to the simple pleasure of saying the truest things in his heart, which he refuses to deny. He is like ‘I ONLY WANT TO SAY THE TRUE THINGS!’

‘I’m in love with you, and i know that
love is just a shout into the void,
and that oblivion is inevitable,
and that we ‘re all doomed and that there
will come a day when all our labor
has been returned to dust,
and I know the sun will swallow the only
earth we’ll ever have,
and I am in love with you.’

He keeps repeating the sense that ‘I am in love with you’ to strengthen the mood, but this is not the main point here. Here, we can see an interesting point of view. Yep, life is too short for anything to be left unsaid. There must be a day when the earth is doomed, and human race gets extinct, and there is no point not to express yourself while you can. ‘A shout into the void’ is similar to Shakepare’s ‘Macbeth’ when he wrote ‘Life is but a walking shadow’It’s a pessimistic point of view for life, but it is somehow true. No matter how much you achieved in life, there must be a time, when your existence is no longer available, not even in anyone’s memory. However pessimistic the world seems (even the boy knows that), he literally ‘does NOT give a shit’, because he is in love with her. What a very courageous, and great, way of declaration.

Whatever we have in life just happens on Earth, on the mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam (Carl Sagan). Do we live in a world in which we can touch? Or do we live in a world in which we create our own mind? No one can ever answer that. Life is too short for anyone to find out the answer. All we can do is to do our best, to leave nothing unsaid, undone, while we can. Don’t be afraid to fail, because no one can even remember what you have done forever.

Don’t Look Back in Anger

‘I don’t get many things right the first time,
in fact, I am told that a lot’ (From Ben Folds’ “The Luckiest”)

I hate saying that but that’s me, I don’t really get many things right the first time. Handling things for the first time, always gives you a sense of insecurity, as you are not sure if you are doing the right thing or not. People say getting into a relationship is hard, but well, I guess maintaining it is harder, especially for first-timers. All you could do is to be extra-careful, being everything that people hope for on their real date, being charming and suave. I bet constant panic is probably a common thing that everyone goes through in their first relationship, having fear about whether you are doing things right, whether your ‘other half’ thinks the same as you, or whether you two share the same feelings towards each other. Most people would probably look back at the wonderful times they had with the other, and deliberately look for the signs of trouble. Well, having those fear means you are sort of prepared for things. However, worrying about the future is as effective as trying to solve an equation by chewing bubble gums. The real troubles are things that never crossed your worried mind.

Love, is a terrible business practised by fools, trampling your heart and leaving you bleeding on the floor. However, it gives you a couple of incredible, and unshakable memories. Love, is not something stupid. It is about spending extra efforts, running 500 miles, even if it hurts, it is about doing something you thought you could never achieve because of your love, it is about leaving nothing in your heart unsaid. If you have already done those, even if love ends (like how majority of relationships end), you do not have to look back in anger. Well, I guess, if you leave nothing unsaid, then the likelihood is that, the relationship could last long, or would end without any party regretting.

Well, maybe nothing is supposed to last forever. Especially something very beautiful, like firework, and sunrise. The idea of it might be: if things last forever, you might never discover its beauty. No one can be with the other forever and ever, we are only ships that pass the Sheep Meadow, and we go our separate ways. Consistency is nice in a relationship is nice, but no one can give you that. You can never guarantee one day, when she wakes up, she is not gonna think differently about you. Therefore there is no point labelling sometimes. No matter how much time you spend with her (neglecting the fact that it’s sometimes harder to schedule a date than arranging a arab-isreali peace talk), you can never guarantee what the other thinks, and actually there is no point.

I guess, the formula to happiness is to live everyday as if you have desperately come back to this day to enjoy, without any worries, stress, and tensions that would stop you from noticing how sweet the world can be. As mentioned in the film ‘About Time’, we all travel through time, every day of our life, all we could is to do our best to relish, this remarkable. Therefore, there is no point looking back in anger. We look back in sadness, only because we remember only on the good memories, and ignore the bad ones. Now, try to think about something that makes you sad, do you see it slightly differently? But well, sometimes forgetting is the way to do it.

