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Lottery-> Who doesn’t know it is almost impossible to win big money from it?
£1 to buy a chance of being a millionaire, it is not a lot, but it is wiser to save it for food and things, which we basically need.

LOL! The aim of lottery is not for people to practically get rich. It is not an activity for people to burn their money; not a ticket for people to revive (to live another life), a chance for people to fantasise about winning the lottery before the results come out.

What would you do ‘when’ you won the million dollars/ pounds?
Study/ work-free life, partying everyday, living in a castle, travelling around the world (or maybe the space as well), hiring celebrities to appear in your party, and probably never calculating the maximum amount of money you can use in a day……..

Nowadays people fight loads of obstacles just to get a job; working like a bull just to earn enough to make a living. Now you can use a quid, to buy a dream, or fantasy, what a fair deal!

So we should not be pissed that we don’t win. We should be thankful to the National Lottery for allowing us to spend a quid on a never-ending dream. Winning, is just a bonus.


Choppers in Table-Tennis as chewy gums or octopus

As a table-tennis player, I always hate playing against choppers (people who chop refer to those who ‘backspin’ everything!) It is very hard to tackle them, and I usually lack the confidence to spin it back up.

Choppers are like octopus, or chewy gum, hard to chew, because even if you could spin back the ball, it does not go fast, it just goes with spin. So, you can never knock a chopper out within a short time! So, they are like octopus or chewy gum, you will never finish chewing them!

Why do people chop? Why can people not attack and do topspin all the time? Games would be a lot more interesting if people stop chopping! Choppers are like the people who doesn’t want to face the future, and always want to go back to the past! Attackers, or offensive players, are like people who have high hope in their future! Definitely offensive players are better!

If people can stop chopping around, the Table-Tennis world would definitely be better. Backspin in table-tennis should be illegal, then table-tennis would be more fun!

P.S. Choppers are annoying, but they do have skills and patience which we should appreciate.