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It is Chinese New Year, and here I share one of my favourite Chinese tunes! Enjoy!


I remember it hurts, looking at her hurts…

There are two types of people: hopeless romantics and realists. A hopeless romantic is one who gets convinced that it is destiny putting him/ her with a particular someone; while a realist just sees that face, and just packs the other person in every other one he has seen before. (Stuck in Love)

A hopeless romantic can easily get hurt, and well, maybe…. Well, I used to be towards the romantic side but well… yes, reality does check in. It is definitely a lesson learned. Was going to say the more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it is to leave. This is pretty much true, but well, life is only meaningful when you can convince yourself that it is.

Anyway, I mean, life is a journey, and we are all on this ride. Moving on is a compulsory process. No one can be with you forever. The truth is, we come to this world alone, and we leave this world exactly the same way. But all I would say, is that ‘You were that pure, lovely, little apple of my eyes’, and that pureness, and loveliness shalt never fade.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
(Shakespeare, Sonnet 18)

P.S. A good song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPD-a1FjUtU

Having been a horse racing fan for a long time now, the last thing I would want to see in a horse race, is when horses get injuries. There have been many, many those saddening moments as I can still recall, for great horses such as Babaro, Absolute Champion, Red Cardeaux and Can Do, who all unfortunately passed away in their last races. Yesterday, there came a new upsetting moment in this respect: the death of Rapper Dragon.

Rapper Dragon is, despite his decease, is still the first and only triple crown horse in Hong Kong. Yesterday (7/5), he was racing in the Champion Mile, which was deemed to be the confirmation of his eminence and promise. Never did we know, that the race turned into an absolute tragedy when the legendary, and my well-respected Rapper Dragon pulled up with a pelvic fracture and later passed away from his injury.

There have been many blames against either the jockey Joao Moreira, the horse trainer George Moore, or the owner. His decease has been a fact now, and I do not think there is any point blaming anyone, as it will not lighten the tragic mood. I do believe the fatal injury comes from the over-frequent schedule of the horse. There are observable signs showing the fatigue of Rapper Dragon in his workout. But this is an accident, and absolutely no one wanted it to happen. What I do not like, is the horse trainers who push the horses too hard (especially when they are young). They do need time to grow, just as human!

As an experienced horse-racing fan, it was very crushing to watch the race. Rapper Dragon did try his best in every race. He is not a horse which can walk-over the others, he does need to strive his utmost to win (This can be seen from his winning distance and the way he won). He is certainly loyal. If you look at his second last race (The Chairman’s Trophy), you can see he was acting a little bit weird towards the end with his right leg (which I believe is the sign of the accident). Yet, he still retained his lead till the end. I believe his old opponent (Pakistan Star), who lost to him 3 times out of 3 him, would also be saddened by the news, because he would now no longer be able to beat Rapper Dragon, due to the passing of the to-be Horse of the Year.

You flew in the field without wings,
You always give your everything.
Never shall your glory be blackened,
My dearest, Rapper Dragon.

Rest in peace


Listen Children to a story that did happen long ago
In a kingdom within city and the uni-lad below

So I knew her in my second year of uni. After knowing her, I immediately applied to join her ‘army’ team, being the soldier around her. I went so far to an extent that, I went to McDonald’s to work because I knew she worked there. Despite the fact that we worked different shifts (She usually finished at 8am, while I started at 9am), I would literally go to work a couple hours early, just to see her. My manager sometimes said ‘Well, you do not get paid for starting early.’ I would just say ‘Well, I do not really care.’

She studied at university as well, and we were in the same course, and the same tutorial. Sometimes we studied till late, and she would come to my place for food before she went home. My fridge ended up being empty all the time but I wouldn’t really care.

This went on till almost Christmas time. One day, she said to me ‘Ahh I am spending my Christmas alone again this year…’ Maybe I thought about it too much, but I genuinely took it as an implication. Also, I thought ‘Well, it is time for me to resign from the army, and see if I can get further with her.’ So, i asked her to go to the beach on the silent night, and she said ‘Yes.’

At the beach, we lied down and were staring at the stars. At some point, I asked ‘Do you want to be my girlfriend?’, just that, just straight. She smiled, with ‘ha ha’, without saying anything. Well, what does it mean then? But I thought, if I asked further, it might ruined it. So I was like 50-50 about it, not sure about what she thought.

