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Wishing time can go backward,
Going back to the the sweet time we flirt.
‘You are the one I prefer.’
This line, in my mind, would never blur.

Wishing those time would never end,
I adore your smile, your humour, and your scent.
Everything about you is just a godsend.
Nonetheless, time doesn’t go back, we can’t amend.

Every night when I am alone, I whisper thy name,
This would somehow lighten my mood, my flame.
Even just those memories with you, I claim
To be some of the most glorious of my fame.

The cold, cold wind, blew my dream away,
Feeling sorrow, as my love budded in the wrong place


“Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools. It’ll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can’t ever shake. The truth is, there’s gonna be other girls out there. I mean, I hope. But I’m never gonna get another first love. That one is always gonna be her.” (Little Manhattan)

I used not to feel that much for the quote above, because I used to be a hopelessly romantic cheeseball, who would think everything is possible with enough love. Is love about going extra miles even if it hurts? Maybe it is. But is it worth it? I don’t know. Something happened lately, and it made me think again, about many things. Reality checks in, because we are all travelling through time together, in the real world. Is love about finding the courage you didn’t know it was there? Yes I guess, but well, kinda pointless at the same time, no? Well, somewhere a million miles away, a girl I like is going down her road, and I am stuck on mine. We are on different roads, she and me, two ships that passed the Sheep Meadow. Well, it’s a pain with no name.

Anyway, it’s new year, happy new year to everyone, and I don’t mean to spread the negativity. But yea, it’s a new year, new me! Positive atmosphere is needed! As I mentioned before, all of us are travelling through time together, all we can do is to do our best to relish, this remarkable ride (About Time). We need to make everyday count, and we just have to try to live everyday as if we’ve deliberately come back to this one day to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of our extraordinary, ordinary life.

Random poetry

She, is a funny little dime.
To fall for her, is just a matter of time.
Alcohol makes me sober with feeling,
And today it creates a sense of seeing.

Thou saw me needing you,
Who shalt I turn to?
The thing you mentioned that night,
It’s harsh, right?

Dreams are my reality,
I’d like to dream of you close to me.
Lol I just prove my self superior and mighty,
And move away from any wearies!

Don’t Look Back in Anger

‘I don’t get many things right the first time,
in fact, I am told that a lot’ (From Ben Folds’ “The Luckiest”)

I hate saying that but that’s me, I don’t really get many things right the first time. Handling things for the first time, always gives you a sense of insecurity, as you are not sure if you are doing the right thing or not. People say getting into a relationship is hard, but well, I guess maintaining it is harder, especially for first-timers. All you could do is to be extra-careful, being everything that people hope for on their real date, being charming and suave. I bet constant panic is probably a common thing that everyone goes through in their first relationship, having fear about whether you are doing things right, whether your ‘other half’ thinks the same as you, or whether you two share the same feelings towards each other. Most people would probably look back at the wonderful times they had with the other, and deliberately look for the signs of trouble. Well, having those fear means you are sort of prepared for things. However, worrying about the future is as effective as trying to solve an equation by chewing bubble gums. The real troubles are things that never crossed your worried mind.

Love, is a terrible business practised by fools, trampling your heart and leaving you bleeding on the floor. However, it gives you a couple of incredible, and unshakable memories. Love, is not something stupid. It is about spending extra efforts, running 500 miles, even if it hurts, it is about doing something you thought you could never achieve because of your love, it is about leaving nothing in your heart unsaid. If you have already done those, even if love ends (like how majority of relationships end), you do not have to look back in anger. Well, I guess, if you leave nothing unsaid, then the likelihood is that, the relationship could last long, or would end without any party regretting.

Well, maybe nothing is supposed to last forever. Especially something very beautiful, like firework, and sunrise. The idea of it might be: if things last forever, you might never discover its beauty. No one can be with the other forever and ever, we are only ships that pass the Sheep Meadow, and we go our separate ways. Consistency is nice in a relationship is nice, but no one can give you that. You can never guarantee one day, when she wakes up, she is not gonna think differently about you. Therefore there is no point labelling sometimes. No matter how much time you spend with her (neglecting the fact that it’s sometimes harder to schedule a date than arranging a arab-isreali peace talk), you can never guarantee what the other thinks, and actually there is no point.

