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How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d
(Alexander Pope)
This Alexander Pope’s quote is an interesting one. In general, it is about the chaste women devoting their lives to serving God, and cutting themselves off from real life. They are happy, because they can be ignorant to the burdens, and negativity in real life. The vestals, and the world don’t think about each other. The ‘eternal sunshine’ in line 3 refers to a mind that does not dwell on tribulations from the past and dissociates itself from anything from reality, thus being able to experience the true bliss, the true happiness. And therefore, they are able to accept every prayer, and they are able to demit themselves from their unrealistic wishes.
I like this poem, because it can serve as a comfort to individuals who are suffering from emotional problems. Well, is detaching from reality the best way of escapism? It may be a short-term remedy, but in the long run, you still need to face the problem, yourself. Running away from the problem never helps, because the ‘eternal sunshine’ in the poem is unrealistic. Everyone has problems that he/ she has to deal with. That differentiates our life stories, as we are all different, and we have different chapters in our lives. A successful life belongs to the ones who can overcome difficulties, and enjoy life while surrounded by obstacles, any time, anywhere.

So a few days ago, I was listening to 90s/ 2000s music while studying (probably not the best idea ever!), and I came across the song ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. This song reminded me of my ‘prime’ time in my second year, partying every night. I dwelt back into the time, and watched the MV. I found that the song is based on the movie ‘Loser’ (2002) (or the other way round, just that the two things are connected!) Anyway, so the song and MV initiated my curiosity for the movie, so I watched it yesterday.

Well, no spoiling for the plot here, but despite all the bad comments about the film, I have to admit that I found it quite sweet. Generally it is a high school, teen romance. There’s nothing very fancy about the film, the plot is simple, the soundtrack is quite good….. but sometimes simplicity is the beauty. I wouldn’t say the plot is very realistic, but for certain parts, you can really link yourself into it: there must be a moment in anyone’s life that he feels he does not fit in his social group, yea? Once again, it is a very simple film, but it did warm my heart a little. So, give it a go!

I also think Mena Suvari stood out from the film, she did a great job in being a pure, cute, cheeky, but struggling girl. I will definitely watch more of her films in the near future.

Lastly, here is the Teenage Dirtbag song for you!

Mobile Phone


I remember when I was in Stockholm for a trip, my phone died on the first day. Thinking about it, now I realise human has already been invaded by mobile phones as phones have already become part of a human body. I can foresee the future that in 20 years time, when a child is born, there will be a phone attached to the child as part of  the birth certificate.

Right after I realised my phone died, the emptiness in my mind was comparable to the emptiness of my stomach when having starved for a couple of days while still not having food, but seeing a tard having a big mac meal in front of you. Not using a phone, is like completely losing connection to anyone in the world, as it will give you hell (all americans rejects?). If you go out to a restaurant, and pub, you will see most of the people using their phones like every 5 seconds as if they are in love with their phones. No wonder why people don’t speak face-to-face much anymore.

What’s the point of being so eager to look at the pictures of the other’s achievements? Or just the bits of life? While you can have a good time with your friends? And why don’t you spend  the time to create your own achievement? Considering if you sleep 8 hours everyday, meaning you have 16 hours of activity a day. If you check your phone every 15 minutes (each time lasts 5 minutes), you end up spending 5 hours and 30 seconds everyday just checking your phone. In 5 and a half hours, you can do 2 hours of sports, 1 hour of reading/ picking up new hobbies. Then, everyone can be fitter than Lionel Messi, play better music than Hayes Chan (just a joke), and be more multi-talented than Simon Cowell. See how valuable every second of your life is? Even if you don’t have a good job, not a good family, and poor, you are still the winner of your life, as you are really living, if you can use your time wise. So from now on, why don’t we just try to leave our phone untouched, for … maybe an hour or two, and live your life? ”You just have to see that it’s wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life. If you don’t stop for a minute, you might miss it.” (Cashback–2006)

Hash Browns

Haven’t updated my blog for a while due to tremendous amount of uni work! So, I am just going to do a casual writing this time to kinda release stress from the essays. It was Black Friday and i wish i could sell my stress. I will make a ‘recipe for a dish of stress’ next time!