Then, on the 25th, we hanged out then went for a dinner at hers. I asked her again the same question. Her reply was the same, and somehow we just ate and finished the dinner cheerily. I didn’t ask further, I thought she wasn’t sure about it. THEN what?

She went home on the 31st December and said she would spend the new year with her family. Fair enough! But then what? On the new year day, she posted a picture of her and a guy holding hands, with loads of hearts in it. Well, fair enough, I asked her why she did not reject me right away? She said ‘If I rejected you, then you probably would not spend those time with me then.’ Oh… lol…. Well done, playaaa!

Well, once a soldier, always a soldier, she has always been a player and everytime she breaks up, I help her through, while HOPING (realising I cannot) I have a chance. I know I don’t but well, it’s hard anyway. So, once you’ve joined the Goddess’ Army, it’s hard for you to get out.

So what’s next year? I might have more hope on MU winning the Premier League than myself finding a partner.

What’s your view then?


Beer vs Cider

Every time, when I finish a pint of beer, I ignore most girls in class who ask me out for a drink, as I realize that, they don’t understand me anymore.

I ask them ‘what do you fancy drinking?’.
‘Ehm…. Beer is too bitter, maybe I will have cider?’ they usually say.
Cider? Because you think it is sweet and nice?
Ha, NAIVE! Can I still bear to see my friends putting cider into their mouths?

Ever single drop of beer is a metaphor of life. The cloudiness of beer describes the uncertainty in life; the bitterness of beer equals to the unhappiness in life; while the slight sweetness at the end, is the wee delight after you have worked so hard to achieve something. What has cider got? Just like the childish, naive people, knowing nothing because they have never experienced what life is, fooling people that life is nothing but a plain sweetness. Let’s put it this way, beer is for writers who express their thoughts truthfully with words; while cider is for performers/ actors who try to put the best side of life in front of people.

Sometimes, when I am alone in a bar, I feel lonely, I feel that there is no one in the world who understands me.

I order a pint of Stella Artois. Staring at the yellowish beer in the glass, I can’t see through, I can’t see clearly about how much I still understand about the world. I am confused.

I am leaving the restaurant. When I pay, I see a young lady having a pint of Guiness. I stare at her, she stares back at me, we nod to each other. I am so touched: In the world, there are people who have the same opinion with me, admiring the little inspiration beer gives us! I hold my tears, and leave the restaurant, and walk home without taking a glance back at the restaurant again.

Maybe that lady would ask: Why do you give up such a probable friendship?
I don’t know, at that moment, I feel like a loafer.

New Academic Year

Haven’t written for a couple of weeks because my parents came over to see me. It has been a great time. I also saw them growing older and older, and I realise that, it’s my time to take care of my family, and make the immigration plan work (Immigration to Europe). I’m like what Elton John said in his song “My father’s gun”, I shall be taking over my father’s gun

For the new year, I, for sure, have to do well on my degree. Applying for my postgraduate degree is also a must. Apart from that, I’ll also start apply for jobs in Europe (the graduate jobs) so I can also earn some money before going back to study again, while spending my time in Europe (which can probably be useful for my immigration plan).

For table-tennis, I am hoping to be playing in Division 1, as it can test my limit for now. I don’t mind losing some games, as long as I play well. I’m also going to do the UKCC Level 2 course, as it may help if I want to immigrate via work visa.

Holy Moly, the summer holiday has been alright so far, many things happened, but nothing’s gonna change my mind for Europe immigration!

Never understand the point of New Year Countdown

Although I sometimes do the New Year Countdown with my friends, I have never understood the point of it.

‘Ten, nine, eight, ….., two, one! Happy New Year! Ahh woohoo!!!’
All the people shout like thunder, but what’s after the ‘happy-new-year shout’? There must be people asking ‘Where are we going next?’ Then, someone MUST answer ‘I don’t know, where do you want to go?’. After that, they just repeat the dialogue endlessly until 2 or 3. Then what? They just go home.

Needless today, the above is what teenagers would do. Workers? Of course they would just go home after counting down as they normally need to work on the day after!

What about those party-people? After the countdown, they are MORE THAN LIKELY to go party straight away! Well, but for those party-people, they have party at the same time everyday. What’s so special about the New Year Party? Do you get free alcohol or free food for New Year Party?

Why do we need the ’embrace’ the New Year together?
Why do we not ’embrace’ every new day together? Count down every day then!
No, no, no, we should welcome every SECOND together! HAPPY NEW SECOND folks!
Why do we countdown? Just go home and sleep, folks!