I guess, the formula to happiness is to live everyday as if you have desperately come back to this day to enjoy, without any worries, stress, and tensions that would stop you from noticing how sweet the world can be. As mentioned in the film ‘About Time’, we all travel through time, every day of our life, all we could is to do our best to relish, this remarkable. Therefore, there is no point looking back in anger. We look back in sadness, only because we remember only on the good memories, and ignore the bad ones. Now, try to think about something that makes you sad, do you see it slightly differently? But well, sometimes forgetting is the way to do it.

‘How Happy is a blameless vestal’s lot
The world forgetting by the world forgot
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Every prayer accepted, every wish resigned’ 

                                     By Alexander Pope

Haven’t reported about my self-trip in Copenhagen on this blog, so here I go.

Generally, it has been a wonderful trip, probably one of the best I’ve had, in terms of everything, like the environment, the sight, the food, and the people. But there’s a little tips, when Danish people tell you that it is a 10-minute walk, it never is!)

Of all, my favourite place in Copenhagen, is Nyhavn. If you receive a postcard from Copenhagen, 90% of the chance is that you’ll receive a postcard with the picture of Nyhavn. Yes, it’s such an icon of the whole city, because of its gorgeous view. With the aid of being able to drink on the street legally, you can easily get a pint, and walk along Nyhavn, and you take life to another level. Alternatively, get a beer, and go for a boat trip, and enjoy the sunshine. (But be careful, the boat trip lasts about an hour and a half, so, remember to go to pee before getting on the boat or else you’ll have to hold it for the whole trip!)

11406880_10207179653758351_1295753500730975823_n<—————- Mr. Chan enjoying the beer in Nyhavn.

The second most favourite place of mine is probably the Dupong bar, the Ping Pong bar. It’s probably due to the reason that I play table-tennis back in Aberdeen too. So I found the bar so cool, with people playing Round-The-Table. Of course, with some basic skills I’ve got, I won quite a lot of rounds! 😀 Proud of myself, woohoo! What you do there, is to pay a deposit of 25 DKK, and get a bat, and when you return the bat, you get a drink. Good deal, right? 😀

11063754_10207205129155220_9088689442069545768_n <——— Mr. Chan winning the round-the-table, Congratulations Chan!

Yea, I told people that I didn’t play table-tennis much, and I didn’t know the basics, they thought I just came from nowhere. But then I won more and more, and at the end of the night, I mentioned to a girl that I would have to go back to training when I’m back to Aberdeen. She was surprised ‘Oh, so you ARE the table-tennis champion!’ haha It was such a scene!

The Little Mermaid is a famous tourist spot in Copenhagen. Well, yea, it’s quite a nice statue and it’s always crowded with tourists. But, well, near the statue, I found 2 real Danish Little Mermaids! They were way better than the statue, methink!
11008606_10207335193246741_8801911471354020317_n <—— Mr. Chan found the Little Mermaids in Copenhagen!

So, it has been really a good time for me, and I’d like to go there again soon! I love Denmark, and probably man SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES! 😀

Yesterday, an old penfriend of mine suddenly texted me via facebook to initiate a conversation. We haven’t been writing for years after writing for years. And we found out the reason we stopped writing was quite…. a dumb one… It was, either my letter never arrived, or hers never arrived, so we thought the other person didn’t want to write anymore. Then, it has been years, that we never spoke again! It’s kind of like the plot of ‘The Notebook’ by Nicolas Sparks.

Time flies, we both had a lot of changes: I came to UK to study, and now working hard on my immigration plan. She used to have horses, and now she didn’t have horses anymore due to a terrible fall. She used to think university was difficult but now she is studying in one…..

Time flies, people change. If there is one thing that makes people change, that must be time. As time goes by, people who were always there supporting you, may be gone forever; and of course, some new people will join into your life. No one can ever walk with you in your whole life time, just a certain period of time. You come to the world alone, and you probably leave it the same way.

Well, as Thomas Hardy said ‘Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.’ When there is a change, we just have to adapt to it, then life will go alright, no matter what change it is. 🙂

Never understand the point of New Year Countdown

Although I sometimes do the New Year Countdown with my friends, I have never understood the point of it.