Every time, when I finish a couple of hash browns, I ignore most girls in class who ask me out for a meal, as I realize that, they don’t understand me anymore.

I ask them ‘what do you want to eat?’.
‘I am on a diet, so… salad? with some starch so… potato salad?’ they usually say.
Potato Salad? Because you think it is healthy and keeps you fit?
Ha, NAIVE! Can I still bear to see my friends putting cold food into their mouths?
EVERY single piece in hash brown experiences high-temperature frying, like a long journey of training. Every piece, has its history, and its story. What has potato salad got? Just like the childish, naive people, knowing nothing because they have never experienced what life is!

Sometimes, when I am alone in the restaurant, I feel lonely, I feel that there is no one in the world who understands me.

I order a pint of Stella Artois. Staring at the yellowish beer in the glass, I can’t see through, I can’t see clearly about how much I still understand about the world. I am confused.

I am leaving the restaurant. When I pay, I see a young lady eating Hash Browns. I stare at her, she stares back at me, we nod to each other. I am so touched: In the world, there are people who have the same opinion with me, admiring the tough life that every piece of hash brown has to undergo! I hold my tears, and leave the restaurant, and walk home without taking a glance back at the restaurant again.

Maybe that lady would ask: Why do you give up such a probable friendship?
I don’t know, at that moment, I feel like a loafer.

There are many people out there saying ‘Romance films are boring, non-sense, and only lead to your “Final Fantasy”‘ People who think like this are too naïve, and haven’t lived long enough to see the reality of the world.

You have to have enough experience in the world, e.g. being tricked/ friendzoned  by the girl you like, before you truly admire a ‘romance’ work. A romance work, is a world where a man and woman can love each other freely, neglecting the limitation of the reality: If you two like each other, you can be together; if you fancy a couple of birds, you can work on those simultaneously and see which one work out the best; if you two just have physical needs, you can be friends with benefits. Yes it’s unrealistic, but why do you not think about it this way: Can the reality in which we live in, give us the happiness that we can obtain from those romance story? In the world of romance, it is not like ‘there is no negativity like hates, jealousy and the ugliness of human being’, it is just that every character can express themselves honestly, expressing the full love or hate, unlike in the real world, everyone lives within his hoods, hiding his real thoughts, escaping from the social network.

Fantasy exists in everyone’s heart, romance work is not place for you to escape from the real world, but a place to let you feel the happiness that the real world cannot give you. So, romance will teach you something wrong about the real world? Then, detective stories will teach you to commit crime, right? ‘Hunger Games’ teaches you to be selfish? If you don’t have self-control, you will probably learn to abuse animals after watching Pokémon. Listening to people who are against the genre of Romance, I have absolutely No Comment.

While the UK government put the blame on EU immigrants, my beloved Home Secretary May discouraged non-EU citizens who wish to study in UK again. Under the new rule, non-EU students are NOT allowed to work DURING and AFTER their study in UK. In other words, the right to work up to 20 hours a week during study has been scrapped, as well as the right to switch from study visa to work visa. Fair game, fair play, non-EU students are treated like criminals here, as they basically have no rights. They pay a huge amount of money to come to study, and to be ‘punished’ by the government, the whole thing makes a whole lot of sense! Such a shame I didn’t know any politics before coming to study in UK, but if I did, I probably wouldn’t have come to UK, but somewhere else, like Germany and Sweden, where they would at least treat you like a normal citizen, at least they would treasure you.

Their argument is that the reason you come to UK, is to study, purely study. I can’t argue against that, but for the majority of people, you study so you can get a good job to secure a better life. Study, and work, are probably inseparable in one’s life. It’s like breathing, studying is inhaling (you suck in the knowledge into your brain); working is like exhaling (you use your knowledge to serve the country). So, for non-EU students studying in UK, you are ONLY allowed to inhale, but not exhale. Also, banning non-EU students from working part-time during term time, yea, it’s alright, but sometimes there are students who need to work to make end meets, so the rule is probably discriminating non-EU students who are NOT exceptionally rich. Well, but I expected this because it’s the posh party ruling.