‘How Happy is a blameless vestal’s lot
The world forgetting by the world forgot
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Every prayer accepted, every wish resigned’ 

                                     By Alexander Pope

Being taken over by The Fear

Lily Allen’s The Fear can probably be crowned The National Anthem of the 21st Century.

‘I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don’t care about clever I don’t care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them’

These opening lines cannot be more real. People nowadays don’t give a crap about anything other than money. It’s easy to say we shouldn’t be too materialistic, but it’s hard to put this principle into life. At the end of the day, money means power, and it gives you a very comfortable life. It’s difficult, if not impossible, not to be engulfed by the greed inside us. Again, at the end of the day, ‘I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner’.

‘And I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
‘Cause everyone knows that’s how you get famous.’

This is exactly the view of the majority people I believe. We don’t seem to care how we get money, we don’t care about whether it’s ethic to do something in exchange of fame, glory, and eventually money. Is it the correct mindset? I don’t know. Living in a corrupted world, I don’t know what is real, and what I meant to feel anymore.

And here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25QrnxD-NB4 you get to hear the great national anthem of the 21 century.

I do admire Lily Allen’s ability to write lyrics in a very very poetic form (at least to me it is so poetic). But the most important thing, is I think she does write people’s heart. I personally think, she did write a lot that reflects my life. The Fear is one of them, The Littlest Things… ehm… I may probably have encountered something similar.

Well, listening to Lily Allen’s at least gives me some comfort, so I know there are people outside who could still see the truth.

‘Sometimes I find myself sittin’ back and reminiscing,
especially when I have to watch other people kissin
Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if only for one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end?
I was so lost back then
But with a little help from my friends
I found the light in the tunnel at the end’

Haven’t reported about my self-trip in Copenhagen on this blog, so here I go.

Generally, it has been a wonderful trip, probably one of the best I’ve had, in terms of everything, like the environment, the sight, the food, and the people. But there’s a little tips, when Danish people tell you that it is a 10-minute walk, it never is!)

Of all, my favourite place in Copenhagen, is Nyhavn. If you receive a postcard from Copenhagen, 90% of the chance is that you’ll receive a postcard with the picture of Nyhavn. Yes, it’s such an icon of the whole city, because of its gorgeous view. With the aid of being able to drink on the street legally, you can easily get a pint, and walk along Nyhavn, and you take life to another level. Alternatively, get a beer, and go for a boat trip, and enjoy the sunshine. (But be careful, the boat trip lasts about an hour and a half, so, remember to go to pee before getting on the boat or else you’ll have to hold it for the whole trip!)

11406880_10207179653758351_1295753500730975823_n<—————- Mr. Chan enjoying the beer in Nyhavn.

The second most favourite place of mine is probably the Dupong bar, the Ping Pong bar. It’s probably due to the reason that I play table-tennis back in Aberdeen too. So I found the bar so cool, with people playing Round-The-Table. Of course, with some basic skills I’ve got, I won quite a lot of rounds! 😀 Proud of myself, woohoo! What you do there, is to pay a deposit of 25 DKK, and get a bat, and when you return the bat, you get a drink. Good deal, right? 😀

11063754_10207205129155220_9088689442069545768_n <——— Mr. Chan winning the round-the-table, Congratulations Chan!

Yea, I told people that I didn’t play table-tennis much, and I didn’t know the basics, they thought I just came from nowhere. But then I won more and more, and at the end of the night, I mentioned to a girl that I would have to go back to training when I’m back to Aberdeen. She was surprised ‘Oh, so you ARE the table-tennis champion!’ haha It was such a scene!