‘Ten, nine, eight, ….., two, one! Happy New Year! Ahh woohoo!!!’
All the people shout like thunder, but what’s after the ‘happy-new-year shout’? There must be people asking ‘Where are we going next?’ Then, someone MUST answer ‘I don’t know, where do you want to go?’. After that, they just repeat the dialogue endlessly until 2 or 3. Then what? They just go home.

Needless today, the above is what teenagers would do. Workers? Of course they would just go home after counting down as they normally need to work on the day after!

What about those party-people? After the countdown, they are MORE THAN LIKELY to go party straight away! Well, but for those party-people, they have party at the same time everyday. What’s so special about the New Year Party? Do you get free alcohol or free food for New Year Party?

Why do we need the ’embrace’ the New Year together?
Why do we not ’embrace’ every new day together? Count down every day then!
No, no, no, we should welcome every SECOND together! HAPPY NEW SECOND folks!
Why do we countdown? Just go home and sleep, folks!

About Time -- Time Travel

A couple of days ago, I watched one of the best Romantic Comedies I’ve ever seen, ‘About Time’ (2013). The idea of ‘time travel’ in the movie is interesting: Our main character Tim inherited the ability from his family, which is being able to go back to the past. In this way, he always has the ability to change his life, or even make it perfect. Whenever he does something wrong, all he needs to do is to go back to the past, and fix his decisions. Whenever he has fun times (you might probably know which part I mean if you have watched it), he can always go back and enjoy the fun time again!

It is JUST AN AMAZING ABILITY TO HAVE! Don’t you agree? One’s life depends on decisions he makes. Why is life full of tough time? We must have done something wrong, so we deserve it. If we can fix what we did, our lives would just be AMAZING!

WHAT IF…. every single person in the world is inherited with that ability of time travel? Honestly, the consequence is going to be chaotic. Why? It is because every one would always going back to the past, being busy on beautifying their lives ‘artificially’, and enjoy their fun time again and again, the pin is likely to stop, and the world would not move on!

Unfortunately, this ability probably does not exist in reality. Well, no one’s life is perfect, and somehow the faults we made teach us something, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” And it is often the mistakes we made paint the colours of lives, the unbeauty of life makes life beautiful! Think from this, and life would be easier! 🙂

Back to the film, the theme is pretty common: to treasure everyday as if it is the last day of your life. However, this film portrays the message vividly in its own way, in a light-hearted way. However, apart from this, I would like to discuss more about the element of ‘Time Travel’.

Normally, films related to time travel deal with the causal relationship, just like ‘Back to the Future’. Nonetheless, this is not the focus in ‘About Time’. Time travel, in this film, is just a tool for the development of the plot. While this sounds and looks okay, it leads to a flaw of the film: lack of freshness. Everytime Tim goes back to the past to fix his little problem, there would be less curiosity for the audience as they would be able to expect what would happen next. Even though the element of ‘Time Travel’ is successfully employed to convey the main theme and to develop the plot, I still think it is a little bit overdone.

‘About Time’ is a film about love, about family, and about happiness. Life is no perfect. The important questions are, whether you have lived everyday the best you can, whether you have treated people around you nicely, and whether you are happy. I would definitely recommend this film to everyone for its positive message.



We feel happy when we do things right; we regret when we do things wrong, or even doing the right things to the wrong ones. Life is long, we must all have experienced the feeling of regret.

The feeling of regret, is awful, especially when you cannot compensate for mistake. It feels like…. You are on a train, and you drop something out of the window. The train, as a metaphor of the time, would not stop because of you, and you can never pick up your belonging again.

It happens, as we all know. No human-being can ever live a life without making a mistake, the feeling of regret, is inevitable. It sucks really… Dealing with regret, is a hard job, the only thing you can possibly do, is to avoid ourselves to dwell in it. Always easy to say, but easy to do. The only suggestion that I could give, would be to take part in some other activities, so that you can put your mind on something else. It might make you feel better.

Lately I have something to regret about. My friend had told me about some of her conditions before. I did not believe her when the first time she mentioned it….. I didn’t expect it to be that serious…. I started to feel regret like 2 months ago… probably I have dwelled in it already… Oh dear…I really feel so sorry for her… That’s why I said, regret, is so painful. She said ‘It is fine’. But I still feel so bad about it….

My friend, I get it, I DO care about it, I don’t really understand it, but I will support thee!