Okay, EVEN if their point of view of ‘students should only study and not work’ is correct, why don’t you ban all students from working, but only non-EU ones? Yes, you probably need to give benefits to EU citizens to retain your EU membership, but one cannot choose to be born in EU or not, isn’t it a little bit unfair to some people (Although probably you think it’s only minority and doesn’t matter because we are not white)?

Well, even from the country’s point of view, it’s not a sensible act. You scare people so fewer international students will come to study in UK. Tuition fees from international students are usually the main source that can fund a university. So, under the new rule, we can expect to see some universities being clamped down. Moreover, you train people, and ‘encourage’ people to spend their workforce and intelligence in the other countries, well, thank you May, this is probably the rule that allows me to see my future path again. Your new rule gave me an opportunity to focus on the whole Europe rather than only UK, and this may actually lead to a better future.

‘Study in UK and have a better future’, is your slogan, right? For what you do, it should be ‘Study in UK, work somewhere, and have a better future’. For me, ‘Study in UK, finish, then leave.’ is what my impression. So the current slogan is full of bullcrap.

Well, from what I hear in Scotland, I heard many voices against the new rule. Scotland’s voices should be heard! But I know Tory will always ignore it anyway.

Well, to be a bit extreme, I’d rather be deported under UKIP than Tory. At least UKIP treats EU and non-EU people more fairly, while Tory is probably a bunch of _______ (fill your own gap).

<Copenhagen Trip Prologue>
There a young lad travelling up north again,
A young lad with a great will and passion.
The previous Scandinavian journey made him content,
Giving him a clear picture of immigration.

‘Stockholm is a posh and proper city’ he said,
He then decided to visit the ‘City of Towers’.
Posh, as he expected his wallet to stay unrest,
Yet, he paid to view the heart of Dane Power.

Also being inspired by the film Copenhagen,
In which the city’s most beauteous form was portrayed.
He will be seeking for the specific, magical moment,
When he is finally on his way.

Hey Hey Ho, there hs goes!
Visiting all the scenic views in the film,
Is one of his alternative goals,
And the most crucial things is to grant his immigration plan!

So excited to visit another Scandinavian country! Hopefully will see the city’s beauty and whether I’d like living there!

Before approaching this discussion, I have to make it clear that, the following is purely my opinion. I believe when supporting a certain party in an election, you are supposed to think from the country as a whole. I did not, as I knew if I were already a UK citizen, I would have supported a different party (i.e. if it is not for the sake of immigration). I know it’s wrong for me to do that, but before I can really vote when I think about the country as a whole, I need to be a citizen first. Therefore, I only supported parties which can be beneficial to me. It’s kinda selfish but well….

Not long after the poll stations closed, the exit poll came out, putting Tories on top of the list with 316 seats versus Labour’s 239 seats. Tory, was the government, that closed the post-study-work visa route that would have allowed me to stay here for 2  years after graduating. With the post-study-work visa route, I would be confident that I can successfully move here to the UK, the place that I like. However, they closed it. So, I knew it wasn’t good news for me as the exit poll came out. I have to prepare that one day I’ll be forced to leave the country as I don’t qualify to be a citizen here. SNP did well, and they said they wanted to reintroduce the post-study-work visa for international students. I am happy they did well, but I am not sure if they can actually bring it back for me. Well, what matters in the end of the day, is only the person in 10 Downing Street, especially with a majority government. So I am not sure what they can do about it. Of course I hope they can bring it back but I am gonna prepare for the worst.

Well it ended up a majority Tory government, with Labour party, Lib Dems, and UKIP being crushed. UKIP got quite many votes but they just got 1 seat. Labour Party was such a disappointment, they could not blame it on SNP’s success as even if they added up the 56 seats that SNP got, they would still have lost by quite a margin. Lib Dems, probably a mistake that they did a deal with Tory last time. So the leaders of the three parties were gone. Ed stepped down, the bacon sandwich tale ended; Nick Clegg resigned, quite like him actually; Nigel… brought a lot of fun sometimes, will his teeth get deported for NOT BEING WHITE?

Well, congratulations to Tory then, time for me to find out ways to stay in Europe, oh dear it’s difficult…. Might as well get my own party, HayesChan National Party (HNP)!