The Little Mermaid is a famous tourist spot in Copenhagen. Well, yea, it’s quite a nice statue and it’s always crowded with tourists. But, well, near the statue, I found 2 real Danish Little Mermaids! They were way better than the statue, methink!
11008606_10207335193246741_8801911471354020317_n <—— Mr. Chan found the Little Mermaids in Copenhagen!

So, it has been really a good time for me, and I’d like to go there again soon! I love Denmark, and probably man SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES! 😀

Yesterday, an old penfriend of mine suddenly texted me via facebook to initiate a conversation. We haven’t been writing for years after writing for years. And we found out the reason we stopped writing was quite…. a dumb one… It was, either my letter never arrived, or hers never arrived, so we thought the other person didn’t want to write anymore. Then, it has been years, that we never spoke again! It’s kind of like the plot of ‘The Notebook’ by Nicolas Sparks.

Time flies, we both had a lot of changes: I came to UK to study, and now working hard on my immigration plan. She used to have horses, and now she didn’t have horses anymore due to a terrible fall. She used to think university was difficult but now she is studying in one…..

Time flies, people change. If there is one thing that makes people change, that must be time. As time goes by, people who were always there supporting you, may be gone forever; and of course, some new people will join into your life. No one can ever walk with you in your whole life time, just a certain period of time. You come to the world alone, and you probably leave it the same way.

Well, as Thomas Hardy said ‘Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.’ When there is a change, we just have to adapt to it, then life will go alright, no matter what change it is. 🙂

‘The Littlest Things’

Probably Spring is the season of many friendzones happening, as I saw from the examples from my friends. Lily Allen’s ‘The Littlest Things’ popped up to my mind after being involved in the SAD STORIES. Yea, this is a break-up song, but can also be seen as a friendzone song.

‘The littlest things that take me there
I know it sounds lame but its so true
I know its not right, but it seems unfair
The things are reminding me of you’

The Littlest things? Aye, they could be little, but somehow powerful, that can drive you crazy, and it is unfair, that those memories remind me of the special ‘you’.

‘Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if only for one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end?’

This is a very realistic bit, as you can call it the END, when you think ‘Oh I wish we could just pretend’, because you know it will never ever happen.

This is a song, that reminds us to be realists. There are two types of people in the world, romantic cheeseballs, and realists. Well, it is so idealistic to think that a relationship will last forever. It is not the case: this song reminds us that, no matter how close you can be with your one, there is still a chance for one person to change her (or his) mind, and dump you into the sea. No matter how flirtatious she was, no matter what she says, most ‘promises’ are never kept. Even if a couple really stays till they are so old, there must be one that ‘goes’ first, and the other will can only be ‘sitting back and reminiscing’. How dreadful is that? We come to the world alone, and probably leave it the same way. Keep this idea in mind, and in this way, you’ll feel less pain, when you get noticed that ‘your one’ (as you call) finds her one (who is not you) and keeps mentioning about ‘her one’ in front of you with the most cheerful face.


The more I listen to ‘Somebody Told Me’, the more I believe that The Killers have been friend-zoned before. Or else, how can they write about songs which are that realistic to the guys being friendzoned? Arts comes from experiences in life, how can they write lines like ‘Somebody told me, you have a boyfriend, who looks like a girlfriend, that I had in February…’ ? Those lines can pound the heart of people who get friendzoned as they are just so so real!

Although ‘Mr Brightside’ should have no relations to ‘Somebody Told Me’, I see it as a sequel of ‘Somebody Told Me’. After the jealousy you get when ‘Somebody Told Me, you have a boyfriend….’, then you have ‘Jealousy, turning saints into the sea’ as ‘She is touching his chest’ and ‘he takes of her dress now’….

‘It’s not fair, and I think you’re mean, I think you’re really mean, I think you’re really mean.
It’s not fair, and it’s really not okay, it’s really not okay, it’s really not okay.’ —> Guess whose song is this?

Here are the two friendzone-pounders:

Enjoy! Bon appetite!