The video that I’ve put in this entry is my cover of Yiruma’s River Flows in You.

After the Christmas Break, and the New Year, every one is getting busy again: People go back to work, students are preparing for the exam…….
Busy life busy life, sometimes, we gotta slow down a little bit, just relax a bit, and, do something you like! Life, is supposed to be enjoyable!

A dream with Shakespeare

A dream with Shakespeare

Happy new year to all!

While preparing for the exams lately, I started to have some very weird dreams. Yesterday, I met one of our well-known playwright, William Shakespeare. It was great fun, and amazingly I remember quite much of the dream, so I decide to share it here. Probably, the reason for having such a dream is that I have prepared for the exam the course ‘Encounter with Shakespeare’ for quite a while. Here it goes….

I was in the town centre doing the countdown for new year (Hogmanay as I live in Scotland). It was 12, ‘Happy New Year!!!’ I heard, as people were shouting. While a nice-looking woman was coming towards me, and trying to give me a hug for the celebration, every one suddenly disappeared….

‘What happened?! Where is every one?! Is 2014 a year of…’
‘Doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I write!’ Someone said to me from my behind.

I turned round, and got shocked…. as I saw a familiar face which appears on the cover of my Shakespeare course book.

Yes, it was Shakespeare, William Shakespeare.

‘Did…. did time-travel work? and why are you here?’ I asked.
‘Dost thou not know, thou art in my world?’ he said calmly.
‘Really? How did you come though?’ I started feeling like being in the world of the film Midnight in Paris.
‘Thou shalt not know, thou do not need to know. Come gentleman, I hope we shall drink down all the unkindness of 2013, and welcome the new year!’ he suggested.

He then drew something in air with his pen, and there came a table, with good wine, and food.
‘Fantastic! How did you do that!?’ I was surprised seeing that.
‘Thou fool, I am a writer! So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee! If this be error, and upon me prov’d, I never writ…’
‘Oh okay, I do not quite understand what you mean, but so nice to meet you! Why did you come to visit me?’
‘Thou art one of the characters I have ever created. I enjoy writing so much, and I just thought about celebrating New Year with one of my characters! Thou shalt feel lucky!’ he answered while giving me the glass of wine.
‘Oh really, so you made all people disappeared? And why did you choose me?’
‘I did, and why I chose thee? Not quite a reason, I thought about Hamlet and Leontes, but they are still mourning; Oberon and Titania but I am afraid of their magical liquid; and Viola and Olivia, but they are busy discussing about love. And, thou seem to be a choice.’
‘Oh I am glad!.’ I said with surprise, but still not quite believing what happened.

‘Come, come, good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well-used. So I just use, or drink, it with thee! Happy new year, and cheers!’ He said while delivering the glass of wine to me.
We drank, I sang ‘A moment like this, some people wait a life-time, for a moment like this….’.
‘If love be music, play on.’ he seemed to appreciate my singing.

After the singing, he asked me about what I want to do in my future.
‘I am not sure yet, but probably something about writing?’ I answered, as writing is fun.
‘Be a writer then?’
‘To be, or not to be, that is the question. I do not know whether I am good enough in writing.’
‘That is not the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves! A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. Thou would be alright I am sure!’ he gave me confidence, as we just finished our wine and food.

Ya, I do the Shakespeare course, and I should definitely ask him on his plays so that I could understand the plays for the exam!

‘Sir, I am doing a course about you in university, and I will be having an exam soon…’
‘Thou shalt not ask me anything. I am a writer, I write, not analyze for anyone. Thou would not ask Viola about her speech to Olivia, she speaks, she does not analyze for anyone. Same principle. Just do it, lad, no pressure!’
‘Oh yea, I should, and I have to do it properly!’ I answered with a bit disappointment, but it seems logic.

‘What time is it?’ he asked.
‘um… it is 3 in the morning, or you may say at night.’ I answered after checking my watch.
‘My friend, I have to go now, to go for Perdita’s wedding, it will begin soon! It is better 3 hours too soon than 1 minute late! Good night, good night! Parting is such a sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow!’ he said, while using his pen to draw himself a carriage.
‘Yes, good night, thank you for the good time!’ I waved at him.

Then I woke up. Yes, genuinely it was the mid-winter night’s dream! What a start for a new year!